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Sonic Mega Collection

How do you submit codes on Sonic 2?

Games Guru: Go to the options menu and select the Sound Test Option. The best codes in Sonic 2 involve listening to sounds in the right order. You can give yourself 14 continues by listening to sound tests 1, 1, 2 and 4, then pressing start.

You can open level select by listening to sounds 19, 65, 9 and 17 — then, while the final sound is highlighted, hitting the button you have designated as your “A” button and then hitting start.

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12 Comments on Sonic Mega Collection

  1. dear pokefan

    mario is kind of “mr.videogame”

  2. THIS GAME IS DUMB!!! Where the heck is the manual overide?! Sound bombs?! Smoke valves?! THE GAME HAS NO GUTS!!!!!

    • HEY! don’t diss my games! Have you SEEN what happens when I get all the super and chaos emeralds? Hyper Sonic. Period.

  3. pokefan #1 // June 18, 2007 at 8:07 pm // Reply

    marios better then sonic and the olimpic games will prove it!!!!

    p.s. pokemon rule 2

  4. Oooohhhh…. what are the cheat codes?

  5. sonic16boy // June 14, 2007 at 10:49 am // Reply

    I have cheat codes to the game sonic mega collections.

  6. Happy guy // June 3, 2007 at 4:15 pm // Reply

    DO any of ya have The games knuckles in sonic 2, Sonic 3 and knuckles, Flicky, doctor robotnik’s mean bean machine, or blue sphere?I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u can also get something called Ristar!

  7. Do you want to know how to unlock super sonic in sonic 2?First go to act select[games guru shows you at the top]and at sound test press the following numbers:4,1,2,6 then highlight an act,if you have a PS2,press the square and start at the same time,get 50 rings and jump.[Go to the hints when you press the R1 button and it will show you how]

  8. i have unlocked the debug menu for the game: Sonic 3 and Knuckles! how? first play the first level as anybody and jump on one of those swinging things. then move the control stick left 3 times, right 3 times and up 3 time in that order. it may take a few tries. you will here the noise as if you grabbed a ring if you did it corretly. after that, press pause and press B. you will be taken to the main menu. you know the 2 options in the main menu?(start game and options) well, there is an added option in the main menu(you don’t see it because you have to press down on your control stick when your on the options lable) it’s labled Sound Test. enter it and you see a list of all the levels. press start on the level labled Mushroom Hill act 1 and you will start that level. keep going until you get to a pully (those things that have 2 handles and you pull them to go up, ring a bell?) jump on one of the handles and move your control stick left 3 times, right 3 times, and up 3 times. you will again here the noise as if you collected a ring. press pause and B again. go to the Sound Test option again and select any level. instead of pressing start to enter a level, hold B THEN press start. congrats! you FINNALY made it to the debug menu! heres how it works, you use the X button to jump, the A button to get in item mode(which allows you to swich between items you want to select)the B button allows you to swich items in item mode, but when your not in item mode it allows you to do some weird gravity thing. in item mode, the X button allows you to make the item you selected apear. well, have fun!

    • Reply P.S. With debug ready to go, in a level, Jump, HOLD THE JUMP BUTTON, and press the debug button. Your character will start going through all their images for motion (Sprite Scroll). To view this best, pause and press x/Square, that will move motion forward one frame.

  9. i’m sorry josh, but you have the same name as this ugly guy in my class… and my friend likes sonic(NOT JOSH).

  10. I like sonic!

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