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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

After the team beats scorpion, drones close the shield (force field). How do I get through?

Games Guru: I assume you’re in the early level. I’m not sure if this will work, but did you grab Scorpion’s tail when the team defeated him? Also, you need to hit “X” after you’ve killed the Ultron warriors. That will take you up to the command deck.

I’ve found many codes for this game, but I don’t know where to put them in on the Wii. Also, do you use the D-pad or joystick to put in the directions in the codes?

Games Guru: You should be able to enter these codes with the D-pad on your Wiimote. My understanding is that many of these codes are tough to get in, and you should expect to enter them multiple times before getting them exactly right. Also, please note that you will not receive “Achievement Points” once you use these codes.

To open all characters, unlock costumes, or powers, enter the code in the Character Selection screen. For invincibility, super speed and “touch of death,” enter codes during gameplay.

How do you get past saving the gods and defeating Loki? It’s sooo hard!

Games Guru: Loki is going to come with wolves and monsters, and he’s tough on his own. If you go after him carefully, destroying his helpers first, then concentrating on him until he gets more help, you will wear him down. If that doesn’t help, here is the easiest way to win in most situations. While in the game, enter Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Down, Right. This will make you immune to damage.

Comments about “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance”

  1. HelpMe says:

    The code for everything is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b, start.

  2. wonderboy123 says:

    The code for all characters in the game is up, up, down, down, left, left, and left.

  3. Boo says:

    I’ts good to use Games Guru’s idea for beating Loki on Dr. Doom.

  4. Boo says:

    Actully,Legend of Zelda Master,you get Nick Fury for beating the game.

  5. duke exeter says:

    how the heck do you beat the first level?

  6. Bud says:

    my older sisters defeated the whole entire game!

  7. Carnage says:

    pedroisgod, people love Deadpool in the comics because of his weapons. I don’t know why they love him in MUA(i don’t own it)

  8. person says:

    i beat every boss with Wolverine!

  9. marvelboy 2236 says:

    what are all of the cheats?

  10. legendary freak says:

    this is a the way

  11. legendary freak says:

    who is the best person?they get tallyed up NEXT SATURDAY vote by then.o and vote by sunday and i give three secrets:one about the x-men two about a fusion three another fusion.

  12. mr.cocacola says:

    i tried those tips before and died over and over again

  13. Chopper says:

    My team on MUA2 is Daredevil,Deadpool,Spiderman,and Blade

  14. the doctor says:

    my team is deadpool electra iron man and iceman

  15. Pedroisgod says:

    You know, one thing i would really like to know is why do people like deadpool? Because he’s funny? I don’t know.

  16. pedroisgod says:

    My team (It’s completly awesome. On easy difficulty, I killed doom in 2 minutes or less, no xtremes!).

    Silver surfer (Yes, it’s alright to cheat for him. It’s like impossible otherwise).
    Dr. strange (Black magic/mind wipe rule).
    Wolverine (Once he’s raged, used spin attack. Everytime he spun he whammed doom).
    Luke cage (Unless your playing easy. You need a guy who is simply near impossible to die. Otherwise…)
    Captain America is an excellent choice. Shield throw is arguably the best power in the game.

    Here’s my scoop on others.

    Elektra-no. I really don’t like her.
    Thor, Mr. Fantastic, Deadpool: These guys are all great hybrids, and, they all have super xtreme attacks. Yes, in case you are wondering, not all xtremes are equal.

    Human torch is really good. Personal favorite ability is when he uses fire to pop right underneath enemies. This works on shielded ones as well. Once on ground, pound away.

    Spider man: First 2 abilities and last ability are great. All offensive abilities in between are quite poor. Web shield is an ability i give highest possible reccomendation. Maxed out, it blocks 70% (Not kidding!) of damage. Even on bosses.

    Nick Fury: Really fun to play. Use SMG and SNIPER abilities. Smg is when he pulls a gun out and fires, but he can still move while doing so. Sniper is a great ranged and i believe about 25% chance of instant death.

    Thing: Great subsitute for Luke Cage. Just go by personall preferences.

    That’s pretty much all that comes to mind. Hey!!! there are a lot of characters in MUA. I’ll continue the guide. Looking forward to MUA II!

  17. ElectricalTy says:

    to defeat Dr.Doom use the X-men but use wolverine the most because when you go Feral Rage with him you fight sick!

  18. hint says:

    hint, use iron man and human torch on the atlantis level.

  19. princess_7 says:

    marvel was great i loved it

  20. mad says:

    did you here about marvel ultimate alliance 2

  21. 148597 says:

    pikachu333 how do you defeat galactus and where do you put in the codes I put my codes where you change hores at. please help me you are the only person that could help me.

  22. Havoc says:

    What is the cheatcode for unlocking silver surfer on the X-box?

  23. Kahrah says:

    what are the cheats for all the costums?

  24. Kahrah says:

    this game is great my team is

    Spider woman
    Spider man
    Iron man

  25. Kahrah says:

    I need ceats for the pc please!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Kahrah says:

    pikachu333 what are the cheats?

  27. Fantastic 3 says:

    I’m on Mephisto’s (??) level to.

  28. Fantastic 3 says:

    How many levels are there?

  29. Fantastic 3 says:

    Where do you enter your codes?

  30. Fantastic 3 says:

    We do arcade mode. My team is: Thor (my favorite), Invisible woman (okay), and deadpool or blade (good)

  31. thor says:

    then what are they pikachu333 I’m desperate for codes i even sold my old memory card for the ps2 codes i needed but they were fake and i had to get a new memory card instead of invincibility

  32. super death says:

    You ether get all the simulater disks and beat them or use this cheatcode on the xbox 360 at team menu down left left up right up down left start

  33. hunt says:

    I think this iead is cool.

  34. Whatup says:

    You have to collect all of the training mission disks, and complete them. Then you unlock Silver Surfer. There is a code to unlock Surfer as well I read some where.

  35. MasterChief says:

    To get silver surfer,enter the following cheat- down,left,left,up,right,up,down,left

  36. Nirvana says:

    Hey , Can anybody tell me some cheat codes for the WII ?

  37. Whatup says:

    Silver Surfer I did that too, I beat the game without geting him. PC version.

  38. legendary freak says:

    pickachu333 iknow all the cheats and i have beaten this game so many times i CAN NOT COUNT!how many times have you beaten it?

  39. sam says:

    how do you unlock silver surfer.I beat galactis but I did not unlock silver surfer.

  40. pikachu333 says:

    I know ALL the cheats for this game!!!

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