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Naruto: Ninja Council 3

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  1. firefox2000 says:

    Any tips on naruto shippuden: dragon blade chronicles?

  2. qwerty123 says:

    My favorite level is the one where naruto hides a bomb in his cloak throws it at Gaara.

  3. dj naruto says:

    naruto is my favorite game in psp,ps2,ps3

  4. technolord says:

    Naruto is the best video game character ever. *END OF STORY*

    • NarutoBlood787 says:

      NARUTO IS THE BOMB but it would be cool if he had curse mark all beasts sharningan and all that :)

  5. assassins 24 says:

    naruto is awesome


    This game rules. Resengan is the best technique EVER!!!! I beat sauske BIG TIME! (I rock at this game)… oh to get cheats just get an action replay.(WARNING: do not enter very long code or might malfunction and erase all codes and not allow entering of codes)
    a naruto fan

    • This is my nickname! says:

      Rasengan is alright. don’t rely on it so much. It uses a lot of chakra and you have to actually run into the enemy. Your attack can be easily block with an attack, a jump, or just a normal block.

  7. hitachi says:


  8. sonic x says:

    i’m best with jariya

  9. This is my nickname! says:

    A good technique for Naruto: Ninja Council 3 is right when the countdown ends use a long range jutsu like Toad Blade Cut or Playing Possum Jutsu. Then run, dodge, and hide until your chakra refills for a powerful jutsu or healing jutsu. Also when choosing your character, give Sakura’s Healing Justu to your character. Also if you can, Itachi’s Tsukuyomi so you can freeze your opponent and use a powerful close range jutsu like Rasengan or Chidori. Neji’s Byakugan can be useful because it drains your opponents chakra. Oh yeah! And Ino’s one and only Mind Destruction Jutsu does absolutely nothing! Why do I always make such long comments? :)

  10. CheatGlitchDude says:

    I desperatly need Ninja Council 4!!!!!

    • airbender101 says:

      Me too! Do you get to use shruikens or kunais ? i havn’t played this game in a long tome

    • airbender101 says:

      I almost got it, it is awesome though , you get to ride on this frog thing that breathes fire ,you also get to use kyubi form

  11. astigin says:

    how do I unlock the fourth hokage?

  12. 97 says:

    the game is alright but could use some corrections and the whole storyline could use lots of improvement

  13. NARUTO FAN says:


  14. Mario says:

    It Is RATED E10 and up

  15. zuneck the 2 says:

    Whats it rated?

  16. eezye says:

    I play naruto games all the time. I have1,2,and3.they are all awesome.

  17. peep says:

    im a big fan of naruto. and i like the games too. me and my brother have found alot of games for naruto. but we need cheet codes. and i was hoping that you could help me with it. we dont have the video games. we just play on the computer.

  18. naruto rules says:

    Meh I I think this is only worth a 2 or a 3.the graphics have room for improvment,and the missionns aren’t the greatest either.

  19. Anonymous says:

    from 1-10 how good is this game

    • epic kid 2 says:

      1-10,eh?definely a 10 if you like naruto{me} and my best bro{undre flemister}!!!! deuces naruto fans=]

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