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Teen Titans 2

What kind of tips can you give me for Teen Titans 2 on the Game Boy Advance?

Games Guru: Here are a few suggestions that should help:

  • To avoid hits, push down on the control pad; Robin blocks with his cape while Beast Boy hides in his turtle shell.
  • Access secret areas by calling on a teammate to break through the floor, hack a computer, disable a force field or activate a switch.
  • When surrounded by enemies, push the “L” trigger to summon a team attack to clear the screen of turrets and baddies.
  • The three settings for Starfire’s projectile attack: Rapid fire shoots multiple star bolts quickly, burst fire shoots them in every direction, and explosive fire shoots one large bolt. Learn which is best for each situation, and get used to changing it quickly.
  • Hold down the attack button for Raven’s Telekinetic Attack to take down the Megathugs. You can also trap and throw them at other enemies, just like boxes and explosive barrels.

Comments about “Teen Titans 2”

  1. raposa24 says:

    Dude I was playing this on GameBoy and I pretty much like it (unleash the beast-BeastMan).

  2. bond says:

    IT’S LAME :(

  3. Earthbounded112 says:

    I only like the show… I was suprised when I learned that there are comic books for every character!

  4. anonymous saya says:

    do you have it for wii

  5. TheREALHarry James Potter says:

    GBA is older than DS version 1 by like 3 years teen titans = down with it

  6. wow says:

    I don’t even have the game but I can tell just from the title that you fell hook line and sinker. (I feel bad for you)

  7. shadowroy64 says:

    This game is LAME :(

  8. 19gstratton says:

    it is the best game in the world

  9. Zax says:

    When flying with Raven you can press A&B at the same time to shoot rays out of her eyes.

  10. dsi winner says:

    [:( horrible

  11. dsi winner says:

    :( horrible game

  12. Anonymous says:

    :( it is horrible

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