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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Do you have any codes for the Wii?

Games Guru: First, open the cheats menu. Then:

SPEEDER – 1,000,000 Force points
LIGHTSABER – Amplified lightsaber damage
CORTOSIS – Godmode
COUNTDOOKU – Increase combos to maximum level
KATARN – Increase force powers to maximum level
VERGENCE – Unlimited force
TYRANUS – Unlock all force powers

Are there any codes for Xbox 360?

Games Guru: Here are some codes to enter:

Maximum Force powers, Enter “KATARN”

Maximum Force Push ranks, Enter “EXARKUN”

Maximum Force Repulse ranks, Enter “DATHOMIR”

Maximum Saber Throw ranks, Enter “ADEGAN”

Amplified lightsaber damage, Enter “LIGHTSABER” or “COUNTDOOKU”

All Force Talents, Enter “JOCASTA”

All light saber crystals, Enter “HURRIKANE” as a code to unlock all light saber crystals. You won’t earn the light saber Crystal achievement while this code is entered.

All 32 costumes, Enter “SOHNDANN”

Are there any DS codes for this game?

Games Guru: Here are a few codes for the DS:

Invincibility — Enter “QSSPVENXO” as a code.

Infinite Force — Enter “TVENCVMJZ” as a code.

Maximum Force powers — Enter “CPLOOLKBF” as a code.

Play as Darth Vader — Enter “HRMXRKVEN.”

Comments about “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed”

  1. littlehelper says:

    I have beaten the game. it took me 3 days of constant playing. if you have any cheat questions just ask me and i will post it soon!!! for now, if you dont like the videos type in hologram in extras in the rogue shadow and go to proxy. change your clothes and turn to proxy costume. you wont see the cutscenes! two extremely useful codes are cortosis-invincibility and vergence-unlimited force (these are for ps2)

  2. Ecihlar says:

    It took me 2 hrs to beat the game and iv’e beaten it three times.

  3. man says:

    were do you enter codes

  4. manohman says:

    type in grandmoff to unlock all coustumes

  5. HELP!!!! says:

    do the cheat codes for DS work on wii too!

  6. popper says:

    And “lightlaber” to get a new crystal.

  7. Bionicle99 says:

    I cant find any lightsaber hilts. I know that the green lightsaber crystal is in the first level(not with darth vader) and the purple one is on the junk planet. any one know codes for lightsaber hilts?

  8. Anonymous says:

    use zabrak on all playstation systems for a darth maul costume.he dosent come in all costumes.

  9. keeksiscool says:

    I just got a wii w/ this game and it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Commander Fox565 says:

    I have 2 codes. Cortosis,and grandmoff

  11. joe says:

    this game is fun

  12. an observer says:

    ive beat it 5 times and another great star wars game is star wars empire at war

  13. legogameman/DSdude says:

    Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 is coming out late next year.

  14. legogameman/DSdude says:

    What system did you play it on?

  15. Darth Malak's Apprentice says:

    Is Darth Sion in this game? I looked on google images and it said he was, but I’ve played the game and never saw him once!

  16. legoman10 says:

    who knows how to get passed the four level for PS2

  17. legogameman/DSdude says:

    Hey sith, are you talking about Kazdan Paratus on Raxus Prime, the junk world?

  18. Natscout says:

    Me and my brother have beaten this game so many times! We really only needed the invincibility cheat on the Death Star (the final level). It got really boring, so I sold it.

  19. sith says:

    how do you beat the second boss? I get close to beating him then he kills me without comeing close

  20. The secret apprentince says:

    If you need more powerful force powers, try upgrading Malstrom,Sith scorcher,if you don`t know how to do it, do lightning twice,then repulse, then apply the amplified lightsaber damage crystal(if you have it). Make sure you max them all out.(oh max out saber throw and arieal shock, push and normal force push)(if you can`t do it all,just wait.

  21. !!! says:

    sasdsf, I sugjest you use force lightning on it, jump over it’s head and hit in the back a few times. do this about 20 times and it should work. Just be sure to get out of the way before it see’s you. and what do you mean by the jedi holcron?

  22. conom says:

    are there any codes for PSP?

  23. person says:

    beat it all.

  24. dork the awsomeist says:

    I can not get past the place where you have to force abunch of stuff with the orb thingy-majigy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. gameboy47 says:

    sasdsf: yu stun it with lighnting then you hit it alot with your lightsaber it shold kill it

  26. luigifreak says:

    This is my favorite game of all time!!!!!!!

  27. kiki says:

    the junk titan was easy

  28. kiki says:

    I beat the hole game

  29. sasdsf says:

    how do you get the jedi holcron

  30. sasdsf says:

    how do you pass the junk titan

  31. legogameman/DSdude says:

    Are you talking to me, mr.cocacola?

  32. mr.cocacola says:


  33. legendary freak says:

    this game is fun and easy

  34. dontcareman says:

    i beat the game in less tan 2 hours with out cheat codes or maxed powers

  35. maxxor5 says:

    yeah there are codes for it I have the ds game beat it then lost it!

  36. liljack7 says:

    I’ve beat the the game 3 times and all my powers are maxed out on the Wii without cheat codes

  37. legogameman/DSdude says:

    The DS version is the best for 2 reasons. Number one: You can play as Rahm Kota and Kento Marek, and number two: you can change your lightsaber color with crystals that you find throughout the levels.

  38. legogameman/DSdude says:

    Hey ???, that was my code for Darth Desolous!

  39. ??? says:

    Has anybody used my code for Darth Desolous yet?

  40. ??? says:

    What systems did you guys finish it on? I finished it on the Nintendo DS, and that version has shorter levels.

  41. hibrawler says:

    I finnished the game in 4:45 and without cheat codes

  42. maxinator says:

    I finnished the game in 4 hours and 45 minnits

  43. Alex says:

    how do you be a clone for wii

  44. den546+**/ says:

    how do you get the black lightsaber crystyl for xbox 360

  45. legogameman/DSdude says:

    I finished the game in only 5 and a half hours.

  46. Agent McMuffin says:

    I have the Wii version, and I enjoyed it very much. I have played the Ps3 version also, and that was and enjoyable experience.

  47. jkc says:

    i finished the game in six hours and twenty three minutes

  48. legogameman/DSdude says:

    I have a code, but I don’t know what system it is for. If you enter the code “PAUAN”, you will unlock Darth Desolous as a playable character (Darth Desolous is an Utapaun sith lord).

  49. TIMMA! says:

    are there any codes for ps2?

  50. i rock & u dont says:


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