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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Do you have any codes for the Wii?

Games Guru: First, open the cheats menu. Then:

SPEEDER – 1,000,000 Force points
LIGHTSABER – Amplified lightsaber damage
CORTOSIS – Godmode
COUNTDOOKU – Increase combos to maximum level
KATARN – Increase force powers to maximum level
VERGENCE – Unlimited force
TYRANUS – Unlock all force powers

Are there any codes for Xbox 360?

Games Guru: Here are some codes to enter:

Maximum Force powers, Enter “KATARN”

Maximum Force Push ranks, Enter “EXARKUN”

Maximum Force Repulse ranks, Enter “DATHOMIR”

Maximum Saber Throw ranks, Enter “ADEGAN”

Amplified lightsaber damage, Enter “LIGHTSABER” or “COUNTDOOKU”

All Force Talents, Enter “JOCASTA”

All light saber crystals, Enter “HURRIKANE” as a code to unlock all light saber crystals. You won’t earn the light saber Crystal achievement while this code is entered.

All 32 costumes, Enter “SOHNDANN”

Are there any DS codes for this game?

Games Guru: Here are a few codes for the DS:

Invincibility — Enter “QSSPVENXO” as a code.

Infinite Force — Enter “TVENCVMJZ” as a code.

Maximum Force powers — Enter “CPLOOLKBF” as a code.

Play as Darth Vader — Enter “HRMXRKVEN.”

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10 Comments on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

  1. I love this game it never gets old. But it’s nothin like beating the game by yourself.

  2. how do u unlock the last guy on duel mode?!!!<:{

  3. HEY!! quantum shadow!! i just tried to find a place 2 entr ur cheatz on my wii, and got NOTHING!!! where do u enter them?!!!>:(

  4. my frend says you can fli. HOW?!!/:(

  5. Star Wars is sweet! Hey Doctor what happens when I type ventress?

  6. quantum shadow // March 18, 2009 at 5:15 pm // Reply

    skywalker, there r more codes i could giv u but of all of them… i want u to use GRANDMOFF… the last code i could giv u, wich gives u all the costumes. :]]]

  7. the doctor // March 17, 2009 at 8:03 pm // Reply

    to, ZkRat if you enter it it will disable saving and i know one code which will not it is prototype i forgot what it does

  8. hey quantum shadow is there any more cheats

  9. zkrat i have a code for unlocking all .saber crystals its hurrikane

  10. quantum shadow // March 17, 2009 at 9:59 am // Reply

    thnx noahbear. i really needed that info :-)

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