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Megaman Battle Network 5: Double Team

How do I fight Bass to fuse with him?

Games Guru: You have to insert a copy of Megaman Battle Network 5 that has the Bass Icon into the Gameboy Advance slot.

My grandpa’s navi just told me: “The 4th rock-crusher machine. A box that blocks the rocks marks the spot.” Where am I supposed to go?

Games Guru: Once you stop the rocks coming from number 4, you should open up a new conveyor belt. Take that belt for a ride.

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10 Comments on Megaman Battle Network 5: Double Team

  1. to paavi0:

    As long as you stay the way you try your best at getting better at it (your English) there are no problems with me. About your hint, it sounds pretty good. I always thought that pressing start was a waste of time, but now it seems to have it’s uses. Thanks again!

  2. thats relly bad addvicePaavi0 and every one knows that

  3. Hi.Im new here but still i have somthing 2 share. Its abaut chaosunision.Everybody of you know how hard its 2 use.

    Before you are going to release b press start and check is it right time. If not dont release b and press start then try agen.If it is release b and press start. This way you wont fail. (sorry if my text sounds weird but my english is not best of bestest)

  4. rockman and roll // May 7, 2007 at 9:52 pm // Reply

    ok, i don’t normally attcack as a group… i normally attack one at a time cause i can damage him more. try to avoid his attacks. best thing you do is stay at the most left panel when you are not attacking him. hope these help!!

  5. Okay Blizzardman. The only advice I can give you is to attack him as a group (you know have one navi stand in the same square as you and you fight together) with Colonol and stock your folder with chips like Reflect and Markcan1. Basically chips with a wide range and do decent damage.

  6. i am still at blizzardman. every time i get 2 him i lose. if any1 has some codes or something im am totaly getting murdered out there. should i even waste my time getting the bonus panels. i am really lost. this is the first time im stuck at the begining of a battle network. i just finished battle network 6 and im dissapointed of how much i suck at this one. if any1 has some words of wisdom…. p.s.-to rockman and roll: thnx for the support. beleive me…i need it

  7. Shadow 519 // May 7, 2007 at 8:36 am // Reply

    Sorry I’ve been gone a while. I’ve been pretty busy lately.

    To get the chip Sanctuary S, you find it in in-battle green mystery data in Undernet areas 1, 2, and 3.

  8. i need 1 more megachip! i just got Zsaver! please tell me the other megachips to get. my other list is in megaman team protoman forum.

  9. thanks i missed that before

  10. to dudeman:

    Gargoyle castle is in End City. If you go all the way to the left after you get there from the city map. When you see a door go in. Then just follow the path and you’ll find yourself at the top in no time.

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