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Samba De Amigo

What can you tell me about Samba De Amigo for Wii?

Games Guru: Get the most out of this hilarious rhythm-based music game with these tips:

— Make any of 16 special poses and you’ll see a burst of confetti.

— When two blue rhythm balls go to one circle, shake both controllers to earn a special Amigo Bonus.

— Try Easy Mode first. That way, your game won’t stop if your ranking gets bad.

— When you move to Rank A, you’ll open the wildly colorful Space Tube stage.

— Winning at Challenge Mode unlocks new songs, stages and minigames.

Comments about “Samba De Amigo”

  1. Maxman says:

    I LOVE IT!

  2. Carbison says:

    I want this game. The main theme got my sisters dancing! Also, did you know this game was originally on the Sega Dreamcast? It’s true!

  3. Phantasy Star Zero155 says:

    pause it and type the Konami Code *google it* Unpause,and you get…
    A secret….
    *no,it doesn’t hurt your game.*

  4. five foot three guy says:

    the games looks so-so

  5. Ilikesamba09 says:

    Great Game

  6. Squall says:

    I am sorry this game existes i know i spelled it wrong

  7. coolmateo says:

    im stuck on level super hard right whene the song is over I always get d,e what should I do?

  8. Cameldude says:

    This game just looks horrible

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