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Megaman Battle Network 5: Double Team

How do I fight Bass to fuse with him?

Games Guru: You have to insert a copy of Megaman Battle Network 5 that has the Bass Icon into the Gameboy Advance slot.

My grandpa’s navi just told me: “The 4th rock-crusher machine. A box that blocks the rocks marks the spot.” Where am I supposed to go?

Games Guru: Once you stop the rocks coming from number 4, you should open up a new conveyor belt. Take that belt for a ride.

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  1. Cannon W says:

    So am i suppose to go to Factory comp 2 or to Factory Comp 3 for spshake3 S?

  2. rockman and roll says:

    hi. It’s been a long time since i dropped by.

    To da king, go to Oran Isle, go to the part where your friends got stuck because of dropping down into that hole and remember the four box-like thing you have to jack in to save your friends? Jack in the fourth box and go to the part where you used the stop key and press A at the empty space to the right if I’m not mistaken and a door should appear…

  3. Chaud and Protoman says:

    Open the gate to Nebula Area 4.Head to Factory computer 2/3.Beat Shakey virus with S rank.To find him faster,use Battery.To get chips from him easier,use Collect.

  4. Protoman says:

    Open the gate to Nebula Area 4.Head to Factory computer 2/3.Beat Shakey virus with S rank.To find him faster,use Battery.To get chips from him easier,use Collect.

  5. protoman says:

    SPShake3 S can be obtained from the shakey virus (After the gate to Nebula Area 4 is opened) .Head to Factory Computer 2/3 and beat the virus with S Rank.You may want to use Collect or Battery to find him easier.

  6. Cannon W says:

    Does anyone know how to get spshake3 S?

  7. Anonymous says:

    How do you find Hub.Bat?

  8. Joseph says:

    Does anyone know how to get spshake3 S. All im getting is the shshake3 U’s and T’s.

  9. da king says:

    where is the 4th rock crusher in megaman 5 team colonel plz help m im in a hurry?

  10. ressescupesmean says:

    where is the chip triple crackout located it standard chip #139 and i also need to know where mutant navi is located so i can get silence

  11. chaos man says:

    you haave to have the sp version with thw bass simble on it dark lord111

  12. ninjafreak223 says:

    i know the answer! you have to get bass cross.

  13. ninjafreak223 says:

    how to get all megachips

  14. darklord111 says:

    how to get bass cross?

  15. bass says:

    i ned 1 mega chip to get past the barr in nebula era 4 i cant get it

  16. Mega-AdictMaN says:

    where will i find the area of the 4th rock crsher machine

  17. jerem says:

    were can i find all the p.a move

  18. choas man says:

    does any one nknow where to get tank can 2&3

  19. jayroo says:

    how to get to larkman

  20. jeff says:

    where can i find tonawkoman ghost

  21. tyui says:

    where do you buy battlenetwork 1,2,3,4

  22. togo657 says:

    any body need help i can help np :}

  23. pak/ho says:

    well how do u get to oran area 3?


  24. King Flame 123986 says:

    What are the answers to the security in the lab

  25. Lan12#15 says:

    How do you get past the hawks in the second boss battle with the vampire dude?

  26. shane says:

    what happen with the homepage???????? why is back to 33 page???????

    never mind

    to mega14 you can find it in ACDC town in the tree comp there only two three jack in

    in Scilab you can find go in the tower and jack in there a machine near the counter(in think i’m pim wrong>…<

  27. mega14 says:

    Where could i find the all the microservers?

  28. jeff says:

    how can i find 40 m-frags ? I JUST HAVE 33 OF THEM . But i think that i need ds and sp chips

  29. thadd says:

    thadd again, how do you also make them (program advance chips) in megaman 3 white?

  30. thadd says:

    how do you make the program advance chips?

  31. DarkBeta says:

    Sfrags are reg chips am I right?

    I really wanna go to murkland and I dont like to beg.

    So would some one be kind enough to help a dark freak reach my goal?

  32. Anonymous says:

    to Anonymous, go to Lan’s house, go near the window at the living room and press A.

    to Duhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oran Area doesn’t have a server.

    to Dark Protoman, it’s ok ^^ And about the bugbomb… I’m not sure. I dun really remember where I got it… I think you can buy it… from undernet or something…

  33. Dark Protoman says:

    thank you rockman and roll! excuse me I didn’ t know you are a girl! can you nhelp me for a new time? were I can take a battlecip bugbomb A? please help me ! is good my english ? i’m italian. i’ m a boy.

  34. Duhhhhhhhhhhhh says:

    Where does the Oran area’s server appear?

  35. Anonymous says:

    What do i do when i get the Grandpa’s Letter?

  36. rockman and roll says:

    ergh, what is wrong with this?? My comment got deleted again.

    to Lan Hikari, try battling your team mates and do liberation missions under the phrase limit.

    to Dark Protoman, ermm…1st, I’m a girl, not a guy =.=” ok, maybe you should tell me which one you have done and I can tell you which you had not done. You have to beat the DS navis faster to fight DarkMega. Best thing is to beat them in around 2 turns.

    to megakevin, is it the one about Gow? Go to Oran Isle and talk to the old man there.

    Guys, I’m a girl, not a guy. Pls don’t get mixed up pls. ==”

  37. megakevin says:

    hi can somone help me pleas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know what to do when you get the data disk from lans mom i dont get it thank you

  38. Dark Protoman says:

    I’m italian. anybody know the all 30 P.A.? pleas help me !

    I know rockman and roll ! he’s very coll ! he says a lot of thinks !

    I beat all of DS navis team, caos lord(nebula grey) and bass but I read in this site i can beat also dark mega. please can rockman and roll awnser at this question ? THANKS

    (exuse me for the not good english)

  39. Lan Hikari says:

    ok well… Thank you Rockman and roll…. But my question is HOW DO I FIND 30 MEGAFRAGS TO OPEN THAT DOOR IN NEBULA AREA 4?

  40. rockman and roll says:

    to jeff, mark cannon.. maybe you should delete more cannon viruses?

    to Lan Hikari, that means you have to collect 30 megachips. I heard rumours about battle network 7 too but maybe it could have been replaced by megaman starforce…

  41. jeff says:

    what is the area that as the door that needs to have all p a memo to open

  42. Lan Hikari says:

    Sorry Because I’m Off topic now but… Do Somone know if Capcom will make Megaman Battle Network 7? There are some Rumors about it….

    But They have alredy make Megaman StarForce… So…. Will they still Continue the Battle Network Series?

  43. Lan Hikari says:

    How do you pass that door in Nebula Area 4? I Think it was in 4…

    But the door say that you must have 30 megaFrags….

    How do you get that? and what do they mean by that? :/

    Please Answer my Question! :)

  44. jeff says:

    how can i get gridman sp chip

  45. jeff says:

    where can i find the chip markcannon

  46. rockman and roll says:

    to soda pop, you have to S-rank all of your team mates random encounter and then defeat the DS version of your friends behind that door. You won’t be able to fuse with Bass. You have to defeat Bass random encounter and get his sign on the starting page. And then you need to defeat him as well in the gameboy advance version.

    to jeff, there are 6 gigachips in total,

    1. colonel’s gigachip which you get automatically.

    2. MeteorKnuck also given to you when you enter one of the NebulaAreas (sorry, I don’t remember which)

    3. BassAnly you get when u defeat Bass.

    4. Pheonix you can buy it at Higsby’s

    5. there’s a gigachip that you need to have all 30 P.As to pass through the door.

    6. I think it’s called BugCurse in one of the teams but not sure bout the other…I think you need to trade bugfrags for it..

    to Bones5234, go to oran isle, climb all the way up where you first met tesla/princess pride. Remember the 4 boxes you need to jack in to save your friends before? Go to the 4th one and at the part where u used a stopkey to stop the rocks, turn right at the wall and press A. there’s a hidden door there.

  47. Bones5234 says:

    please I need to know about “the 4th rock-crusher machine. A box that blocks the rocks marks the spot” where will I go?

  48. jeff says:

    where are all the giga chips on team colonel version ? i can’t find them

  49. soda pop says:

    seriosly i have no clue to open those door on megaman battle network 5 ds at nebula area 6 and i want to be able to fuse with bass

  50. rockman and roll says:

    to raihan97, go to Lan’s house, at the window in the living room, press A and let the story roll.

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