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Pokemon Platinum

How do you find Manaphy?

Games Guru: You can’t find him in Platinum. You can import Manaphy Pokemon Ranger or Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, however.

Could you please make a Pokemon Platinum board? Thanks.

Games Guru: No problem. Here it is.

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49 Comments on Pokemon Platinum

  1. I haven’t been here in awhile i got new computers and had a big science progect so can some1 catch me up on whats going on?

  2. to pokemonfan123 The wire is on the computer not the monitor ( sorry if I spelled it wrong)Then go to action replay code manager (need the disk click update Then it gives you codes hope I helped

  3. mairoman4223 // December 28, 2009 at 8:46 am // Reply

    i just got the game used and the person who had it beat the game so i’m exploring in batttle frontier

  4. my first pokemon game was (Pokemon) Emerald

  5. I need help!

  6. I am battling a dusknoir and my pokemon is arceus and I need help! I can’t get it.

  7. I am battling a arceus and I am battling with a zubat what shuld I do.

  8. I just got a Dusknoir.And a Zapdos

  9. to pokemonfan123 You have to get a wire put it in the little tip of the action replay cartdridge. Then put the other side in the computer. Then go on your nintendo and it will give you codes.

  10. pokemonfan123 // December 24, 2009 at 10:49 am // Reply

    HELP!!!!!if any of you have action replay tell me how to enter new pokemon cheats like getting any legendary pokemon every time i enter a code it wont let me use it

    • Red Poke'oopa: Riolu // December 29, 2009 at 12:57 pm // Reply

      I no of 1 that allows u 2 catch ANY Pokemon.
      1.Chose Cal on pokeach
      2. put national dex #
      3. press /L| butten
      4.Clear & put level (up 2 100) |R\ butten
      6. Clear & put # 1-24 (decides nature)
      7. press SELECT
      8. go in tall grass
      If u like it, tell me. then I’ll put \/ the code.

    • u can use the computer where u downloaded it or by hand on the top it says new cheat click it and add the cheat

  11. Mario where did you get all of the legendaries from

  12. i have all legendry pkm in game

  13. to waluigi why are you talkin g about mario

  14. Changing to Lucario13.So many people have # after their names that I thought I would to.It’s my age.

    • I noticed. Just so you know, I am not 74 years old. Spore is the name of my Venesaur in leafgreen (my first Pokemon game) and he is LEVEL 74.
      P.S. my real age is 12…

      • When I was little on Pokemon Yellow I had a Nidoqueen Lv. 94.It could beat anyone.Literally.It knew surf,fire blast,earthquake,and thunderbolt.P.S. I didn’t think you were that old.But I’ll still like pokemon then or at least try to.

      • Yellow was my first game.My brother gave it to me.It was his.I have two brothers.We had Blue,Red,and Yellow so we split them up.

      • Salamence101 // December 24, 2009 at 6:34 pm //

        lol, i’m obviously not 101 years old. I’m 14. I would change my name to “Salamaster14” but i’ve been S101 for soooo long that it would be too confusing to change.

      • yeah stay as Salamence101.It’s a cool name.

      • My first game was crystal, that is why I devoted my time to catching 250 pokemon on it.

  15. it’s the best poke’mon game

  16. To mikky,if you didn’t get my earlier comment you have to get the national dex

  17. where is a FEEBAS!!!

  18. birch

  19. in mario party DS if you want 1000 mario party points do a 30 turn tag battle with all the computers on the hardest difficulty level possible on “DK’S STONE STATUE”

  20. To Salamence101 I hate the new setup too.About the headmaster thing I just meant that you know more than anybody else.sorry again.I guess that was kinda dumb.

  21. the winner is veporion. What is your pokemon game poll ends December 23.

    • how do i get to snowpoint city

      • mairoman4223 // December 28, 2009 at 8:57 am //

        go to clistice town and go into mt.cornet if you go up you will see a boulder use stughth if you have it if not fly to clinch town (the town with the pokeman daycare) go to the old tower in front of the town go to the top there are two ladies one of them will give you straghth then go back to mt.cornet and push the boulder then keep going up and you will find yourself out side the moutan go up and you will find sighs for lake valor go right when you see it aslo there are some traniers that you will have to battle so bring stong pokemon and potins and mabe some reives.

  22. The results are in!!!!!!!!!!!! Veporion 3 flarion 2 espion 1 umbreon 1

  23. Random Poll:
    Who would win in a double battle:
    A)Breloom and Raichu or
    B)Charizard and Gardevoir?
    Choose your answer carefully!

  24. Salamence101 // December 14, 2009 at 2:05 pm // Reply

    Gosh, i hate this new setup.

  25. Isn’t funny how all the professors are named after trees?Oak,Elm,Rowan.Who’s the one for the Saphire/Emerald/Ruby games?

    • His name is Birch, pokemon has a lot of hidden little things like that…For example, in Kanto your home town is called Pallet Town (like a paint pallet) and all of the other town names are fancy color names, (Viridian is a green, Pewter is a gray/silver, Cerulean is a blue…etc). Oh and in Johto your home town is New Bark Town, (bark like tree bark) and all of the towns are plant names although some times you have to change a few things. Even the Ilex forest works because Ilex means holly.

    • Prof. Birch

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