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Megaman Battle Network 5: Double Team

How do I fight Bass to fuse with him?

Games Guru: You have to insert a copy of Megaman Battle Network 5 that has the Bass Icon into the Gameboy Advance slot.

My grandpa’s navi just told me: “The 4th rock-crusher machine. A box that blocks the rocks marks the spot.” Where am I supposed to go?

Games Guru: Once you stop the rocks coming from number 4, you should open up a new conveyor belt. Take that belt for a ride.

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  1. raihan97 says:

    what the secret behind the messange given by lan’s grandfather?

  2. ShaXdow says:

    Does anyone know how to use the giga chip Bugcurse in team protoman?

  3. rockman and roll says:

    ok, my last comment got deleted for no reason.

    to lem lem, the code is 11922911.

    and anyone knows the collection of program advances? I only did 19.

  4. rockman and roll says:

    sorry for double posting,

    is there any program advance I can do with Muramasa and Anubis A?

  5. ShaXdow says:

    Yes! I beaten this game!

  6. I beat the game 100% says:

    dear bassboy- i hink you get it from the bugfrag trader in undernet 2.

  7. lem lem says:

    need help a code for the secrutycode for door doublde 1 & nine too tonight makes elven wats the code plz help

  8. ShaXdow says:

    I need 3 more program advances, Shakepara. 3 Which i need a spshake 3 S to finish the program. Wideshot 2, I forgot what i needed but I only need 1, probably n or l. And then I need a vulcan 3 n, I really need help on it. The one I need the most is the vulcan, since Idk where 2 get it. But if you know where these are tell me. I have battled some shake viruses but all they drop is a u. Tell me where I can get an S. THanks

  9. rockman and roll says:

    which part are u at?

  10. Anonymous says:

    stephan says can somebody help i cant go trough the scilab i dont now how do do it

  11. ShaXdow says:

    Omg, the mods or whoever deleted my post for no reason… Ok now but buying 99 minibombs will only get you 10 trades in a 10 chip trader… Waste of cash, and the 3 chip trader doesn’t have anything good. Any other ideas?

  12. ShaXdow says:

    Wait do you put it in the 10 chip trader or the 3 and if 10 which one?

  13. ShaXdow says:

    Are you serious?! Does that work? Isn’t there an item that’s less in price?

  14. chaos gospelDS says:

    your welcome rockman and roll.

  15. bassxx fortexx says:

    hey im stilll stuck on the same part , shaXdow when i was actualy trying to get P.A. i was only missing 2 but i went to higsby and bought 99 mini bombs that cost like 27,000 zenny and put in the red or blue chip trader and i kept doin it thats how i got them all. so good luck

  16. rockman and roll says:

    ok, thanks guys. ^^

  17. ShaXdow says:

    But fast gauge lasts the whole battle, and u can make it the selected chip so it’s always there. But full cust helps if you want to put it in.

  18. chaos gospelDS says:

    Full cust is good to

  19. ShaXdow says:

    Rockman and roll:Use fast gauge it helps.

  20. rockman and roll says:

    hi guys! dun worry ShaXdow, I still remember you XD

    I already beat Nebula Grey in Nebula Area 6 3 times…from what I heard from my youtube battle network buddies and you guys, I guess I have to beat the DS Navis faster.. but how can you tell how fast u deleted them? They don’t show the results at the end (stop watch? XD) ..

    thanks for the tips guys, I’m gonna try to beat the DS team mates faster =P

  21. ShaXdow says:

    I just beat Bass, got his chip, it pretty good. bassxx fortexx how did u get all Program advances? That so hard, I have list of all p.a’s but i can’t get the chips for the P.A.s I need like 9 more. Can you help me?

  22. xxitachixx says:

    i am stuck on the last door 2 (drive your self to the very limit) how do i open it? bassxxfortexx when u find out tell me

  23. bassxx fortexx says:

    to fight dark megaman u have to beat the DS navis in under 2:30 min (total time) to fight bass you have to beat DS navis between 2:31- 3:30 minites. shaXdow i already open the 30 prag adv door and got the mega chip behide it and got the giga chip behind the ”have all mega chips” thanks for trying though

  24. ShaXdow says:

    Well, guys I have just S rank every navi, and I just beat Chao Lord, he gave me the chip, Big Hook. I am so happy, but how do you face Dark Mega or Bass.

    To Bassxxx forte:I think it is the door where you have to use all 30 Program Advances. In there is a Battle Chip, a giga frag.

  25. bassxx fortexx says:

    Hello again i’ve already S ranked every one of the navis ( i have colenol version) and i got all the chips and beat the three chaos lord (nebula grey, dark megaman, bass) and i got all the sybols at the beging opened all doors in nebula 4 but 1 i need help openg the one door, HELP ME !!

  26. ShaXdow says:

    Hello, I am back, most of you may not know me, but I am sure Rockman and Roll remembers… Maybe.. Well, I am also around in the game where you guys are.. I have 21 Program Advances, and S ranked 3 Navi’s, MagnetMan, GyroMan, and Meddy. I am currently working on NapalmMan. I have searched for SearchMan, heh heh heh get it? -.- Yes, that was not funny… At All. Well back to the subject, where is Searchman Verson 2 and 3. And I really need to get more Program Advances. But I can’t find the chips. And I really need tips on S ranking, ProtoMan, NapalmMan, and SearchMan. I really need all the help I can get. Rockman and Roll said, if you get damaged less it helps, and Omoikane says that SuperArmor helps, well thanks for those tips. Here I will help too.

    Some Program Advances I have….

    Poisoned Pharoh….BugBomb, Geddon3, Anubis. (A) (One of my favorites, you may find out why) :)

    Cact Dance3…….. Cactball3, Cactball3, Cactball3. (L, M, N.)

    Those are just a few for now… Thanks and happy to be back.. I guess.

  27. bassxx fortexx says:

    I need help opening the doors in nebula 4 , I’ v have open them all exept 1 it says: you must drive your self to the apsolute limit. can any one help me

  28. Omoikane says:

    To Rockman and Roll: The SuperArmor NCP will help you get a better rank.

  29. rockman and roll says:

    hmm.. I’ve been trying to S rank Colonel for sometime now but only managed to get a busting level 10… I noticed that how much damaged you recieved also counts. When I did a same busting time as the one I did before but avoided more attacks, I got a busting level that was one level higher. 0.0

  30. Omoikane says:

    To Rockman and Roll:

    I see, I thought you checked the battle pattern on Youtube or something like that. Well I’ll just keep my “eyes open” whilst fighting. Thnanx for answering the question.

    To shadowman23:

    > ive been in nebula4 and i never found a door that takes 30 PAs 2 open and when i > battle teammates again i sometimes get an Srank but never a SPchip

    That’s strange I am certain there is a gate which requires 30 Program Advances to open and they guides on Gamefaq also say the same thing, anyhow behind that door is a Giga Chip that much I am sure of.

    As for S-ranking I’ve made it clear there is a difference between the time you beat them and the chip you receive, at least that’s what I’ve noticed while beating the random encounters. The times are:

    1~20 seconds

    20~30 seconds

    The only way to beat your teammates faster is luck and to attack whenever you have the chance.


    Yura or Shake Parade 1-3: ascending SpShake chip code

    Superspread 1-3: ascending wideshot chip code

    Hyperburst: ascending spreader chip code

    Bodyguard: anti damage, anti navi, Muramasa

    anyway you’d best take a look at Gamefaqs and check which of the PAs you haven’t done yet.

  31. chaos gospelDS says:

    to: shadowman23 ihave all but i compared with my freind but there is time bomb+ it is

    time bomb1H

    time bomb2H

    and time bomb3H

  32. Slashman says:

    what are the differences between this game and mmbn 5 team protoman/team colonel? and does anyone here have any of the megaman star force games?

  33. rockman and roll says:

    cactus ball 1, 2, 3

    fire hit 1, 2, 3

    air hog

    Django + gunsol 3 (x2)

    Cosmoman + asteroid 3 (x2)

    er..there’s a lot…. so far I only did 19….

  34. rockman and roll says:

    to Omoikane,

    err… u can’t GET battle patterns…

    it’s like, computer games, they always repeat thier attacks cause they don’t hav a mind of their own and they’re programed to repeat the same attacks over and over.

    Once you know the pattern he’s using, you will know what attack is he going to use next and it will be easier to dodge it.

    ^^ Good luck~

  35. shadowman23 says:

    to omoikane

    ive been in nebula4 and i never found a door that takes 30 PAs 2 open and when i battle teammates again i sometimes get an Srank but never a SPchip

    do uknow a code to a megachip or gigachip plz tell me ive been playing protoman version over 70 hours in total and BTW does anyone know a way to beat the teammates faster????

    and does anyone know some PAs other than lfswrd sword S wide sword S and longsword S gigcan cannon A B C hicannon DEF or megcannon FGH infvulcan

    or cactus dance HIJ??

  36. Omoikane says:

    To Rockman and Roll: I’ve located TP chip 4 it is in a PMD in Scilab area 1 and you need an Unlocker to open it.

    To shadowman23 says:

    August 17th, 2007 at 9:48 am

    The third megachip, Gigahook or something, is most likely the one in Nebula area 4 at the gate where you need 30 PAs.

    You need to S-rank your teammates below 30 seconds at the first stationary encounter to get a DS chip. Then beat them at the random encounters below 20 seconds for a SP chip.

    In short the key is beating your teammates below 30 and 20 seconds.

  37. shadowman23 says:

    i have this game over 3 months ive beaten both versions but i don,t have any idea where to find the third giga chip does anyone know where it isi mean not crossdiv deltaray or the gigachip u can buy at higsbys dethphoenix or the other one is there a code to a giga chip or megachip plz tell me

    btw the slasher chip doesnt work when i use it that chip doesnt work

    im at nebula area4 and i nead 3 gigachips and 40 megachips (got 37) and secret lord of chaos gigachip isnt accepted as giga chip i got al darkloid chips eccept cosmoman ds and al normal megachips of teammates (this is on protoman version) when i get Srank i wont get an SP chip can someone plz explain that

  38. Hi Me Is... says:

    Where are all of the giga chips for team colonel?!

  39. Omoikane says:

    TP chip 3 can be bought from a yellow/orange navi in the wind computer on Oran Island.

    To rockman and roll: You mean you’ve beaten Nebula Grey (from level 1 to 3) a total of five times?

    And where can I find the battle pattern to beat Nebula Grey?

  40. rockman and roll says:

    0.0 wow, that’s a lot of TP chips…actually, I’ve beaten Nebula Grey about 5 times cause I was bored, including one or 2 times for my brother..XP he couldn’t win cause he didn’t watch the battle pattern…

  41. Omoikane says:

    Rockman and roll:

    TP chip 1 – I see most probably the TP chip in the mail for ToB (1st playthrough) is because I finished ToC (2nd playthrough). Most likely ToC got one from the start.

    TP chip 2 – Lotto number 85375720 which I’ve used for both teams.

    TP chip 3 – In one of the bulletin boards on the 2nd quests there is a message about someone willing to sell a strange chip (this message can only be found after finishing with one team)

    TP chip 4 – Not sure whether I found it on the net

    TP chip 5 – Rumour has it there is a 5th one my guess is you have to talk to someone to get it.

    For the record my 2nd playthrough ToC has gathered 4 TP chips so far.

    If there’s anyone who can confirm the whereabouts of TP chip 4 and 5 I would be very grateful.

  42. rockman and roll says:

    right after we defeated Nebula Grey, at the starting of the game, I got a TP chip. and my brother recived a mail which containes a TP chip

    (wait..I’m not sure whether I’m the one that recived the mail or my brother..anyway, there was 2 ways: one, they give it to you when you start, two, it’s in the mail)

    also, we got a TP chip for the other team when we started as well but we have not completed the other file.

    And I remember I got one from a lotto number? Coulnd’nt remember what was it, I found it and typed it in and got a TP chip.

    *My brother plays team Protoman while I play Colonel. I’m ahead of him! =D lol*

  43. Omoikane says:

    I got my second TP chip by mail on my first playthrough save, I don’t know if it has to do with finishing the 2nd Nebula Liberation mission. I don’t remember how I got the first one anymore.

    I’ll try and see if I can find the navi that sold me one on my second playthrough.

    Rockman and Roll do you remember how you got your TP chip, you said you started the game after beating Nebula Grey is there anything else you can recall?

  44. rockman and roll says:

    Once I just started the game (when I already beat Nebula Grey) and they just gave me a TP chip. My brother got his by mail. It was sent to his PET….

  45. Omoikane says:

    To Rockman and Roll: Thanks for helping you’ve confirmed my suspicions, not only do I have to S-rank (defeat below or at 30 seconds) my team mates, but I have to do it in at most 20 seconds. Well, I guess I’ll just have to go at it.

    By the way does anyone know where to get TransPorter chips?

    I’ve found one dealer so far, just can’t remember the exact spot. Still I have the gut feeling there should be more as I’ve played with team Colonel ’till the past vision with Dr. Wily and Lan’s grandpa and during liberation missions I have just as much TP chips as I have team members. Whereas team Blues only has one TP chip.

  46. rockman and roll says:

    you have to S-rank all of your teamates random encounter. You probably beat Napalman and Magnetman already. If you check in you PET, the NetNavi section, in there there is a record, a record of how fast u S-rank random encounters will be shown. Notice that Magnetman and Napalman’s record has numbers there.

    And thanks for helping! He’s the only one left to S-rank!! ^^

  47. Omoikane says:

    To Rockman and Roll: You will find Colonel roaming the same area after you log in, but I would suggest using the NCP shinobidash which is sneakrun in English if I am not mistaken (I play the Japanese version of Twin Leaders).

    To bassboy: Thanks for the advice.

    1 – I am unable to find the map data for End area 3 which connects to the castle HP, I don’t really know where to look anymore, can someone help me out?

    2 – I was only able to open the gates of Napalmman and Magnetman in Nebula Area 6 all the other gates keep rambling about things I can’t make anything out of? Anyone who can help out?

    Thank you in advance.

  48. rockman and roll says:

    I encountered Colonel in Undernet 3. Then, I jacked out and went there again. Question is, where do I find him for the second time?

  49. Serenade lord of the undernet says:

    dude i just rote the code underneath you.people these days dont read the comments under them

  50. bassboy says:

    to omoikane:

    The Scilab vision burst is in the area where you fought cloudman. After the long path you will find a big square look around the edges. Hope this helps.

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