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Super Mario World

How do I find Star Road on the Island of Castle #2?

Games Guru: This is a truly classic game! You’ll use the springboard. First, though, you have to unlock the blue ! blocks (at the Forest of Illusion) by changing the empty blocks to the left of the springboard to blue ! blocks. Take the springboard on top of these and use it up to the pipe above.

Here’s another method. Once you’re caped, run across under the set of ledges where the springboard is and fly up to the top right corner. When you enter the pipe, head up and right, dodge the Chuck and his football fire and head into the goal.

I need to know how to beat the very first Ghost House, and of course any other helpful hints would be great.

Games Guru: Don’t do any big jumps or ghosts from high up will get you. At the end you will find a door, so go inside. The main ghosts are present. Make sure you face them and they will stay still. Turn your back and they’ll get you. Climb up the stairs and through the door. Move left. Whack the yellow block to get a switch to appear. Pick up the switch and move through the door once again. When you whack the block again, a vine will become visible. Climb up and enter the door on top. This is your exit. Congrats. You’ve beaten the Ghost House!

Comments about “Super Mario World”

  1. AwesomeAlec says:

    I have the origonal version for SNES (Super Nintendo Enternainment System).

  2. nahte says:

    are their any worlds that you almost impossible to beat , like 6-4

  3. supermarioworlddude says:

    i will get it today for virtual console!!!!

  4. King Koopa says:

    I hate it how you can only play it on the Wii if you hook up a classic controller. :(

  5. pacman_better_than_yoshi says:

    hey, I found a glitch! while riding yoshi,shoot your tongue at a berry to eat it, but before it gets in your mouth, shoot again at an enemy. you will spit the berry out, and it wont move back and forth like can still eat the berry.

  6. wii remote says:

    when mario gets the ballon mario gets fat and he starts going up


    pedro and ordep of the galaxy how do u get the extra fortress on bowsers world (the cave)

    • Pedro and Ordep of the galaxy says:

      I did know but I have forgotten.

    • coolguy19755 says:

      In the last room of Valley of Bowser 2, when you get to that wall, wait for the platform to go up. Then jump while moving left, and you’ll be on top of the wall! Go left and you’ll see the Key and Keyhole. That’s how you get to the fortress!

  8. Pedro and Ordep of the galaxy says:

    Does anybody need help on this game? Then just ask me and I’ll answer whenever I get the time to do so.

  9. pie555 says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    how do you beat “Tubular” and “Chocolate Secret 1″ levels?

    • coolguy19755 says:

      To beat Tubular, use P-Balloons and don’t hit the Paratroopas or the Volcano Lotuses or their fireballs. Be quick too (you can use a blue Yoshi and eat a Paratroopa and don’t hit a Volcano Lotus or a fireball). To beat Chocolate Secret, I’ll tell you later.

      • Gitreddy says:

        You can also use an alternate path to beat Tubular. Y’know how you can only go up only so high? That’s because of a secret platform above the huge pit. To access it, get a P-Balloon and float up to the left. Mario will keep touching the top part of the screen until you get to the green pipes. Wait until the P-Balloon wears off and run to the goal. Have fun! :-)

  11. Spike says:

    How do you beat the secret area? I can’t figure it out!!!!

  12. ordep says:

    How do I get to the fortress and back door on the world with
    Bowser’s castle? And how can I get to the green switch palace?
    Could you help me please?

    • whirlwind von helwick says:

      easy 1st you beat the 1st two parts of the level, then you go through the pipe and that yellow thing starts moving up, stand on the end of the 1st yellow thing and when its all the way up jump on the top of the ceiling to the left and run left until you see the key. good luck

  13. Hypercain says:

    in the first ghost house that you get to that is not a secret, get a cape, fly into the air, float going right, there should be a platform. get on it, then jump down. go out the door. you will find a secret place where you can get yoshi, a mushroom, a cape, and fire flowers for gameboy advance.

  14. halonerdz says:

    awsome game i have it for PC

  15. baash says:

    super mario is a great game but it’s hard.

  16. Natscout says:

    I am thinking about buying this game, but I am wondering if it will be too hard, like suer mario bros. 3 is for me. That game not just hard for me, on Youtube someone was using an emulator to help him make a walkthrough! If you didn’t know, people can use those to go back to the place before they screw up, which is exactly what he did! I am just worried that it will be a waste of $8.00 (tht is how much it cost as a virtual console .). I mean I’ve tried it and it is fun and it is a classic game, I really want it but I am just not sure.

  17. Flame Boy says:

    LOVE this game I have beat it on super nintendo and gameboy advanced.

    • caleb123455 says:

      the game is so easy i can get the star road and beat bowser

      • whirlwind von helwick says:

        ha think your so good? I beat bowser got all 5 star road entrences and completed all my goals the game changes a little when you do that

  18. IsaacGoldenSun says:

    Yo! I am new, and I am hoping people are hungry for answers. I have beat this game time and time again, and If any one needs help with 1-ups, secret exits, or anything, I will answer.

    • brain says:

      are there cheats?

    • whirlwind von helwick says:

      same here I know the game insideout

    • Pedro and Ordep of the galaxy says:

      On the version for Game Boy Advance, how do you get Super Dragon Yoshi?(I got all of the dragon coins on every single level, and now I have to collect these Peach coins,and I got all of the peach coins on one level once,but then I had to get them again after
      I complete that level)Could you please tell me what should I do next to get Super Dragon yoshi?

    • Pedro and Ordep of the galaxy says:

      Dear IssacGoldenSun, How do you get Super Dragon Yoshi

  19. firestar 104 says:

    I love the game! There is a place in the first ghost house that lets you unlock an area where you can get a mushroom if you are little mario or a fireflower if you are big. You can also get Yoshi or an extra life there.

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      oh, yeah, TOP SECRET AREA! i love that place. it has a 200 sec time limit, though. i’ve gotten all 92 exits and dinosaur land looks odd in the fall.

  20. corky says:

    there was once this awesome glitch that happened when me and my friend were playing this. my friend died (in the game), and was about to get GAME OVER but suddenly it restarted at the exact spot where he died! he even made it to the final castle but didn’t beat bowser though.

  21. judge7 says:

    where can i buy the game???????

    • corky says:

      if you have a wii, its on virtual console. if not you could try ebay

    • brain says:

      try game stop

      • Carbison says:

        No GameStop doesn’t have all those old NES and Super NES games anymore. The only games I’ve seen for an old system that they still have are GameCube games. P.S. To: Corky To get it on Wii you hafta have Wii points

      • coolguy19755 says:

        Carbison is right, brain; GameStop doesn’t sell NES and SNES games anymore (they also don’t sell GB (GameBoy), GBC (GameBoy Color), or GBA (GameBoy Advance) games anymore (I had to find that out the hard way)).

    • coolguy19755 says:

      You can try Ebay or Amazon (you need to have an SNES console first) or the Wii Shop Channel.

  22. goyji says:

    i wish i had the game.

  23. goik says:

    i wish i had the game

  24. max the yahoo says:

    i beat bowser!

  25. bed says:

    I beat the game. It was easy. I even got to the special star road!

  26. natitonic says:

    i have this game for super nnintendo- it rocks!

  27. guitar567 says:

    once i got gameboy advance version and it had all the levels including star road weird huh?

  28. Little E says:

    I had the game but I lost it it was asome!

  29. Little E says:

    I had it in september.It was asome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I lost it about 5 days before my dads birthday.

  30. Flame Boy says:

    Love the game and have beet it on the gameboy advenced and super nintendo

  31. jetigig says:

    On the first Donut lands level there is a key and a key hole. If you put the key in the hole the you unlock a level in the lake!!!

  32. Bowser 3000 says:

    Can anyone help me on GBA version?

  33. dylan says:


  34. Hi says:

    I stuck on the last level!!!!

  35. TrainerRoxas says:

    cheats 4 the version downlodable for the wii

  36. Flame Boy says:

    This games easy I’v beat it many times and got to the secret star world! Even so it is one of my favorits

  37. DS dude says:

    What game system is this for?

    • Carbison says:

      It’s for Super Nintendo (SNES) and they made a version of it for Game Boy Advance (GBA). The GBA version was called Super Mario Advance 2

  38. redmage21 says:

    i have the gba version im stuk at ghost house 2 in vanilla dome

  39. lando says:

    it is awesome

  40. Awesome says:

    I have the original for the SNES

  41. kororo says:

    paper jolt, how do you find the secret exit in the cheese bridge area or valley of bowser 2?

  42. bob the snail says:

    really,ace? sweet can you give me some (please).

  43. Paper Jolt says:

    It’s EASY!!!! I Beat all levels and all secret exits. I beat special world,and got to bowser’s back door!

  44. joshie says:

    it is so cool

  45. Sandrito says:

    I think its Awesome but it was Hard.

  46. ace says:

    hey bob! I have cheats!

  47. minitower7 says:

    i downloaded this game on a ds emulator its pretty hard

  48. bear says:

    um…. are there any cheats for this game or for super Mario world advanced 2?

  49. bob the snail says:

    does anybody have any cheats for this game ???

    • IssacGoldenSun says:

      depends. there are secret exits everywhere, leading to star road, etc. I could tell everyone the best 1-up trick ever, though. In the first level of the forest, get to the half point, and wait until the clear block goes to the feather. hit it, and it will turn into a star. keep running along, hitting every enemy, jumping up and down, until the star runs out. By then, you should have grabbed lots of 1-ups. The best you can get is 18 1-ups

      BTW, the trick works better if you are super or fire mario, but NOT cape mario.

      • coolguy19755 says:

        That’s nothing, because I’VE done a better 1-Up trick. In Forest of Illusion 1, as Cape Mario, go to the area with 3 Wigglers and repeatedly jump on them (be sure to float out often).

  50. 2a says:

    i love it

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