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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Do you have any codes for the Wii?

Games Guru: First, open the cheats menu. Then:

SPEEDER – 1,000,000 Force points
LIGHTSABER – Amplified lightsaber damage
CORTOSIS – Godmode
COUNTDOOKU – Increase combos to maximum level
KATARN – Increase force powers to maximum level
VERGENCE – Unlimited force
TYRANUS – Unlock all force powers

Are there any codes for Xbox 360?

Games Guru: Here are some codes to enter:

Maximum Force powers, Enter “KATARN”

Maximum Force Push ranks, Enter “EXARKUN”

Maximum Force Repulse ranks, Enter “DATHOMIR”

Maximum Saber Throw ranks, Enter “ADEGAN”

Amplified lightsaber damage, Enter “LIGHTSABER” or “COUNTDOOKU”

All Force Talents, Enter “JOCASTA”

All light saber crystals, Enter “HURRIKANE” as a code to unlock all light saber crystals. You won’t earn the light saber Crystal achievement while this code is entered.

All 32 costumes, Enter “SOHNDANN”

Are there any DS codes for this game?

Games Guru: Here are a few codes for the DS:

Invincibility — Enter “QSSPVENXO” as a code.

Infinite Force — Enter “TVENCVMJZ” as a code.

Maximum Force powers — Enter “CPLOOLKBF” as a code.

Play as Darth Vader — Enter “HRMXRKVEN.”

Comments about “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed”

  1. your moma says:

    it’s really easy but it is addicting

  2. THX1138 says:

    [For PS2] Put in JEDIMASTER for Mace Windu. Unfortunately, you can’t play cutscenes with him.

  3. Shakk Ti says:

    There are two endings at the end. (light side or dark side.) If you save your friend you are on the light side, if u finish off darth vader, u are on the dark side.

  4. The Bensta79 says:

    For 1,000,000 force points (PS2) enter SPEEDER

  5. digitz12 says:

    dear force master: thank u SOOOOO much!!! but wat do u mean by “click on it”?/:[

  6. Pack21 dude says:

    Force Unleashed is makin me hate the Jedi even more! The game is totally awesome,but im afraid to go on Raxius. Cheats anyone? You?

  7. KentoRogueJedi says:

    why not enter VENTRESS, Doc?!?!?!?!

  8. sandwichman5 says:

    Wii: the easiest way to get every custume/skin is

    in the Rouge shadow click on extras then click on cheat codes then type in


  9. dodo says:


  10. the force master says:

    Dear Digitz12: you go to the extras in the roge shadow and click on juno and their will be a copel of options and click on cheat codes.

  11. no cheats says:

    I love this game it never gets old. But it’s nothin like beating the game by yourself.

  12. digitz12 says:

    how do u unlock the last guy on duel mode?!!!<:{

  13. digitz12 says:

    HEY!! quantum shadow!! i just tried to find a place 2 entr ur cheatz on my wii, and got NOTHING!!! where do u enter them?!!!>:(

  14. digitz12 says:

    my frend says you can fli. HOW?!!/:(

  15. Jedi says:

    Star Wars is sweet! Hey Doctor what happens when I type ventress?

  16. quantum shadow says:

    skywalker, there r more codes i could giv u but of all of them… i want u to use GRANDMOFF… the last code i could giv u, wich gives u all the costumes. :]]]

  17. the doctor says:

    to, ZkRat if you enter it it will disable saving and i know one code which will not it is prototype i forgot what it does

  18. skywalker says:

    hey quantum shadow is there any more cheats

  19. luke says:

    zkrat i have a code for unlocking all .saber crystals its hurrikane

  20. quantum shadow says:

    thnx noahbear. i really needed that info :-)

  21. Noahbear says:

    Hey everybody,guess what!The Holocrons,if they have a word when you’re viewing them that’s good because they’re cheats!

  22. quantum shadow says:

    yes, vader. there for ps2 and wii (both)

  23. ZkRat says:

    Star Wars is the sweetest game ever!!!!! Are there any cheat codes for PS3? The doctor, why is it bad to enter vengance as a cheat code?

  24. ehm'lakhal'kaneh;wn says:

    any codes 4 ps2

  25. vader says:

    quantum shadow are those codes for wii?

  26. TheBensta79 says:

    Any PS2 cheats????

  27. timma says:

    i beat the game in 2h.any cheats for ps2?

  28. dman 7123 says:

    to play as obi wan in ps2 version enter benkenobi

  29. yoda!! says:

    dear, Jdub try using these codes vergence, cortosis, countdooku and lightsaber.tell me if they work

  30. boogie180 says:

    how do u get the last character/costume for duel mode

  31. quantum shadow says:

    wat will happen if u enter ventress?

  32. 2323232 says:

    For the Ps2 codes enter CORTOSIS as an invincibility.

  33. jeff says:

    where do u find groudon on dimond

  34. leo12 says:

    i finish it in 2h 10min (no kidd!)

  35. Delawere says:

    I beat the game 5hours and 12minutes an im nine

  36. the doctor says:

    DO NOT enter the code ventress something bad will happen

  37. big head says:

    i beat the game in 5 hours

  38. the doctor says:

    any codes for the ps3

  39. quantum shadow says:

    jdub, here are the best cheats u can get: TYRANUS= all force powers
    VERGENCE= infinite force
    COUNTDOOKU= max out force
    KATARN= max out all force
    LIGHTSABER= super

  40. quantum shadow says:

    i beat the game in 3 hours!

  41. quantum shadow says:

    hey, everyone. ive got a full list of cheats, so u can ask me anything

  42. Noahbear says:

    I beat the game in 4 hours and 6 minutes

  43. Jdub says:

    I love the game! Any Wii or PS2 cheats

  44. Homer says:

    Any psp cheets?

  45. THX 1138 (jonbuddy) says:

    I beat the game in 9 hours, 11 minutes. (not kidding)

    I’ve never beaten a game so fast!

  46. jamesbonddarthvader says:

    how do u play previous levels??

  47. starwarsdude says:

    any codes for 360

  48. naruto rules says:


  49. Star Wars FANATIC! says:

    If you have it for wii type in these three cheat codes countdooku cortosis and vergence. They will give you invinsible health, maxamom combo moves, and unlimitid force powers. I used to think I diden’t need them but ever since I used them I can’t imagan live without them.

  50. 123elyk321 says:

    thanks for the cheats. i’ll use them alot

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