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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

After the team beats scorpion, drones close the shield (force field). How do I get through?

Games Guru: I assume you’re in the early level. I’m not sure if this will work, but did you grab Scorpion’s tail when the team defeated him? Also, you need to hit “X” after you’ve killed the Ultron warriors. That will take you up to the command deck.

I’ve found many codes for this game, but I don’t know where to put them in on the Wii. Also, do you use the D-pad or joystick to put in the directions in the codes?

Games Guru: You should be able to enter these codes with the D-pad on your Wiimote. My understanding is that many of these codes are tough to get in, and you should expect to enter them multiple times before getting them exactly right. Also, please note that you will not receive “Achievement Points” once you use these codes.

To open all characters, unlock costumes, or powers, enter the code in the Character Selection screen. For invincibility, super speed and “touch of death,” enter codes during gameplay.

How do you get past saving the gods and defeating Loki? It’s sooo hard!

Games Guru: Loki is going to come with wolves and monsters, and he’s tough on his own. If you go after him carefully, destroying his helpers first, then concentrating on him until he gets more help, you will wear him down. If that doesn’t help, here is the easiest way to win in most situations. While in the game, enter Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Down, Right. This will make you immune to damage.

Comments about “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance”

  1. BOBBY JOJO says:


  2. coolguy98 says:

    My team team is:



    Iron Man

    Thor or Wolverine

  3. EvanMacD66 says:

    how do you beat jean gray and mephisto at the same time her health keeps on rising up?

  4. Nat says:

    I got 80000 beat that !!!!!!!!

  5. coolestwebloescout says:

    i havent beat it yet im stuck at the snowy place close to a boss
    some snow guy i got it on my computer

  6. jake says:

    how do i play online

  7. dude1234567890 says:

    this game was SO easy. i beat it in like, 4 days. my team is,

    iron man

    the thing

    dead pool,

    nick fury

  8. cannonw says:

    Does anyone know how to mod the pc version of this game?

  9. Bonzaiboy says:

    How do you destroy the destroyer armor?

  10. Bonzaiboy says:

    How do you save reimdall

  11. Bonzaiboy says:

    How do you get past the box part when saving reimdall in asgaurd

  12. Gamer Master says:

    game fan, are you pushing the buttons fast enough?

  13. marvelmaster228 says:

    How do U past the 3rd level with the fire how do u get past that grey thing? we are stuck

  14. pokemon breeder says:

    how do i defeat manderin? thanks

  15. Mastersword456 says:

    Mr.Hanky to beat mephisto steal his sword and break the stautes

  16. nameless kid says:

    My team is Deadpool(my fave),Thor(ummm),Ghost Rider (kinda wierd) and Iceman

    (I just like him)

  17. someone says:

    Do you have any codes for the 360? Oh, by the way I recommend Iron Man. I think he has good skills, and he can fly. My team is Iron Man (The person I always play with), Deadpool (he’s funny), The Human Torch and Iceman. Recently I replaced the Human Torch with Dr. Strange, because he has a lot of starting powers and tehy’re all good. How can the Human Torch use ANY of his skills in Atlantis? Sorry for the long message, I talk a lot and I love typing.

  18. gamerman says:

    i beat the whole game and im going back to do all the optional objectives i can see lilandra but how do i save her because time is out cause i beat the game

  19. game fan says:

    i’m stuck at defeating Galactus. when the interactive scene appears with Silver Surfer i push indicated buttons but it doesn’t work. i tried way too many times. is there any other way to pass it?

  20. darkblade says:

    The game is cool

  21. sonic the hegdehog says:

    sorry slamshut2003,you can only save just one!

  22. jauer says:

    Too get the second golden ticket you need to go to the S.H.I.E.L.D mark. get deadpool and teleport through the gate. make sure only one person is playing.

  23. nobody says:

    do those codes apply to X-Box 360???

  24. Mr. Hanky says:

    I can’t beat Mephisto or whatever his name is. Can I get some help please?

  25. Don G. says:

    how do get the second golden ticket

  26. hunter says:

    how can you win more charters

  27. slamshut2003 says:

    can i save night crawler and jean or just one?

  28. rthomega says:

    in order to defeat mephisto, you have to steal his sowrds and desroy the satues of jean, or kurt,(night crawler). then at the end when he becomes invincible, deafeat jean or night cralwer

  29. rthomega says:

    to save princess lilandra you will need silver surfer, spider man or someone else that can slow down time in your party:). it also helps to use a more powerful attack

  30. rocketmn says:

    how do you get the second golden ticket so you caan get past the big clown with teeth barrier. i know there is one in the pinball area and someone told me there was one near the bumper cars where is it exactly, near the bumper cars?

  31. pedroisgod says:

    yay! beat game just before it broke :) oh well. this game is a lot like x men legends 2

  32. ryster10 says:

    how do you unlock all characters for the ps2

  33. portapotty says:

    How do you save Princess Llandra before time runs out?

  34. Storm says:

    how do u get passed the force field on the lvl where u have to save the 2 people?

  35. Mr. Fantastic says:

    ghost rider – try throwing enemies into the lava . . . I think that will make the spire go down into the lava.

  36. noah123 says:

    can you get it for gamecube?

  37. ghostrider says:

    how do u pass the part in mephistos realm were u have 2 make the thing down in the lava

  38. ghost rider says:

    how do you pass mephistos realm in the part were u have to make the thing in the lava go down

  39. Pat says:

    I don’t have this game. Is it any good?

  40. Galactus ( planet eater ) says:

    who do you unlock when you beat it on xbox 360?

  41. Eagleboy498 says:

    I stink at this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!

  42. cubscout22 says:

    unlock silver surfer by beating galactis and get nick fury by beating the game. it works i know it does cuz me and my dad beat the game

  43. bobby Mcdoodoo says:

    I knowacouple of codes, to unlock all heros enter up,up,down,down,left,left,left,start at the team menu.

  44. xar 2673 says:

    this game is simple

  45. Ghost Rider says:

    If you wanna get him unlocked you’ll have to go to mophistos relme and he’ll be chained up but you’ll have to ofer one of your players. Don’t worry you’ll get him back.

  46. Venom says:

    tip: when you fight Mysterio, focus on one of him at a time.

  47. Venom says:

    In Murderworld, to defeat Arcane, fire yourself out of a cannon, land on top of him and repeatedly press the button shown on the screen. 4 to 5 times of you doing this and Arcane will be defeated.

  48. Venom says:

    In Asgard, you fight Ulik and somebody else {I don’t know the name off the top off my head}. Defeat the other villan besides Ulik first. after you beat him, you can do damage to Ulik.

  49. Venom says:

    To get blade, go to Murderworld. You get him as one of your characters by winning a claw machine.

  50. LS says:

    I Beat it !

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