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Super Mario Galaxy

Do you have any tips for Super Mario Galaxy?

Games Guru: Here are two tips that can help you do well in this fun game.

— If you’re using the second player Wii-mote, experiment with your powers. You can activate stars, shake bushes for coins, help destroy boulders and much more.

— The bee suit lets you do more than fly; try climbing on honeycombs or anything fuzzy while wearing it.

Comments about “Super Mario Galaxy”

  1. zacachu says:

    stuck in the fountain dome bowser level

  2. awsome says:

    i beated all the bosses that will return in super mario galaxy 2 i worked extra hard

  3. Twixbar says:

    One of my favorite games!

  4. nico says:

    Polari first you have to get the secret star on beach bowl galaxy. you open the chest on the edge and go into the sling star.

  5. nico says:

    I only have 70 stars and i beat the last level of bowser on my first try. ITS SO EASY. for me the hardest part is the way that you actually have to go to bowser :P

  6. rosalinagirl10 says:

    *actually it is a ghost eeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. rosalinagirl10 says:

    about to get luigi but am stuck on drednaught galaxy

  8. powerblast says:

    Why did MarioMan2000 say Mario, not Luigi? You get 120 stars before you enter the final battle, after beating Bowser for the last time, the game gets turned into SUPER LUIGI GALAXY!

  9. noooooo says:


  10. kirby says:

    anybody need help on the last level of the last level of the whole game

  11. Boo says:

    Relax,MarioMan2000.You’ll slowly get more trash every time you try.That’s beacause you are learning new stradegies.Also,you can get practice in the Battlerock version.

  12. mario fan says:

    how do you get luigi?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I almost never beat Hurry-Scurry Galaxy!

  14. Boo says:

    Rosilina appears twice in the Comet Observatory. Once on a platform & also in the library reading a book.

  15. Boo says:

    Buzz! If you need help defeating Mandibugs ask the Bee to the upper-left of the honey fountain.

  16. Boo says:

    I’m stuck on the poisin pond galaxy.

  17. Anonymous says:

    6nop,please tell me what is daunting you in the star reactor so I can help you.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Huge Kamek is super hard.

  19. Boo says:

    I think the Boo Mushroom is cool.

  20. Boo says:

    Does anyone have any tips for any Prankster Comets?

  21. Boo says:

    Megaleg was a really tough boss.

  22. hey jack says:

    having trouble with the boo race at the haunted house

  23. Sonicmario15 says:

    There are some people here who beat the whole game, and I am one of them. Need help? Ask me (unless you have a question about beating the whole game with Luigi. I’m still working on that…).

  24. doodle says:

    funnnnnn :[D

  25. u know who says:

    stuck on bowser jr ship last part need help

  26. pedro says:

    Anyone? Please?!?!??!

  27. pedro says:

    anybody have any tips????

  28. Anonymous says:

    when you see rosalina’s house she talk to mario or luigi she is at the backyard looking at the sky then she look’s at you in the screen at one of the mario bros (mario brothers).

  29. ninja8888 says:

    does anyone know how to get the third green star, then how to unlock luigi and yoshi?

  30. Bowser hater says:

    Did you know you can use Luigi? But first you need to beat Bowser’s Star Reactor, then you collect the rest of the Power Stars including the stars from the purple comets. It’s kinda easy, but still, a little hard…But i’m still sure you can do it!

  31. 6nop says:

    how do you get past the last planet of bowsers star reactor?

  32. Xplant says:

    Stuck on the Purple Coins for the Toy Time Galaxy. Any tips?

  33. fuga says:

    Hi everyone, I just wanna tell yah this: on Super Mario Galaxy 2, There is a secret world, in there is the Boss Blitz galaxy. These 5 bosses from the first one will be in the Boss Blitz galaxy: Dino Piranha, King Kaliente, Mogura Mole, Bouldergiest, and Fiery Dino Piranha, in that order.

  34. nin*gorin says:

    Yoshi really is on this game! But it is almost impossible to unlock him. You can’t play as him but he comes to the observatory and stands next to rosalina. to unlock him, you have to have (I think) 30 stars, you shoot 5 star bits at each spot on the Yoshi egg planet in good egg galaxy, then go to the secret star in the space junk galaxy and jump on all of the goombas without touching the gound (that is the near impossible part).

  35. awesome says:

    what happens if you get all stars?

  36. Gamer says:

    I found out a great knew move! You have to jump, spin, then ground pound. Do all that really fast and you will have the new move.

  37. y says:

    hey o yeeah the panel planet is called the Flipswich Galaxy.

  38. Agent J says:

    Where are you stuck icemonkey2001?

  39. Agent J says:

    Got past center of the universe, any one need help?

    • voadopoko says:

      i need help on Bowser jr’s air ship armada . (~_~)

    • awesomeness says:

      am stuck on level with huge mole guy chasing a bunny any tips or tricks

      • sh2444 says:

        hey awesomeness, at the very bottom of page you asked how to defeat the mole guy.
        its kind of hard, ground pound near him,then spin on his butt, when he gets ultra angry, do the same thing
        but you might want to long jump so you can spin on his butt

  40. mario says:

    you first have to tell me ware u are.

  41. scrible mario says:

    i beat the game in a day so if anyone needs my help ask me.i only got past the third bowser and then i turned the wii of though

  42. o yeeah says:

    how do you do the panel planet

  43. jabird123 says:

    this game is funn

  44. iceymonkey2001 says:

    Me and my dad have been working on Super mario galxy for more than 2 years and the we had to buy the cheet book and we still can’t pass it HELP

  45. superskarmory says:

    I Have Super Mario Galaxy but I have only 91 Power Stars and I am stuck.Help!

  46. r243 says:

    i beat it .

  47. 3ds says:

    that game is funn i have it

  48. MarioMan2000 says:

    I need some help on how to get the last star with MARIO not LUIGI. Its the secret star in Drednaught galaxy, the junkyard. any tips, CUZ IVE BEEN STUCK ON IT FOR 6 MONTHS NOW, even though i hav SMG2.

    • Sonicmario15 says:

      It’s really easy. All you have to do is throw the bombs on the yellow things. They will explode everything near it.

  49. bomb says:

    how do you get past boser’s dark matter plant.

  50. bomb says:

    how do you get past borser’s dark matter plant.

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