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Avatar: The Last Air Bender

I have had this game for Game Boy Advance for sometime now and I am stuck on the prison level. I get stuck after you get Katara (when you get chased by a machine). I have used cheats and every time I try I die, even with cheats!!!! If you can help me on how to get past this, I’ll recommend you to ALL my friends.

Games Guru: Thanks for being so specific. The prison is the longest series of levels in the game. So hang in there. First, get out of the silver room. Next, Water Whip the fiery door you see. Go through it and you’ll find a Fire Nation Firebreather. Water Whip him three times and get the GOLD KEY from his body. Use the key to go through the gold door. But first enter a room right of Katara’s holding chamber to retrieve the third healing potion. Now, you’ll be allowed to enter the door behind the Firebreather. This will take you to Part IV of the Prison.

I got to the part where you do a circle boomerang. I got to the last one, but it won’t go past the wall. Help!!!

Games Guru: You probably mean the Game Boy Advance. The boomerang is tricky to aim. Since you haven’t told me exactly where you are in the game, I would just try different trajectories until you get it right. By the way, the last circle boomerang you throw will be with Fire Claw II in the Sacred Caverns.

How do you get past the monster that throws fireballs at the avatar characters? None of the characters seem to have what it takes to get past this guy – it’s at the top of the game.

Games Guru: First attack as Sokka, using your boomerang to go after its arms. Once you hurt it, the creature will slump forward. Now run up for some hand-to-hand as Aang. Slash the creature while it is down to cut into its health. You may need to repeat this process two or three times.

Where do you get the paste for King Bumi?

Games Guru: I know he gives you the core amulet in exchange for his goggles, but I am not familiar with the paste.

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  1. stevyboy 2 get into da libary (if u have’t figured it out already) go right from the main entrance u should be able to go up through an arch then left (turn ur coumus 2 south being up) walk to da door Sokka will talk then you get in as momo

  2. I can’t get past the bit where your have to air bend your way into the air temple! Nothing has effect! Can SomeonE PLZZZZZZ Help?

  3. Bending Champ // September 14, 2007 at 9:43 pm // Reply

    You can always get cheat books. There’s unlimited health, chi, stealth and others.

    To type in these cheats go to the cheat section at the main menu.

    Here is a list of cheats : All treasure Maps:37437

    1 hit dishonor means to kill an enemy in one shot. EVEN BOSSES!!!!: 54641

    Double Damage:34743

    Unlimited Copper:23637

    Unlimited Chi:24463

    Unlimited Health:94677

    Neverending stealth is using stealth for as long as you want and whenever you want to:53467

    Concept art:97831

  4. stevyboy go to the side of the library with the fountain go to momo mode walk the side of the building there will be an inspecting thing inspect it.

  5. i cant get into the libary on avatar it says you have to be an earth bending master on ds CAN SOME ONE HELP ME PLZZZZZZZZZz

  6. I can’t get past four paws on my gameboy

  7. i need to get pass the boss in four pwas island can any one help me

  8. i won this game in a couple days it is to easy

  9. super gaming professor // August 15, 2007 at 4:23 pm // Reply

    I may be able to help you, i got lots of helpful hints. ok, before you start playing the game, go to the code entry and type this code: 24463. this gives you unlimited chi.

    if you have trouble with the bosses, here’s some advice. LEVEL 2: when the battle starts, the jailer will fire rows of fireballs at you. if you dont wanna get hit, run to dodge them. keep running around until the jailer stops and chases you, hit him with a LOT of advanced moves. keep doing it until he kneels down to the floor. when he does that, hit him with everything you got. when his life gauge is half empty, he will be a bit harder to beat. if dodge his charging attacks and stay behind the candles [his fireballs can’t get you if you’re there] if you just add those to what said before, you’ll be sucessful.

    i’ll also help you on Lego star wars II, pokemon silver and more. class dismissed!

  10. Is this talking about DS?

  11. the library on the 3rd chapter is hard how do you get past it

  12. Jimmy Neutron // August 3, 2007 at 10:44 am // Reply

    what is avatar?

  13. why do you need the health items for in chapter 3 library

  14. how do you geat pass the library in chapter3

  15. how do i pass the airtemple mini game

  16. bring more health items to help you

  17. where are the secrecct doors in omarshu

  18. i cant wait until avatar the burning earth comes out , is anyone getting it?

  19. how do you beat the boss in the second level of avatar

  20. avatar is da eisyist games goin and ive done it 24 times

  21. i can’t get past four paw island! im on my DS and i have already explored the ‘cave’ next to the statue, and i don’t know what to do next! how do i get past this part?

  22. to deafeat jaylor keep hitting him and doge his atack but you do have to keep on hitting him because then he will fall down and you can hurt him. when jaylor gets his new attack(when he has half of his life) dodge it by moving to the other side.

  23. ive beat that game 149 and a halve times in a day!!!!!!! that game is simple!!!!!!!


  24. angg`s first bending move….. monkeyboy

  25. pokemon master J-man // June 9, 2007 at 10:14 am // Reply

    on the ds :the third area you visit,you can talk to this old man and he’ll say there are people in the forest capturing animals. if you go there and beat them, [they’re like a boss battle] do the escaped animals tell the spirit of the forest that you helped them so you don’t have to fight the spirit?

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