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Neopets Puzzle Adventure

Any ideas for doing well in Neopets Puzzle Adventure on the DS?

Games Guru: Here are some tips for this game:

1. Before placing a piece, figure out what it might do to the board. You can flip a lot of tokens only to have your opponent flip them all back.

2. Corners are the most protected places to put your piece on the board, especially square boards.

3. Special shockwaves that flip additional tokens can occur when you place a really good piece. The more tokens you flip, the bigger chance of getting a shockwave.

4. To gain high XP, pay attention to token placements that will flip in multiple directions. You get a higher multiplier for every additional direction you flip.

5. Not all maps are square, and different maps need to be played differently.

6. Place tokens so you have as many potential placements on your next turn as possible.

7. Select Petpets whose powers complement each other. Many Petpets select random tokens for harmful effects, but using Pyon first ensures that the tokens selected are more likely to be your opponent’s.

8. Petpets that shield tokens can’t be removed or converted, and if they are hit by a shockwave, they will cause the shockwave effect to reverse color. Using a shielding Petpet on tokens about to lose their shield will replenish the shield.

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  1. Kaiden says:

    You\’ve really captured all the essenitals in this subject area, haven\’t you?

  2. Litz says:

    It’s boring, isn’t it?

  3. halliebug says:


  4. Treeckoman says:

    this game looks fun. I have been a neopet fan for 3 years!

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