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Zoo Tycoon 2

Do you have any tips for DS?

Games Guru: Here are some tips to keep in mind:

– Dolphins, elephants and orangutans are the most popular animals with zoo guests. These animals attract more guests, which improves the success of your zoo. Conduct research to unlock these top animals as quickly as possible to drive the maximum number of guests to the zoo early on.

– Billboard advertising is the best way to bring guests to your zoo, so use it wisely.

Comments about “Zoo Tycoon 2”

  1. Like A Boss says:

    i put people in a lions cage XD!

  2. pufflelover says:

    how do you get extinct animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dragonlover says:

    On Zoo Tycoon 2 I have the expansion packs African Adventure, Extinct Animals, Marine Mania, Endangered Species, Arabian Nights, Island Excursions, European Expeditions, Aves and a couple others I think.

  4. Gamer says:

    If you go to challenge mode or cabain mode and spin the globe, peaple will scream! :p

  5. Joe Dog says:

    I love puting people in with the sharks

  6. Gamer says:

    T-Rexs can break buildings such as bathrooms, food buildings, and ATM’s. Almost all the dino’s can harm guests, it’s so much fun to watch!

  7. Gamer says:

    I’ve finish every senario!

  8. Cj ty says:

    I used have it.i loved it whan my “pets” broke there cage HA HA!

  9. ET says:

    I have the 2nd one, but from what I`ve heard in the first one, you can starve any animal, and they will attack and/or eat, your guests.(The mermaids eat people!) In Zoo Tycoon 2, you actually see the animals attacking other animals, or eating your guests. No puffs of smoke! (Lemurs attack people too!)

  10. fishfreak says:

    can anyone tell me any hints for zoo tychoon 2

    • Anonymous says:

      Make large exhibits. This way the animals will stay happy. Don’t use fencing. Use tank walls and then one Dinosaur Fence Gate. That way the animals don’t escape!

  11. haloplyr15 says:

    the game is fun with mods on pc. and an easy way to get a triceratops on ds is to finish campaign and on freeplay and try to get every medal trophy etc. its hard but the easiest trophie animal to get

  12. AJ says:

    I have #1 and it is cool enough for me.

  13. zooguy5678 says:

    the ds zoo tycoon 2 is not very good. now the pc zoo tycoon 2 is much better. if you have try this. when a guest lstens to your tour guide click on the thought icon and the thought will say ”I like watching (name of guide) talk about the animals”. then click on your guide and change the name. I put “grass grow”. then push enter. now when a guest listens to him the thought will say “I like watching grass grow”. it is very funny. this only works on the pc version.

  14. J.R. says:

    does anyone have all of the animmals’ happiness on 99%

  15. mmmooi! says:

    Sometimes if you get bored, Make a maze and obstle course combined. Then, make your family and friends to try to figure it out!

  16. super g says:

    idont like this game it involves to mutch feeding and caring

  17. Unknown says:

    Anyone know any cheats for 2? anyone?

  18. indy feac says:

    i want this one so does my mom how good is it i have the fist one

  19. h boy says:

    are threr any cheats

  20. scribblenaut says:

    if you get zoo tycoon 2 for ds sell it it is bad unless you like it

  21. cheat man says:

    i can not find pokemon for zoo tycoon2 if you need money on zootycoon1 hold down shift+4

  22. Ferretyui says:

    oh yeah one more thing! In zoo tycoon 1 name a cage XANADU and u will have unicorns. Put a Mermaid statue in a tank and it will turn into a mermaid. THESE CHEATS ONLY WORK ON ZOO TYCOON 1 ON THE COMPUTER!!!!!!! So yeah thats my tip.

  23. Ferretyui says:

    I love these games. I have every single game for the computer and I know all the cheats. But the DS one I have no clue about.

  24. nin*gorin says:

    is the demo game limit time?

  25. Lucario says:

    How do you get Dragons on Zoo Tycoon Complete Colletion?Thanks!

  26. ilikecheez says:


  27. mark says:

    how can you gget this game for free

  28. kcpatri says:

    i want to get it

  29. Awesomeness says:

    I hate this game for the DS

  30. lior077 says:

    i got extinct animals,marine mania,zoo keeper collection,ultimate collection,endengerd spices,african adventure and zoo tycoon 2.

  31. long-range says:

    Zoo Tycoon 1 is good, I like it.

  32. long-range says:

    How good is it, I have Zoo Tycoon 1.

  33. lego10773 says:

    are there any cheats

  34. darth vader says:

    put transportation things up in your zoo to get it more famous

  35. arod says:

    i still love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. arod says:

    this game rocks.It is my favorite game in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. orca says:

    I love Zoo Tycoon 2. The marine mania game rocks.

  38. type says:

    how to you play.

  39. sharp says:

    Zoo Tycoon 2 is the best game ever i have it on my hp computer.

  40. goop says:

    how do you feed dolphins?

  41. yo22 says:

    I really want that ultamate thingy or whatever it’s called.

  42. yo22 says:

    hey weirdo600 I got zookeeper colection too!

  43. Pack21 dude says:

    I got extinct animals and zookeeper collection, but I’m dyin to get marine mania.

  44. Anonymous says:

    ‘Interesting. I thought that monkeys were the best to get first…………………”

  45. weirdo600 says:

    I got marine mania, extinct animals and zookeeper collection.

  46. Peanut says:

    u cant get a dolphin unless u get an expansion pack

  47. spike says:

    thanks i tryed those they where helpful can you put more on the website or more in the magazines?,spike

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