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Backyard Baseball ’10

What can you tell me about the new Backyard Baseball game for the Wii?

Games Guru: The newest version of the popular cartoony baseball game has the announcer call out your name when you’re up to bat. Here are some tips:

  • Grainy Acres Ranch is a home-run hitter’s dream. Aim for the short porch in left field.
  • Flick the Wii-mote down just a the release point to increase your pitch rating. The strike zone will turn red if you time it correctly.
  • Swing a little early on inside pitches to pull the ball. If the pitch is outside, swing a little later to smash the ball to the opposite field.
  • On easy difficulty, the pitcher will throw strikes every time, so swing away.
  • Not every player can hit home runs, so look at your batter’s power rating before swinging for the fences. The contact swing makes it easier to get wood on the ball.
  • On an easy pop fly, pull of a jump catch by pressing the C button when the ball is about to be caught. You’ll earn a lot more power-up juice this way.
  • Comments about “Backyard Baseball ’10”

    1. rex says:

      I love it.

    2. baseball says:

      baseball is cool

    3. yo says:

      I love baseball! This game Roooocks

    4. fathead says:

      i need help on season play on ds

    5. idk says:

      pretty good
      i got the game a while ago

    6. madskiier3380 says:

      my ds record:38-1

    7. The Joker 2 says:

      Nice, Dude!

    8. Chrissy says:

      I only played backyard baseball on my DS.

    9. angus says:

      i need hints or codes for backyard baseball 2005

      • chessmaster says:

        Definitely would be cool. One I know is that if you enter a new coach as “Hoops”, Barry DeJay (The color commentator from Backyard Basketball) will be on your team.

      • smitty333 says:

        to unlock derek jeter in ’05 u mst trn 2 doble plays in 1 game

    10. benny says:


    11. Anonymous says:

      i love baseball it rokes

    12. wes says:

      i love to play baseball

    13. hollywood says:

      i love to play baseball

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