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New Super Mario Bros.

How do you unlock the cannon on World 1?

Games Guru: Great game! So, head over to the tower. Make sure to have the Blue Shell with you. Head into the first pipe that’ll shoot you up. When you start falling back, go in the gold door. Don’t be discouraged by the many moving platforms. See the one on the right near a gap that always stays the same size? Walk into it and notice three blocks. The Blue Shell will break them all. Keep breaking! Move right and finish the level to unlock your fancy Warp Cannon. It’ll take you to World 5!

Are there any other unlockable characters besides Luigi? On the touchscreen in my instruction booklet, it shows the worlds but on the actual touchscreen the worlds look different. Why is this?

Games Guru: Unfortunately, Luigi is the only unlockable character in the game. Regarding the difference between the booklet and the actual touchscreen worlds, sometimes the people who make the booklet get an earlier version of the game design document. They should have gotten one that looks like the real thing. But sometimes when deadlines are tight, some things fall through the cracks.

Are there any cheats or hidden characters?

Games Guru: I have not tried this myself, but as I understand it, if you press and hold the L and R shoulder buttons down and choose one of your saved game files on the select file screen, you can play as Luigi.

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  1. Duz anyone no how u can get yoshi??? or other characters??? i know 4 luigi u just do L and R and A.

  2. To QUERTY:

    i bet u didn’t beat the game more than me– i counted at least 125: its easy once u pass all the levels cuz u no what 2 do.

  3. krispy_09123 // August 28, 2008 at 8:40 am // Reply

    To unlock cannons to other worlds, get a red flag somewhere in the course.

  4. in w1 castle, if you lost all of your plans, jump on the swcith

  5. unlock hidded paths by pulling down a red skull flag

  6. the cannon in w1 gets you to w5 to get there, shell mario!(or shell luigi)

  7. you cant

  8. how do you get wario and waluigi?

  9. you just get all the wallpapers

  10. i know how to use the toad houses for an infinite number of times!

  11. cledis you spelled worio wrong. its wario.

  12. no, they don’t make it for the wii. (they should though !)

  13. On W5-Fortress (mid-point) start with a giant mushroom in your invetory, use it when you see the big spike ball

  14. waluigi

  15. mario(or bowser?)

  16. who is better:





  17. mario bros on wii is really just saying you should get it for the ds

  18. This is in the ds.

  19. is this for the wii?


  21. in reply to #150:

    When you are at the part where the ledges are and you go through but hear a sound like an error in Windows xp (operating system), then you have to repeat it. When you hear a ding, then you got it right. there is a certain combination for those.

  22. I want a cheat for world 4

  23. After you beat the game, you can pause and press left trigger, right trigger, left trigger , right trigger, X, X, Y, Y and the screen doesn’t scroll to the left. in some levels like 1-tower, the screen just doesn’t scroll down . it turns off in boss battles.

  24. I love this game except I do have trouble getting past World 7 level 2!

  25. I love super mario brother is the best (GAME IN THE WORLD) if you have a wii and internet on the wii you can go to toys are us and bye for 10.$ wii points and you can go to the shop chanel and get super mario brothers on the wii.

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