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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Do you have any codes for the Wii?

Games Guru: First, open the cheats menu. Then:

SPEEDER – 1,000,000 Force points
LIGHTSABER – Amplified lightsaber damage
CORTOSIS – Godmode
COUNTDOOKU – Increase combos to maximum level
KATARN – Increase force powers to maximum level
VERGENCE – Unlimited force
TYRANUS – Unlock all force powers

Are there any codes for Xbox 360?

Games Guru: Here are some codes to enter:

Maximum Force powers, Enter “KATARN”

Maximum Force Push ranks, Enter “EXARKUN”

Maximum Force Repulse ranks, Enter “DATHOMIR”

Maximum Saber Throw ranks, Enter “ADEGAN”

Amplified lightsaber damage, Enter “LIGHTSABER” or “COUNTDOOKU”

All Force Talents, Enter “JOCASTA”

All light saber crystals, Enter “HURRIKANE” as a code to unlock all light saber crystals. You won’t earn the light saber Crystal achievement while this code is entered.

All 32 costumes, Enter “SOHNDANN”

Are there any DS codes for this game?

Games Guru: Here are a few codes for the DS:

Invincibility — Enter “QSSPVENXO” as a code.

Infinite Force — Enter “TVENCVMJZ” as a code.

Maximum Force powers — Enter “CPLOOLKBF” as a code.

Play as Darth Vader — Enter “HRMXRKVEN.”

Comments about “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed”

  1. i rock & u dont says:


  2. jakeD3000 says:

    I beat the hole game with no cheats in a week!

  3. jakeD3000 says:

    is there a code for ps3? if is say back.

  4. aubrinator says:


  5. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    The ds version is very fun

  6. Mace Windew says:

    Are there any cheats for xbox360

  7. Alex says:

    how do u get all the saber cristls for wii

  8. dagger1268 says:

    if you want to get the jedi holocron in the elevater part in the 2nd lv take both elevaters up, use the camera to make sure you are under the platform, and jump off. keep trying till u get it. it took me 15 minutes.

  9. dagger1268 says:

    to get 1,000,000 force points for the wii version type in under cheats in the Rouge Shadow “speeder”. Also for the wii version type in under cheats in the Rouge Shadow light saber. 1 hit kills for every normal enemy and does massive damage to the at-st’s in perticular.

  10. indiana jones says:

    HEY!!!!! type in “grandmoff” for ps2 and you unlock all KINDS of costumes! From sith stalker armor to “Han solo” Also, type in “Kleef” and you can play as him.

  11. skidsman says:

    awsome game

  12. turtwig says:

    any cheats for invinceibility on wii?

  13. starkiller700 says:

    is there a cheat for a black lightsaber crystal, if there is what is it[ps2]

  14. killer says:

    Darkson : darth luke skywalker

  15. Anonymous says:

    heres a code type in darkson: darth luke skywalker

  16. Hillbilly says:

    CORTOSIS yuo are invincible

  17. dark lord says:

    darth delosis and phopois are awsome

  18. jedi says:

    i love starwars

  19. Squall says:

    I was thinking about getting this game for the Xbox 360 but I’ve never really gotten into Star Wars. I am just wondering if it would be a good game if there wasn’t a whole franchise behind it. In other words if there were not any Star Wars games or movies or cult following how would this game stand out on its own and is it worth buying game wise. PS: Star Wars the Clone Wars sucks and Jar Jar is annoying in anything.

  20. Steven Solo says:

    Obi-Wan, the reason you are missing a character is because you haven’t beaten the game both ways(killing Vader or the Emperor) You are missing either Sith Stalker or Jedi Ceremony Robes.

  21. Steven Solo says:

    Type in NERFHERDER for Han Solo
    SCOUNDREL for Lando
    and SITHLORD for Vader
    (For the Wii)

  22. sithstalker says:

    sorry my code only works 4 the PSP

  23. sithstalker says:

    luminara unlocks all color crystals

  24. he(ust to b pj) says:

    I have a ton of cheats for PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!! MASTERMIND=Emperor costume OSSUS=all databank entries LIGHTSABER=deadlysaber FREEDON or MARAJADE=new combo SOHNDAN=ALL costumes JOCASTA=ALL talents I woud tell you more,but I have to go. By!

  25. Vilxi the Boy Scout Jedi says:

    MARAJADE: Unlocks Mara Jade Skywalker (Luke’s wife)

  26. Bud says:

    List ALL the cheats. Also how do you get past Darth Sidous? In the thing whare you pust bottens when it tells you to it kills me.

  27. Bud says:

    It’s a great game!!!!!

  28. force master says:

    anymore cheat codes for ds

  29. McDuDe says:

    Lego man 9999- That stinks. Does anyone know any light saber crystal colors beside pink, purple, blue, orange, red, a darker red,and green?

  30. battlefront hero says:

    HEY!!! YO MOMMA!!! R those cheats for Wii, PS2, PSP, or Xbox 360?! B.T.W., any1 kno how 2 b yoda on ze Wii?!! (:/

  31. Lego man 9999 says:

    McDuDe- There is none

  32. McDuDe says:

    is there a cheat for all color crystals and lightsaber hilts for Wii?

  33. searchin says:

    whered you find the black lightsaber?

  34. dm14 says:

    where is the blk lightsaber and how do you get it …….. for the Wii

  35. Skywallker says:

    What are the cheats for all color crystals and all lightzaber hilts on PSP?

  36. starwars dude says:

    darth sideas burps when you hit him

  37. ghost of starkiller says:

    i almost creid when the empeor killed starkiller

  38. obi-one-kenobi says:

    darth sidius is so easy…………………………… the way i got every caracter besides one is it darth sidius?

  39. christoper says:

    i like starwars very much

  40. star wars king of all gods says:

    it is easy. i beat it like 30 times

  41. Anonymous says:

    I Found the black light saber on the last level in the game…I all so beat the holl game…I hear that on ETRAS there is a cheat to be the sith lord

  42. bug-man says:

    I finished the force unleashed in 4 hours and 30 minutes.

  43. burp says:

    what is the cheat code for geting darth desouleses sheild.

  44. starwars freak says:

    does anyone have a cheat for all the color crystals on psp?

  45. darth maul says:

    I know a cheat for all crysals. its only for ps3 and 360.HURRIKANE

  46. donutman says:

    dear your mama

    your cheats don’t work if it is 4 360!

  47. Yodog says:

    your moma are those cheats for the 360

  48. starswars god says:

    i got heaps of cheats,heres some for ps2,psp,wii
    SPEEDER:1,000,000 force points
    COUNTDOOKU:all combos at full level
    TYRANUS:all force powers
    KATARN:all force powers at full level
    VERGENCE:unimited force power
    GRANDMOFF:unlock all costumes
    thats all

  49. Darth Vader says:

    To Jeff, you cant, hes only in Ruby and Emerald.

  50. your moma says:

    hear are some cheats:
    I am awesome: lets you play as darth maul
    I am Cool: lets you play as yoda
    Gulible: unlocks Bob the Jedi

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