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Nerf N-Strike

I can’t beat the second to last door on jackal’s chamber (the one that’s not locked). Do you have any tips or codes for new guns? (There’s a code in every Nerf gun.)

Games Guru: The Jackal requires a long explanation. But here are some great codes:
– Type fiero2 to get the Goliathan Nitro Gun.
– Type Mavmid7 to get the Maverick Midnight.
– Type Magma3 to get the Vulcan Magma.
– Type to THISIS12 get the Spartan NCS 12.

Comments about “Nerf N-Strike”

  1. Texas Scout says:

    OK game. Cabella’s and even Link’s Crossbow are better.

  2. Wizards101 is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    I’m already on raven! ()

  3. Alex says:

    I beet the game 5 tims !!!!!

  4. lasanya says:

    THISIS12 is a code, hope it helps

  5. SimRacer2024 says:

    BHDETA8 Blackheart Vengeance
    24KGCON4 Habanero
    HRANGE13 Hydra
    CRISTOL10 Maverick Crystal Pistol
    MAVMID7 Maverick Midnight
    RSMERC9 Mercurio
    DOGIE15 Stampede
    CRUSH14 Unlocks Crusher SAD-G
    HELIOX6 Unlocks Firefly Elite
    fiero2 Unlocks Goliathan Nitro
    LONGST5 Unlocks Longshot Street
    RSMERC9 Unlocks Mercurio
    Cromo1 Unlocks SemperFire Ultra
    MAGMA3 Unlocks the Vulcan EBF-25 Magma

  6. JediMaster462 says:

    Thanks for the codes, but how do you beat B.O.B. on the very last level?

  7. dedicatedgamer57 says:

    I cant beat jackal’s lookalive. everytime im about to, i shoot bob and he kills me! can someone help?

  8. pob says:

    there is a code if you beat the game on miniclip those of you that are far you probably allready have it (spartin ebs 25)

  9. duckman says:

    Ican’t get the firefly on robot void. Please help me.

  10. hephaestos3 says:


  11. the juggernaut says:

    this game has weird catch phrases

  12. Lego man 9999 says:

    The code 4 Semperfire ultra is-


  13. Lego man 9999 says:

    What is code for 200 bullet shooting gun????

  14. Lego man 9999 says:

    I love the game!!!!!!!!!! But where do you enter the codes??

  15. Viva La Bam says:

    this is cool

  16. nathan says:

    cool game

  17. koolcid9 says:

    mammath37 i can help u all u have 2 do is not shoot b.o.b.

  18. Xl999 says:

    neat game

  19. wiz101 says:

    the code 18futv4

  20. c109 says:

    that is the best game ever

  21. Dr E. says:


  22. fearcade says:

    ohh. me wanty.

  23. Dude says:

    i have all the guns unlocked

  24. Ding says:

    i have tried all the codes but none of them have worked at all, is there a different set of codes for the PAL version?

  25. jd says:

    i beat it and alomost every gun unlocked

  26. misterm98 says:

    type in any new cobes please i need 4 more guns

  27. gta1234 says:

    this game is so awsome!

  28. mike says:

    this game is so awsome!

  29. BDADY says:

    To unlock the LONGSHOT CS-6=eather c 086B or 5529050.

  30. boomman47 says:

    this game rocks! but i can’t beat raven’s onslaught. Can somebody help?

  31. mammath37 says:

    I can not beat the last level. Right before I beat it BOB kills me! PLEASE HELP!

  32. Weirdguy says:


  33. misterm98 says:

    type in crush14

  34. misterm98 says:

    i got sick with strep throat one day and beat the game twice

  35. ? says:

    this is awsome

  36. bobbyioe says:

    i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Luke says says:

    I’m on the last level but it’s hard to beat Bob.

  38. stealth scout says:

    it is awesome. it is sort of like halo exept no blood

  39. Anonymous says:

    how do you beat the girl?it is hard

  40. hi says:

    i need the codes for the cool guns

  41. kool says:

    I love it but this guy all wrong do complete oppostie and codes are way off ( real one of megablast 3000 is meloxiox14)

  42. killer says:

    I keep trying and trying but i cant beat the kid that uses the volcin pleas help me

  43. me says:

    where on the nerf guns are codes?

  44. CJ says:

    The code for the firefly elite is HELIOX6.

  45. willi says:

    this game is fun but it’s very hard.

  46. I says:

    want this

  47. buckeyeguy11 says:

    the game ROCKS!

  48. legomaster says:

    This game seems cool, although I don’t have a Wii.

  49. MEGAMAN says:

    Here are some codes to help you beat Jackal.
    -Type BHDETA8 to unlock the Black Vengeance Gun
    -Type RSMERC9 to unlock the Mecurio Gun
    -Type DOGIE15 to unlock the Stampede Gun

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