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Kung Fu Panda

Do you have any secrets for Kung Fu Panda?

Games Guru: Here are a few tips to help you out in this game:

— Combat foes with a variety of techniques. Po can do more than punch and kick. Special moves such as the Panda Stumble and Panda Quake will be more effective in tougher situations.

— Use Tigress’s agility to block and dodge the Juggernaut’s attack while waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

— When competing in multiplayer modes, be aware of your surrounding. Items such as explosive trap balls and water barrels are scattered throughout the areas and can cause serious damage at great distances.

— Find special hidden coins in single player to unlock new multiplayer characters. You can play as members of the Furious Five or villains.

Comments about “Kung Fu Panda”

  1. gremlin987 says:

    this is the first game I ever beat. the bosses are lots of fun.

  2. Ike Knight says:

    I have all the characters and all the codes.
    By the way i’m stuck on a button pushing level.

  3. Angry Spongebob says:


  4. Timmy26 says:

    I can’t remember the codes for the 360 game. Help!

  5. five foot five guy says:

    kung fu panda is one of the fewset movie based games i really like

  6. Panda King says:

    I loved the movie and the game is pretty good too. The boss battles are fun. Cannot wait for Kung Fu Panda 2 to hit theaters in May 2011. I wanna go opening day.

  7. harry says:

    for five foot five guy between link and tai lung i think link would win for 4 reasons 1.he`s older[even older than oogway] 2.he`s bigger 3.he`s stronger 4.he is part monkey and monkeys are smart

  8. five foot five guy says:

    po is my favorite charactar

  9. meepers says:

    REMEMBER: always look for green coins and figurines (tigress’s is in when your saving the turtles and looking for the eggs)

  10. 5 foot three and a half guy says:

    mike says he beated it in 2 hours while it took me 5 hours and i`m probaly older and i`m 14 just to let you know

  11. 5 foot three and a half guy says:

    who do you think would win a fight between the missing link from monsters vs aliens vs tai lung from kung fu panda

  12. NintendoFreak says:

    games based on movies never seem to be that great. I would’nt risk buying this game because in a few years it’l be like 15 dollars

  13. five foot three guy says:

    i always likes pandas more than snow leopards even before i heard of the movie

  14. five foot three guy says:

    my top 3 favorite places are the final battle,wudang temple and po`s dream

  15. SHADOWLOVER101 says:


  16. 5`2 guy says:

    does anyone remember po saying this to tai lung,;you don`t get it do you ultimate power dosn`t come from a piece of paper it comes from within

  17. sam says:

    Its easy. I finish the game a bunch of times on dragon warrior

  18. iwin says:

    please tell me more codes, please

  19. iwin says:

    thank you code man

  20. code man says:

    the code for unlimeted health is down ,dowen ,righit ,up ,left

  21. bed says:

    I beat the game in two days.

  22. iwin says:


  23. JJ says:

    elephant5014, i have no idea.

  24. elephant5014 says:

    I’m on the level called trecherous waters.I’ve freed all the villagers but I can’t find Shifu. Where is he?

    • Mikey says:

      Look for all of the lights you havent turrned off yet and follow them, if you still cant find him look by the river by the land you battled the gaters.

  25. pop says:

    booskie help me get pass the tai long

  26. Zachery says:

    Kung fu panda is so easy!

  27. booskie s says:

    Im really goo d i can help any one i passed the part where master shifu defeats Tai long

  28. hi says:

    i can’t beat the wudang rescue level

  29. Man Kung fu rock's! says:

    I don’t have it and I went and visited a freind and we killed the gorilla after shifu said “The Relic’s!After him Po!”And we killed the gorilla before he could’nt beat.

  30. joseph says:

    i like kung fu panda.

  31. Sheldon says:

    Can you play for free? And if you can how?

  32. burnoutfreak says:

    i beat it ^^;;

  33. monkeykiller says:

    hey cris go to wal-mart or a place that has Wi-fi and the game.Use the system you use and then hit the button that you use for playing multiplayer and the n it will give you a list of the games there and you can play them for free

  34. yoyoman says:

    sound like a good game.

  35. batman says:

    I can’t beat the part where sheoo beats the shadow dogs.

  36. falcon says:

    sorry cris kung fu panda is a licensed game impossible to play for free

  37. lady dreamer says:

    how do you play

  38. me says:

    I don;t know how to beat the part where crane is carrying Po and they are being chased by that crocidile

  39. cris says:

    how can I play this game for free.

  40. bob says:

    kung fu panda is so awsome

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