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  1. Spiderbat says:

    I absolutely loved this game. i had to use the invincibility cheat to beat the scorpion thing at the end, though. fun game! the second one was a total rip off, though. never get the second game!

  2. AwesomeCowGuy says:

    The second one is easy

    (I can’t beat wilfre in the first)

  3. da awsome one says:

    yes I agree with legohead28

  4. Jafacha says:

    The first one was okay (even though the whole flower thing is crap), but the second one sucks (at least the ending)!

  5. Mr.Johns says:

    For those who want to know, the Wii version is completely different from the DS version (as far as I know.)

  6. bobomb says:

    Was what that one guy said about the flower to save the mayor even true?

    P.S. If it isn’t then I’ve beaten the whole game.

  7. awesome dude says:

    dont buy the second one its a ripp off!

  8. super man says:

    i have a code for invincibility pause and hold L then press A,X,B,B,Y hope this helps… :)

  9. Gemmaster says:

    The next chapter is cool. Wilfre is easier than the first game. Wilfre’s them is awesome! Reply if you agree with me!

  10. arceus says:

    i need help on wilfire

  11. IcyFlame says:

    on wilfre do u ignore the scorpion and just keep attacking wilfre? because the hp bar doesnt move is the bar for the scorpion? please help me

    • yhea!!!! says:

      to beat the scorpion you have to do something to make him faint(or whatever you call it ) and then ground pound on his head. yhea i know how you feel i’m stuck too.

  12. Random Guy says:

    I know another cheat! While in an aventure, press A X B B Y.Hi invinsable guy!

  13. five foot five guy says:

    i like making ed edd n eddy characters except for jimmy,nazz,sarah and the kankers

  14. Bobby says:


  15. ninja says:

    to enter cheats go to any level, pause hold L and enter any of the following

    incincibility axbby

    30 ammo aabbx
    this one only works sometimes 5 lives xybaa. these are templates go to draw mode hold L, bbaax,yabax, xybaa

  16. Xplant says:

    That game is SUCH A RIP OFF :(

    It’s more coloring then drawing. and after a while it gets BORING!!!

    P.S. I made this cool character called Pantz!

    • supergamer says:

      I agree, I mostly used cheats, and even without cheats.

    • Spike says:

      What does it rip off? By the way, I made my custom Hero Factory Hero in the game. I had to do it pixel by pixel, though. It was hard, but fun.

    • gamekid13 says:

      If you ask me, it’s actually one of the most unnderated games on the DS. Plus, the story gets EPIC near the end.

    • Gamemaster says:

      i’m knid of with u on that. it got boring, so i traded it to my friend. he gave me a bunch of Star Wars Miniatures for it.
      unless u like lame games.

    • IcyFlame says:

      i agree with the part about mostly coloring but the creating your character is pretty good and the game isnt that bad its very underrated though (underrated means that ppl say that it stinks but its not that bad overrated is the opposite)

      • super man says:

        actually in the second game the story line gets stranger sadder and weirder not as good as the first but not as bad ether

  17. IcyFlame says:

    the game isnt that bad actually. but i hate the levels a bit because you have to find the four pages of the book of life but the rest is pretty good.

  18. weegee virus says:

    i can’t beat the angler king

  19. airbender101 says:

    in gearworks how do you get past the part when you have to make three colored switches

  20. IcyFlame says:

    im on the part in the forest gate in the level before the festival and whats the deal with Heather?!?!? she’s like half rapo and half shadow monster (plz reply)

    • Fireblast890 says:

      If I’m correct, she was in the shadow cage for quite a while until you beat Frostwind and, yes, she is half shadow. That explains why she doesn’t talk until you beat the game; she’s too stinking scared.

    • koopa boy 123 says:

      THE TRUTH BEHIND HEATHER:heather is held captive by wilfre so long she is driven insane and becomes hals shadow half raposa. in drawn to life the next chapter, she gets rid of the shadow and starts talking again but unless you get the game and beat it it is really as clear as mud

    • yhea!!!! says:

      i got the colletion so i peeked at the next chapter and she sees things normally in one eye and the other she sees them diffrent ( its a music video and its awsome!!!!)

  21. Titanic! says:

    You guys should play Garry’s Mod, it has so much more stuff than this game.I know I was off topic.

  22. barn boy says:

    I’m stuck on wilfre, any advice guys?

  23. mahomie says:

    i traded in this game for iron man 2

  24. pokemon409 says:

    boring game dont waste your time

  25. Mario says:

    They should have made the sequel, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
    called Drawn to Life 2: Return of Wilfre

  26. lfr3456 says:

    i am at frost wind and i cant get past the bit where he comes bihind you for the second time

  27. gadams99 says:

    drawn to life is better than drawn to life the next chapter

  28. pwnerkingofdoom says:

    DOD!Drawn to Life:The Next Chapter is also for ds!

  29. R.O.B. Sentry says:

    Here is something that looks awesome. First, create a new hero. Draw(yes, draw)him to look like Meta-Knight. Name him that. Then, re-draw the forest wings so that when folded, they look like his cape! It looks really cool(and draw the sword at the end like Galaxia)

  30. R.O.B. Sentry says:

    Simple. AVOID IT! Well,mytho, to be honest, you can’t fix it. Its part of the game.

  31. Ilikesamba09 says:

    The A,X,BB,Y code only works on the pause menu while holding L. You will hear a sound of the mayor and suck saying “Aww”, like when you close your DS/DSi. That is how you know it worked.

  32. dgsdg says:

    i can’t find the mayor

  33. xero500 says:

    This has to be one of the best, no, THE BEST game for the DS

  34. yankeesfan232 says:

    i have this game and im really stuck on the angler king. any tips on how to beat him?

    • krako says:

      @yankeesfan232:It’s a hard battle. 17 game overs in counting and I still couldn’t beat this annoying fish. Watch the arrows but stay down to where you can hit him, while avoiding pain. Kill all the dark fish before the arrows appear. If you fail to do so you’re going to take double damage. In cheers and hopes that you beat him!

  35. koryg says:

    where is the flower that saves the mayor

  36. Pokekid510 says:

    Is it a good game :|

  37. notfunny29 says:

    Here’s how you beat each boss. Frostwind: watch out for those stalagmites, when he bites shoot then press A then immediately press the down Arrow, Deadwood: Press A,X,B,B,Y for Invincibility and shoot the little acorns 3 or 4 times, then you beat the lizard man with your acorn gun, Angler King press A,X,B,B,Y and keep on shooting him, Scorpion: Be Invincible and when it sprays the smoke and clouds appear jump and slash Wilfrey a couple times and you win!!!!

  38. mytho says:

    warning n help please:if your going for the new town don’t its really really dumb.

    and tell me if your having this problem but when you go and jowee leaves and marii walks around the town thinking of old memory’s then the credits come on my game it wont let the game go on it just keeps repeeting that if you go by that area tell me if you have problem and if you fixed it and how

  39. Zelda Lover says:

    To get past frostwind you gtound bounce him after you shoot him down to ground bounce you push jump then down

  40. gecko kid says:

    Hey palma when you face frost bite/the boss on the first area don’t shoot until he is really close to you. When the ground you are on stops stop and wait for it to go. on the 2nd stage wait to shoot until he stops shooting ice at you and when he is down do a butt drop on him!

  41. mytho says:

    i love the game but i cant get past the very second level (snow caves)

    • airbender101 says:

      I beat snow caves. just go to the submarine and travel until you find a door it will bring you to the end of the level.

  42. Silver Spiker says:

    Nevermind wowzas I just wasn’t holding down L

  43. drawing says:

    i can’t get to the final boss no matter what i do the platforms always dissapper out from under me

  44. Squall says:

    Has anyone heard of Scriblenaughts it loks really good.

  45. invincible says:

    the end was really good. p.s kopaka how is that possible. it is way too hard to draw on a wii. seriously.

  46. invincible says:

    to get invicibility, during a game pause it. hold L and press a x b b y. sad raposa will indicate it worked. it only works for one level, so repeat it at each level. hope i could help!

  47. tmack07 says:


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