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Pokemon Platinum

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  1. creeperssss says:

    i keep trying to go to places other than battle area bup peeps keep telling u “you should explore the battle zone more” HOW DO I MAKE THEM STOP?! >=(

  2. Anonymous says:

    where do u buy elixers??

  3. hobo joe says:

    how do you use action replay?

  4. Anonymous says:

    how do you use action replay??????!!!!1

  5. ShrewManChew says:

    My little brother found a wild mespirit. can anyone help me find it again. thanks

  6. Pokefan says:

    You can get Manaphy’s Egg as en event but it passed. Or you could trade something for it or use an action replay.

  7. pokefan says:

    Actually, you can get manaphy. I think it was an event that passed. You could trade him or use an action replay which would be cheating.

  8. Ash 100 says:

    what technical machines do the gym leaders give you

  9. Ash 100 says:

    what tm does roark give you

  10. kitfisto says:

    ill trade a lvl 100 heatran shiny for acaruse

  11. Pokemondude says:

    in mnt coronet in the cave/room where the pokemon-less grunt is blocking the only door I can find, how do I get to the top of mnt coronet from there?!I cant find any doors!PLEASE HELP!

  12. Arceus says:

    I’m Arceus and I know how to get most of the lengendarys in Pokemon

  13. Ri says:

    Who do you get rock climb from and where are they?

  14. deoxys says:

    I’ve heard rumors that you can catch arceus behind the cave mural in Celestic town,are they true? (P.S., what are the Unknown ruins?)

  15. awesomeguy says:

    I hate this game

  16. trainer123 says:

    This game is dumb play madden

  17. Typhlosion says:

    Replying to Anonymous.

  18. joe bob stevy man says:

    144 imposible >_<

  19. snake eyes says:

    were can i find the move deleters house at?Please help.thanks.

  20. jfdknffffffffffdgjfnklgj says:

    I realy like the action replay because i got 6 level9000 arceus(shiny) its attack is 3,459

  21. Anonymous says:

    HOW DO I CATCH HEATRAN, RALTS, DARKRAI, AND CRESSELIA. More importantly how do I get to Fullmoon and Newmoon Islands

  22. trainer123 says:

    to get eevee, get the nationnal pokedex,then save before talking to mr backlot at the pokemon mansion on route 212. reset your game until he talks about eevee

  23. greencrocs says:

    How do you get into the area the maid is guarding and how do you get into the ribbon place where the girl tells you to collect more ribbons even though I have 324 ribbons? Also, how do you get Rotom to possess an object like a lawn mower? Also, where is Darkai, Arceaus, Mew, Mewtwo, Regirock, Regiice, Registeel, Cranidos, Manaphy, Celebi, and Sheildon.

  24. hyper burner says:

    I am back and forget what I said before new question,what do you do after you are (finnaly) done with team glatic in stark mountion.ASP.

  25. hyper burner says:

    were do you find the stage after burmy( I think it is called wormadad). that is the second to last pokemon I need to comple my poke’dex.after you complte your poke’dex can you get past the trainers blocking the way on the iland after you beat the elite four. my last poke’mon after this is ( I think) is called polegorg 2.

  26. mewman734 says:

    were is proffesor rowan after you go to sendoff springs?

  27. awesomeguy says:

    i lost the game:(

  28. greencrocs says:

    How do you get Darkrai, mewtwo, and Arceus? How do you get the maid to stop guarding that door? What is at the Unknown Ruins? Can you get a second master ball?

    • awesomeguy says:


    • joe bob stevy man says:

      to get the pokemon you have to wait for events or get from other games or action replay you cant move the maid i think and have to catch all unowns to get the poke ball at the top but after you catch all unowns you go to the guy in the little cave there will be a path to get the pokeball

  29. greencrocs says:

    How do you get Darkrai, mewtwo, and Arceus? How do you get the maid to stop guarding that door? What is at the Unknown Ruins?

  30. r243 says:

    i will gladly trade my level 81 or 2 gyro might for dalga, palka, gratina,uixe,aself or mesprit! ps. i been to all caves.

  31. Darkrai says:

    Can you get Arceus in Platinum?

  32. FireTypeRocks says:

    Where do you catch Ditto? I’ve only bred Typhlosion and Infernape together.

  33. Zekromdude says:

    Must of been SOME sort of glitch, blackcharzard. I mean, you CANNOT! AND I SAY CANNOT, get a level 144.

  34. Glaise says:

    How many times do you have to talk to Mr.Backlot for Evee to apper in Troghy Garden?

  35. FoxFalco says:

    How do you get a super rod! I’ve tried everything this is so frustrating!>:(

    • destroyer says:

      talk to the guy that asks you if you like fishing i think iv never playd but thats probably corect :-)

    • Anonymous says:

      go to fight area by boat go the way straight up(if you cant go finish your pokedex talk to rowan and come back)talk to the guy on the left he will give you one.

  36. blackcharzard says:

    with a ardsi i got a lv 144 some how it will never die its hp goes down to zero and regenerates.

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