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Super Paper Mario

Do you have any tips for Super Paper Mario on the Wii?

Games Guru: In Chapter 5, once you get Dottie to join your crew, return to Downtown of Crag and head all the way to the right. Flip to 3D, use Dottie’s power to shrink and run through the tiny hole in the wall. Go down the pipe, collect the coins and then exit. To the right, you’ll find Whacka-whack, the adorable creature to get Whacka Bumps: powerful items that heal 30 HP.

After finishing Chapter 3, go back and talk to Barry, the Pixl that’s hiding in the bushes. He will join your growing Pixl entourage. Barry’s spikes skewer enemies and reflect projectiles, making him a lifesaver in the Pit of 100 Trials.

Flip to 3D in the Flipside Beveragarium to find a pipe that leads to the arcade, where you can play three fun games. Go to the exact same location in Flopside and flip to 3D to find a card that unlocks the fourth arcade game.

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  1. In chapter 7, Luvbi is that weirdo thing you find standing on a pipe. Also, you get Luigi here!:D Oh, did you know Luvbi is the Pure Heart transformed(even weirder, she does not know)?

  2. I feel your pain Games Guru. I got all of the pure hearts and i have to get past the 100 trials. The 50th trial and up is difficult so be Cautious!

  3. Kopaka-Nuva, remember in Chapter 2-3, one of the prisoners tells you that Pixls such as Slim prevent damage if you don’t move? Well, use that trick to get across to the switch(hit it and it changes color. Wonder what it means? :D)

  4. Food; haven’t you seen the pixelized Mario of long ago???

  5. if you beat flopside pit of a 100 trials go thru it again all the way to the end you’ll fight a secret boss and can get some cards
    Ps the mario card lets you have ifininte time in 3d

  6. Giant Piece of Food // August 25, 2009 at 7:12 pm // Reply

    What is Mega Mario in this game?

  7. To defeat Bowser flip and set Bommer biside him and press 1 to make him explode and Bowser will take damage deafeat him and he will join your team.

  8. Sonic Fan #1 // August 4, 2009 at 11:10 am // Reply

    Is Dashell the music note pixel?

  9. o.k this isnt a cheat but somthing from the past game after you beat super demintio go to francisis place and go where those invincible meow maids are read the computer and see what happens

  10. also in flopside b1 theres a tiny store that sells cooking food. use dottie to enter. you can make rare items by bringing these to saffron the chef in flipside

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