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Avatar: The Last Air Bender

I have had this game for Game Boy Advance for sometime now and I am stuck on the prison level. I get stuck after you get Katara (when you get chased by a machine). I have used cheats and every time I try I die, even with cheats!!!! If you can help me on how to get past this, I’ll recommend you to ALL my friends.

Games Guru: Thanks for being so specific. The prison is the longest series of levels in the game. So hang in there. First, get out of the silver room. Next, Water Whip the fiery door you see. Go through it and you’ll find a Fire Nation Firebreather. Water Whip him three times and get the GOLD KEY from his body. Use the key to go through the gold door. But first enter a room right of Katara’s holding chamber to retrieve the third healing potion. Now, you’ll be allowed to enter the door behind the Firebreather. This will take you to Part IV of the Prison.

I got to the part where you do a circle boomerang. I got to the last one, but it won’t go past the wall. Help!!!

Games Guru: You probably mean the Game Boy Advance. The boomerang is tricky to aim. Since you haven’t told me exactly where you are in the game, I would just try different trajectories until you get it right. By the way, the last circle boomerang you throw will be with Fire Claw II in the Sacred Caverns.

How do you get past the monster that throws fireballs at the avatar characters? None of the characters seem to have what it takes to get past this guy – it’s at the top of the game.

Games Guru: First attack as Sokka, using your boomerang to go after its arms. Once you hurt it, the creature will slump forward. Now run up for some hand-to-hand as Aang. Slash the creature while it is down to cut into its health. You may need to repeat this process two or three times.

Where do you get the paste for King Bumi?

Games Guru: I know he gives you the core amulet in exchange for his goggles, but I am not familiar with the paste.

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  1. ang #2 girl // June 7, 2007 at 12:32 pm // Reply

    Hi agian I realy want to know if you can find opa to not snise on some poeple it s cool and gross at the same time I want to get the cloechen of the avtar and the others but write know I need to constrat on the avatar it becuse I like it so much it’s realy cool bye

  2. ang #2 girl // June 7, 2007 at 12:25 pm // Reply

    I love the avatar so bad and i play games of the avatar and I can;t stop waching the avtar shose

  3. need help // May 31, 2007 at 6:18 am // Reply

    i need to get past the four paws level im stuk on the pat were you have to get the box threw the small sliver of land

  4. uh i uh beat the game in about 1 week. the hardest part is on the first lvl i hate it uh i like this game i lot and agree with miles2423 but i dont know them. um i like this game a lot if u have beeten it to plz submit a comment that says 12345 and thats it.

    P.S:i like pie!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. adsedragvcufrbnvjudggiurt // May 27, 2007 at 3:52 pm // Reply

    i’ve beat it 104 times in one year

  6. I can’t get past this part it’s very hard! I’v got past half of it before but i can’t get past the rest! It’s on chapter one. I’m not very good at the game.

  7. the avatar is the best guy

  8. miles2423 // May 7, 2007 at 9:28 am // Reply

    it the coolest game i’v ever played everyone needs to have it.

  9. To get the pate follow the biggest arrow but it’s direction is confusing

  10. The fortress chapter is the last get past it follow the biggest arrow(which is very confusing)rescue the rest of the party in the order of sokka first,haru and finally katara.Then serch the fortress,find liona,deafeat the first boss arena find your way out of the trap andgo into the secon boss arena,defeat the ultimaton and finish the game.

  11. I have a few GameCube cheats:unlimited health:94677,Double damage:34743,Unlimited stealth:53467,Unlimited Money:23637,All treasure maps:37437,Character concept gallery:97831.Oh and by the way I recomend double damage,unlimited money,unlimited stealth,unlimited health.To get the paste,follow the biggest arrow,this advice lets you finish any main objective quest.Sometimes the arrows movments can fool you so keep a sharp eye on it.In the last chapter and the last boss arena you, go into the avatar state, in it I reccomend the combination R+B,you can’t lose chi, but you can be killed.To prevent being killed in any chapter use the unlimited health cheat code(above).

  12. how do you defeat jaylor?

  13. awsomeness // April 24, 2007 at 7:36 pm // Reply

    to get hard leather straps fast, you need normal straps and go to a store and say you want them to craft something. then use honey on normal leather straps and you get hard leather straps

  14. how do you get pass the fortress

  15. GBAstartingout // April 11, 2007 at 10:54 pm // Reply

    Wanted to know how to get past the monster that throws fireballs at the avatar characters – none of the characters seem to have what it takes to get past this guy

  16. to JD

    go to wall mart and you’ll find it there for x-box

  17. please I really need the answer or cheat

  18. by the way it’s 4 the ds

  19. how do you get past the third boss

  20. the game is so bad iv beted it 5 times… and its soooooo short!!!

  21. it’s so cool but when i was going to buy it ,it didn’t come in xbox

  22. Where do you get the hard leather straps to make a new saddle for Appa?

  23. does any one know what to do after you beat story mode

  24. It’s a sweet game

  25. let me play

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