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Pokemon Platinum

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  1. Anonymous says:

    HOW DO YOU GET ARCEUS??? And what does the big rock on route 224 do? plz help if u can!

  2. striker70000 says:

    i beat dimand pearl 2 times and platinum 1 time

  3. Money man says:

    How do you beat Cynthia?

    Also, how do you get Mesprit?

  4. vhmgnnjxkc bdfnjbdr says:


  5. hey dudes says:

    i have a lv.77 feraligatr,lv.74 mewtwo,lv.71 hooh, and more on heartgold.i have all 16 badges,i beat red,and i beat the elite 4 twice.without cheats!

  6. hey dudes says:

    how do u get mew on heartgold.please tell me

  7. pokemaster says:

    who plays pokemon indigo?

  8. Ultimate Master says:

    To everyone:I have caught heatran and beat hoenn Champ and Red ask me anything.Back to work!P.S.I’m new!

  9. Ultimate Master says:

    To Pokemon409:#2:You have to catch or defeat Giratina#3Obtain the national dex

  10. Ultimate Master says:

    To spore74:First you have to go to the power plant on Route 10, except their mission, and go north of Cerulean and you meet a Rocket grunt and he will go to the gym. Follow ‘em and battle,he will tell you where the machine part is. Return it and head back Misty be at Cerulean cape.Go through the talking and she will go to her gym.I have beaten Red ask me anything.

  11. Treeckoman says:

    anyone in here know a action replay code for shiny pokemon?!

  12. Midbus says:

    I have all 493 pokemon! I’ve beaten both gold heart and silver soul about one month ago.

  13. Anonymous says:

    in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver the rival is Giovanni’s son

  14. aekids says:

    i like yugioh i have 15 decks and ALMOST EVERY POKEMON GAME!

  15. inflosion23 says:

    Which of these pokemon are best

    I pick b

  16. Anonymous says:

    can you catch a shiny pichu then trade to hg/ss to get the noched eared pichu

    • pokemon409 says:

      yes u can. actually, to get a spikey eared pichu, you had to go to gamestop to get a PCP (pikachu colored pichu). then when u got heartgold or soulsilver you would trade your PCP to it. then u went to the shrine in ilex forest and you would find a pichu there. make sure to have room in your party for it. but sadly, the event has already passed.

  17. lego says:

    my fav is ho’oh

  18. lego says:

    defeat team glaitic

  19. pokemon409 says:

    its true. zora and zorak are fifth generation pokemon. go on the website for the thirtenth movie or google it. the fifth generation games are pokemon white and pokemon black.

  20. Fawful says:

    I beat Heart gold and soul silver already. I have all 493 pokemon.

  21. pokemon409 says:

    how do u get to sunnyshore city people?

    • kjhkihighiugh says:

      you have to have beaten cyrus in distortion world and beat or catch giratina

    • SOMEONE says:


  22. hundred eyes ice says:

    if u like yugioh, reply

  23. FF7fan says:

    I was going to post this on the soul silver page but they haven’t made one yet there making pokemon black and white no joke.

    • Lucario13 says:

      I heard about that!sounds cool,and if you mail the games guru and ask for one(top right of bl page”contact us”)he will make one

  24. Spore74 says:

    Quick Quiz: As I had said earlier in a reply, Suicune has, on a scale of 1 to 5, all stats on 3. There is one other legendary pokemon that has this. Can you guess who it is? Please reply if you know who…

  25. luigi99 says:

    I am changing my name to Lugia99 for everyone to know

  26. pokegeek10 says:

    dear spore74 to find misty go north and then go through the small forest when you have gotten out of the forest continue going the direction you exited the forest you will find a house inside is bill’s grandfather he asks to see a oddish continue past the house then you will find a small mountain climb up the stairs and you will find misty.

  27. super mario says:

    Poll: Who is your favorite legendary beast?


    Poll ends April 13

  28. pokegeek10 says:

    dear pokemon HG SS master where do u find DITTO/how do u get DITTO

  29. Pokemon HG SS Master says:

    Sorry! I meant HeartGold and SoulSilver.

  30. Pokemon HG SS Master says:

    If anyone needs help on this, send me a comment. I beat all 16 Gyms, POKEMON TRAINER RED, and the Elite 4 twice.Trust me, I can help you.

  31. pokegeek10 says:

    how/where do you get/find DITTO in pokemon platinum or heartgold

  32. mariomaster says:

    to claw you get in when you become champion of the sinnoh reigon.

  33. soulsilvermaster says:

    OK.i know this is not about platinum but on pokemon soulsilver I cannot get the medicine for jasmine`s Ampharos in cianwood city pharmacy.Can you you please comment for me if you have any idea what the heck is going on?

    • master 13 says:

      First you have to climb the light house then you go to cianwood pharmacy city if that doesnt work beat the gym first i think it is so hard to remember i already beat elite four all 16 gyms and red

    • Spore74 says:

      I had the same problem… You have to talk to Jasmine at the top of the Lighthouse before being able to get the SecretPotion from Cianwood City… When you get to the third floor, I believe, there is an opening that leads you on a path with a few trainers to Jasmine and the Light room of the Olivine Lighthouse.

    • Lucario13 says:

      ok I dont have SoulSilver but I had crystal(part of the original series)and if its like the old one surf to Cianwood city

    • pokemon409 says:

      u have to find a window that you jump out of. Then u go through the door. Keep going up. Then talk to Jasmine. Then u go to the pharmacy.

    • BLA says:

      When you are abl to reach jasmin and talk go to cianwood farmacy gives seacret potion

  34. pokemaster says:

    i can’t wate till i get soul silver

  35. homey fddler says:

    has anyone got info on the celibi event?please comment

  36. claw says:

    how do you get into the snowpoint city temple

  37. GROUDON says:

    I’m at the part in the game where Team Rocket takes over Goldenrod.(They’re even blocking the entrance to the GTS!!!) I’m trying to get rid of them as soon as possible. Of course my rival has to battle me really inconveniently. I’m going to try to beat them today and earn my GTS rights back!
    P.S. at the end of the last comment I meant to spell beginning.

  38. pokepal says:

    im stiuck in veilstone city and i really need to get to suny shore city.

  39. Feraligator200 says:

    Heartgold and Soulsilver are GREAT. I agree with Groudon, the new features are AMAZING. I especially like the Poke’athlon.

  40. GROUDON says:

    I know I don’t post on BL often anymore, but I think that the pokewalker is really great! I also think the GTS is awesome!(although most people ask for stuff way better than what they’re offering.)
    P.S. If you have Wi-Fi, There’s a Mystery Gift event to get a pokewalker course called Yellow Forest. This course has only pikachu, but some of them know surf and even fly!!
    This event will take place in the U.S. at the bedinning of April.

  41. Salamence101 says:

    I ev trained one of my three jirachi’s

  42. NidokingB says:

    I got Soul Silver on Sunday and its great! I’ve already beat the Elite Four and now I get to go to Kanto. If you haven’t already purchased the games, I suggest that you do. Soul Silver is the greatest Pokemon game I’ve ever played.

    • jonbuddy1 says:

      I got SoulSilver too. I have all 8 badges, got through Victory Road (which is SOOOOO easy), but have not beaten the Elite Four. In my original Gold, I whooped the Elite 4 with my Typhlosion, and I plan on doing it again. I have an excellent strategy with my Level 53 Typhlosion and trying to only use Blast Burn and maybe Flamethrower once or twice and replenishing the PP with some ethers and max ethers, but the plan needs perfecting.

    • master 13 says:

      HAve you beat red i have

  43. super mario says:

    I got Heartgold 3 days ago and it is the BEST Jhoto game ever :)

  44. pokemaster says:

    midnight pokemon is for every one thats why there is a girl character

  45. Midnight says:

    Omg I can’t wait for it to come out~!
    Except for the fact that my brother keeps telling me that Pokemon is’nt for girls ¬.¬

  46. pokemon409 says:

    this game rocks!!!!!!

  47. bob says:


  48. pokemon409 says:

    jirachi is good yet bad. also, i cant belive its time for HG/SS to come out. question 1# how do you get to the top of MT.Cornet after setting the legendary trio free? question 2# how do you get to Sunnyshore city? question 3# how do you get Pal Park to open? ive seen it before, but some construction workers are blocking the entrance. thank u.

    • soulsilvermaster says:

      for question 1 ahhh i have no idea even though i got there but thats cause i have action replay.Anyway i have no idea what top you are talking about but that is the answer for the one near (the city where the first gym leader is)and for question 2 you have to go past the distortion world and get GIRATINA.And last but not least for question 3 get the national dex OR beat the elite 4.I am not sure which one.

    • master 13 says:

      # 3 beat elite four and get national dex i think

    • Pokefrk says:

      To get to pal park you have to get the national pokedex and have a GBA game in the second slot

  49. registeel2 says:

    you might think i’m crazy but I got the pichu without going to gamestop p.s I am canceling the poll also I might get jirachi.

  50. pokemaster says:

    i’m gonna get jirachi today :D

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