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Avatar: The Last Air Bender

I have had this game for Game Boy Advance for sometime now and I am stuck on the prison level. I get stuck after you get Katara (when you get chased by a machine). I have used cheats and every time I try I die, even with cheats!!!! If you can help me on how to get past this, I’ll recommend you to ALL my friends.

Games Guru: Thanks for being so specific. The prison is the longest series of levels in the game. So hang in there. First, get out of the silver room. Next, Water Whip the fiery door you see. Go through it and you’ll find a Fire Nation Firebreather. Water Whip him three times and get the GOLD KEY from his body. Use the key to go through the gold door. But first enter a room right of Katara’s holding chamber to retrieve the third healing potion. Now, you’ll be allowed to enter the door behind the Firebreather. This will take you to Part IV of the Prison.

I got to the part where you do a circle boomerang. I got to the last one, but it won’t go past the wall. Help!!!

Games Guru: You probably mean the Game Boy Advance. The boomerang is tricky to aim. Since you haven’t told me exactly where you are in the game, I would just try different trajectories until you get it right. By the way, the last circle boomerang you throw will be with Fire Claw II in the Sacred Caverns.

How do you get past the monster that throws fireballs at the avatar characters? None of the characters seem to have what it takes to get past this guy – it’s at the top of the game.

Games Guru: First attack as Sokka, using your boomerang to go after its arms. Once you hurt it, the creature will slump forward. Now run up for some hand-to-hand as Aang. Slash the creature while it is down to cut into its health. You may need to repeat this process two or three times.

Where do you get the paste for King Bumi?

Games Guru: I know he gives you the core amulet in exchange for his goggles, but I am not familiar with the paste.

Comments about “Avatar: The Last Air Bender”

  1. Vader says:

    What element would you be? I’d be an earth bender or water bender.

  2. donne frugbai says:

    i love avatar the last airbender because it’s cool

  3. Predator says:

    BIG FAN of Avatar but hate the graphics

  4. webelo211 says:

    i have the game for ds and im at where you have to fly a u and break barrels while flying; so hard what do i do. game the last airbender

  5. kora says:

    There is a new series of avatar it is called the ledgends of kora i cant wait to play it on the ds

  6. Bookworm says:

    what is it for? the wii or dsi

  7. white says:


  8. Eh says:

    I have it for gamecube and beat it

  9. starwarsfan101 says:

    I have this game for the Wii and already completed
    it,so your on your own pal.

  10. Girl Warrior says:

    Always support Avatar.Hope One Day I COULD Be An Avatar.

  11. jkl says:

    is it easy to beat people

  12. jkl says:

    does the fire lord die

  13. pikachu775 says:

    how do u get extras menue

  14. PwnerofAll says:

    I got a few gamecube codes!
    All Treasure Maps=37437
    1 Hit Dishonor=54641
    Double Damage=34743
    Unlimited Copper=23637
    Unlimited Chi=24463
    Unlimited Health=94677
    Neverending Stealth=53467
    Character Concept Art Gallery=97831

  15. technolord says:

    yeah, sure oavatar is cool, but its yust a copy of naruto (no ffense)

    PS. Naruto is the best character ever. Period. End of Story.

  16. airbender101 says:

    are you talking about the burning earth or into the inferno?

  17. nyrvin von harilsberg says:

    how do you beat that looser in omoshu who moves on a big rock?

  18. Anoymous says:

    When Sokka and Katara get captured I got Katara back but I can’t Get back Sokka

  19. Anonymous says:

    how do you do the swamp level with katara

  20. avatar says:

    haw can i fight zouk if he can take my chey

  21. 444444466656688897y5687 says:

    i have the gba version but i wonder is and if there is an extra menu how do you get to it.

  22. Pandalai says:

    benavatar you can use stealth. ;)

  23. firebndeer says:

    how do i get into the secret room inside thr library in the city of omashu

  24. LALAHIR says:


  25. dude its easy says:


  26. gamer101 says:

    easey to bet:)

  27. Superboy EXTRA says:

    How do you beat the jailer?

  28. blach heart says:

    it’s so easy to beat

  29. zeldagirl456 says:

    out of 5 i rate it a 2 and a half

  30. jhe says:

    I have did the game and it is easy. i will give the codes out on 5/28/09 at 12.00 am ……..

  31. lost says:

    how do you beat that big machine in avatar mode and its all of the elements

  32. Anonymous says:

    to kill the bear i just used aang and rode on the air sphere and kept charging into it eventully it will die hope i helped piemaster

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