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Sonic Mega Collection

How do you submit codes on Sonic 2?

Games Guru: Go to the options menu and select the Sound Test Option. The best codes in Sonic 2 involve listening to sounds in the right order. You can give yourself 14 continues by listening to sound tests 1, 1, 2 and 4, then pressing start.

You can open level select by listening to sounds 19, 65, 9 and 17 — then, while the final sound is highlighted, hitting the button you have designated as your “A” button and then hitting start.

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  1. blueblur says:

    hi,to answer pretty much every question here,unlock able games are Rystar,Flicky,and knuckles in sonic’s 2 and 3,which took advantage of a lock-on cartridge feature.some other games are included,for a full list,go to the sonic wiki and search mega collection,you can find the ways to get all the games,hope I’m as helpful as games guru,thx. :]

  2. Wiimaster101 says:

    Is there sonic adventure on there?

  3. ordep says:

    On the carnival zone, act 2 in Sonic the hedgehog 3, how do you get past this thing that you make your character jump up and down on after turning the carnival lights back on after Knuckles turns them off? I don’t know when to jump or when to get off it or what! Somebody please help!

  4. Pineapple says:

    Thats cool

  5. O yeah dude says:

    I don’t play this game

  6. the destroyer says:


    • legomaster says:

      @ the destroyer you beat the oil ocean boss by hitting the sub when it comes up try not to fall in the water or you will die also doge the arm by jumping over it

  7. VictoryVictini says:

    Too bad it doesn’t have Sonic CD. :(

  8. sonics rad says:

    what games can you unlock???????

    • Blueblur says:

      Some games unlockable here are:rystar(a sega game OTHER than sonic), knuckles in sonic 2 and 3,( these are separate games,each was a lock on cartridge thingy back when this first came out in like 1994) and flicky,a game released the same year of sonic 1.these are all games unlockable,but there are find the full list,go to the sonic wiki,look up mega collection,and you’ll find how to unlock ALL of these.[games guru,the ones i missed,could you tell them? thanks!] hope i helped somebody!

  9. nate says:

    how do you beat metatropllis city on sonic the hedgehog 2

  10. Carbison says:

    I think I know the hardest game on there. It’s GOTTA, just GOTTA be Sonic 3D Blast

  11. clueless says:

    how do you unlock the sound test?

    • SONIC is OVER 9000 says:

      you dont unlock it select options and you will find it

    • MJthewolf says:

      For which game? I can list all of them, but It would take several replies. Sorry.
      P.S. Here’s an easy one: For sonic 1, at the title screen, enter on the control pad: Up, Down, Left, Right, then hold A, or X(on PS2) and press start. TADA!!

  12. tennesseeboy35 says:

    What platform is this available on?

  13. qwrty says:

    can you look at the game log?

  14. shadow the ultimate life form says:

    how do you unlock sonic 3 and knuckles

  15. Tails says:

    Okay here’s somee help ,,, to unlock the “?????” you have to play a certain game (that’s already available) 20-50 times. By doing this you can unlock stuff such as… KNUCKLES IN SONIC 2 AND SONIC 3!!!

  16. gamesboy says:

    HOW DO YOU PLAY THIS GAME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!?!!!!!!

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