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Avatar: The Last Air Bender

I have had this game for Game Boy Advance for sometime now and I am stuck on the prison level. I get stuck after you get Katara (when you get chased by a machine). I have used cheats and every time I try I die, even with cheats!!!! If you can help me on how to get past this, I’ll recommend you to ALL my friends.

Games Guru: Thanks for being so specific. The prison is the longest series of levels in the game. So hang in there. First, get out of the silver room. Next, Water Whip the fiery door you see. Go through it and you’ll find a Fire Nation Firebreather. Water Whip him three times and get the GOLD KEY from his body. Use the key to go through the gold door. But first enter a room right of Katara’s holding chamber to retrieve the third healing potion. Now, you’ll be allowed to enter the door behind the Firebreather. This will take you to Part IV of the Prison.

I got to the part where you do a circle boomerang. I got to the last one, but it won’t go past the wall. Help!!!

Games Guru: You probably mean the Game Boy Advance. The boomerang is tricky to aim. Since you haven’t told me exactly where you are in the game, I would just try different trajectories until you get it right. By the way, the last circle boomerang you throw will be with Fire Claw II in the Sacred Caverns.

How do you get past the monster that throws fireballs at the avatar characters? None of the characters seem to have what it takes to get past this guy – it’s at the top of the game.

Games Guru: First attack as Sokka, using your boomerang to go after its arms. Once you hurt it, the creature will slump forward. Now run up for some hand-to-hand as Aang. Slash the creature while it is down to cut into its health. You may need to repeat this process two or three times.

Where do you get the paste for King Bumi?

Games Guru: I know he gives you the core amulet in exchange for his goggles, but I am not familiar with the paste.

Comments about “Avatar: The Last Air Bender”

  1. Please help! says:

    Hi peoples I need help with Avatar The legend of Aang.I have it on DS and im up to chapter 7 were Aang goes into the avatar state and has to kill lians big machine and i cant kill it.Is there some special way to kill it? Because I cant get close to it.Ive tried to use the tornado but it will only get its health down a bit someone please give me some advise or some tips please?Im desprate Ive tried and tried please help me!

  2. Anonymous says:

    how do you beat the circle boomerang thing in omashu with sokka? It’s so confusing!


  3. zukofan says:

    which game bobby b?

  4. zukofan says:

    i’ve completed every avatar game
    [i;m not lying,i’ll evan give you some codes if you ask nicely

  5. Angie says:

    Is there any other games after The Avatar The Burning Earth?

  6. kingshad says:

    im on chapter7 of legacy of goku 3… i cant find any task. after trunks leaves to get dragon radar after learnin the fusion dance. right now im playing as goku

  7. aang says:

    i beat the game with these cheats:
    23637-unlimited copper
    24463-unlimited chi
    34743-double damage
    37437-all treasure maps
    53467-never ending stealth
    54641-1-hit dishonor
    97831-art gallery
    but you have to enter them every time you play because they were off after you reenter the wii menu

  8. wertytyu says:

    I have this game for the game boy

  9. benavatar says:

    how do you get pass the guards whitout being seen

  10. darkangel says:

    where is the extras in the menu?

    for psp

  11. Angie says:

    Hey, don’t worry I have found all of the coconuts that Momo had to find

  12. anman2345 says:

    into the inferno i cant get in the part with zuko and ang where you put air 4 times following the numbers at top and water earth fire i can do air but not the others why

  13. Angie says:

    Hey, I am up to the Four Paw Island, I’m up to the part with Momo and how he has to find eight coconuts I have five coconuts to go, where do I find the rest of them?

  14. Angie says:

    Hey, I was reading through the comments, I didn’t know where to get the five hard leather stips from to make Appa’s new saddle, but now I do.

  15. tallman 6' 2" says:

    im a beast at avatar i beat in 3 hours

  16. Nick says:

    guys how to beat the machine that bend in level 7?

  17. avvy says:

    how do you beat the mutant bear in chapter 2, whilst in the cave.

    The thing that annoys me is the falling of rocks that hit 15-20 and paralyze me

    Is there any tactics to use to beat this guy easy without cheat codes becus u cant do cheats on the psp.

  18. confused says:

    Once you are in the Blind Bandit realm and you get out of the cage how do you get to the next level. Steam pipes, Key to unlock cell? cage that cannot be opened?? A liltte help please

  19. avatar dude says:

    how do you get past chapter 7 boss the big machine that can bend everything also iff you have cheats for this game avatar the legend of aang DS plz tell me also the chapter 7 boss is one avatar the legend of aang

  20. tomboygirl says:

    Dude’s how do you like, get past the guards in avatar………….Oh yeah plz post this dude.

  21. jake88 says:

    If you die you go back to the begining???????????????

  22. Anonymous says:

    how do you use momo

  23. Chris says:

    I love Avatar so much. i am not allwed to have the game but i love the sneakpeaks.

  24. me says:

    How do i get to other chapters from other chapters?

  25. fundark816 says:

    To get past the library in the ds game use the L and R buttons to se the guards and use B to walk past them.DON’T RUN!!!!!

  26. adam says:

    how do you get past the libary in avatar the ds game

  27. Nate says:

    How do you get pass the library in the Avatar game for the DS?????

    you cant turn invisible (can you)?

    Please help!!

  28. arceus 100 says:

    where do i get leather strips on avatar

  29. kopoka nuva says:

    i can awnser [most of] your questions

  30. $ says:

    Avatar is cool but spongebob is better!

  31. catara says:

    i just adoor Avatar i wish i could room like that .i wish i coul air,water,airthand water bind iwould do anything to be catara better yet be a avatar. i just love the show .it makes me mor intrested in the show it makes me fill a live.


    Bigest Fan

  32. missa says:

    avatar is so amsome but it needs to come out with another episode and TOPH AND KATARA ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. avatar is the best564 says:

    how do u get the hard leather strips??????????????

  34. Cameldude says:

    pyr0playa, Hard leather straps can be made by any merchant that can mix ingredients to make potions and medicine. All you need Are leather straps and four jars of honey per strap! Hope this Helps! ;-)

  35. waterbender dude says:

    Avatar rescued me from boredom.YAY AVATAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. pyr0playa says:

    what stall make hard leather straps?????

  37. piemaster says:

    ill tell you firebender girl go to gamestop or gamecrazy or someplace that sells used games then ask if they have it.

  38. firebendergirl says:

    Hey, i was looking thru old comments, and i noticed someone called Jimmy Nuetron.


    If you want to see for yourself, watch Nick or turbonick.

    Oh, and you guys know how i asked where i van buy the game? No matter what, i am NOT buying from walmart. Is there anywhere else i can find it?


  39. firebendergirl says:

    Where do they sell the Avatar games? In the US, i mean. And does anyone remember how much they cost? Which game systems are they for? Are there any for gameboy or DS?

    Please help. I am an obsessed avatard.


  40. piemaster says:

    yea how do you kill the mutant bear in the forest chapter 3 its too hard to kill plz give me some tips or something this game is hard.also i have this game for the DS so if u have it for psp or something it may be diffrent so will anybody that has this for the ds help me?

  41. Ultimate Pokemon Lover says:

    I know this sounds crazy, but can someone help me get past the SECOND BOSS! Thank you if you do help me. I am not very good at this game.

  42. silver away says:




    Silver Away.

  43. hunt says:

    how do you beat the muntant bear

  44. super gaming professor says:

    for: Lollipop.

    you dont know how to get in the air temple? then follow these steps:

    1. go to Appa. there will be an option to fly there.

    2. once you get there, go to the air temple and destroy some of machines in your way.

    3. once you get there, go to momo mode.

    4. there will be an option to inspect. push the inspect button {button may vary depending on the controller}

    5. once inside, go to the left path and follow it. once you get to the end, there will be a key next to the maker. pick it up, return to the door and unlock it

    Class dismissed!

  45. Lollipop says:

    hey how do ya get into da air temple?

  46. another AIR BENDER says:

    how do you WIN a game SSMB

  47. another AIR BENDER says:

    avatar the LAST air BENDER ha he isnt going to get much is this game good

  48. Bobby B says:

    hey i don’t see a cheat place to put the cheats in

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