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In grand battle, how do you get past the last girl? I try to get in close, but she shoots at me with her gun. I only have the seal head, and it gets knocked down easily.

Games Guru: There are a lot of girls, and I don’t know which one you mean. If you mean the girl with the stun gun, she’s really hard to beat because she also has bombs. The best strategy here is to keep your distance as you try to defeat her.

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  1. RainjinmaruNinjaX says:

    anyone know how to get the body after rahu 3? it’s on its own page

  2. SasukeWarrior says:

    How do i defeat Rahu 1 in the class-s test?

  3. Alexker1 says:

    Anyone here beat Rahul in his 3rd form? He just blows the whole screen up

  4. Death says:

    If you use the x-ray and kunckle gun with the formula legs and straight bomb S you can own anyone the speed and damage make you untouchable.

  5. limxzero says:

    If you beat THIS game, well then play Custom Robo Arena.

  6. limxzero says:

    Hm. Wrong game.

  7. limxzero says:

    If you have beat the game, you should try the Nintendo WFC Mode.

  8. webelosgragon says:

    custom robo rocks i have it for the DS.

  9. coole says:


  10. meatal ox says:

    I cant get a bronze in “playing with obro”. I need more points. do you know how?

  11. shadow says:

    anyone got some unlockubles or cheats or codes or something.

  12. mystery meat says:

    Wht is custom robo

  13. Ray Mark1 says:

    Custom Robo Is AWESOME! The only downside is that story mode is too short and the grand battle is too hard.

  14. ray01 says:

    I need cheat codes

  15. Dontxhurtxme says:

    Have any of u beat the big gold robot?

  16. wood says:

    im almost done with this game! I got the secret armor in the test chamber!

  17. wow says:

    actualy i dont like video games but this one is good

  18. mica says:

    the game is awesome

  19. brody says:

    it is so hard

  20. jacob says:

    it is hard

  21. bob says:

    it is fun

  22. spike says:

    THIS IS COOL!!!!!

  23. darth yoda says:

    oh no sounds hard

  24. bobby says:

    how do u play the game

  25. bob says:

    this game sounds hard

  26. joshmaster says:

    its really cool and i like ray 1

  27. rjc says:

    i love games

  28. boy002 says:


  29. bob says:

    this is a good website

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