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Metroid Prime: Hunters

How do you unlock the planets on the DS?

Games Guru: I believe you have to finish one at a time. When you finish one, another opens up.

How do you beat the Slench on the second level?

Games Guru: Shoot and destroy all of Slench’s tentacles to knock him off the wall. Scan him again, then target and shoot his eyes. You will need to repeat this process a few times.

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  1. question dude says:

    i bet the game once with 100%…….so is there anyhtign else that there is to do beside wi fi? do i have to beet it each file?

  2. Sand Stone says:

    Sorry the below message i meant to say third and not thirst sounding like first.

  3. Sand Stone says:

    I have no clue how it beat at 102%, must have done a fairly good job considering i only died like 3 times. If you ask how i hardy died idk story mode is jsut easy this was my thirst time to do it though. Or jsut that i also finished with scanning everything first i really don’t know just happened.

  4. Blah says:

    Let me clear this up, when you beat the game 100% you see Zero Suit Samus in a cut-scene, you do not get to play as her.

    P.S. How did you beat the game 102% ?!

    Your friendly neighborhood stalker,

  5. Sand Stone says:

    Btw about suitless Samus, i beat teh game 3 times with a 100% 102% and a 101% and nothing happened.

  6. Sand Stone says:

    My metroid name is Sand Stone and i was wondering if it’s rare to get two head shot kills with one shot from the imperialist. Because i was playing and got two headshot kills with one bullet.

  7. arcdragon says:

    well something that gets me mad is that people use codes all the time and they make me loose rank aim a 5star and i get 2nd place and i loose ranking points for that

  8. craw fish says:

    did you know that the dialanch can clime walls?

  9. samus fan says:

    you can unlock zero suit samus if you completet all 3 files 100%

  10. Anonymous says:

    slench two is hard!!how do you beat him:(

  11. jfin300 says:

    I’m a level five and i use sylux,he is very strong trust’ll win if you try:)

  12. . says:

    trace is the best

  13. lol says:

    I like to to battle around the world

  14. max_aran says:

    wow spire does awsome things

  15. max_aran says:

    get 100% at the end of the game to see zero suit Samus

  16. max_aran says:

    master hunter u need 750 points

  17. justo says:

    my favorite multiplayer hunter is noxus

  18. indiana jones says:

    how do you get judicator?its so hard

  19. metroid man says:

    man i wish people would play wifi on this game i can never find anybody

  20. metroid man says:

    on gorea 1 just shoot his shoulders with the power beam then shoot the seal sphere

  21. Isendel says:

    im still on this one spire i keep doing the hints but i still cant beat him becaause evry time i do a red bubble apears around him and it does no damage

  22. musicman says:

    zx$ what is your rank

  23. zx$ says:

    I love spire

  24. Unkown says:

    I’m a 5 star and I use Samus the most. Samus is actually, well I think that Samus is the best if you know how to use her. It can take a long time or hardly any to become a 5 star. Depends on how good you are, and if you lose or win a lot.

  25. Master Hunter says:

    although Gorea and Gorea 2 are hard bosses, the game is good for people in the mood for some serious action. I am like shivering every time I go to Arcterra at night.(Because the music and atmosphere like creeps me out. Literally! The thing that stinks is that you can’t keep the Omega Cannon so you can use in the regular game play. My favorite weapon is the Imperialist, since you can a deadly sniper weapon. Somebody please respond to this question: How long does it take to become a Legendary Hunter?

  26. hammyMCquack says:

    Any1 a level 5 rank? If so, what Hunter do you use?

  27. The Expert Guy says:

    Ok my name may be Expert but i’m stuck on the finall boss I mean even Expert gots to make one mastake so please help.!.!

  28. The Exepert Guy says:

    Well O0g/|EIY” B0og/|Ely” to get out of the room with the dinosaur things just kill them both before the time runs out.The door will open so you can get to your ship, the will still be going so hurry.!.!

  29. O0gÆlŸ B0oGÆLŸ says:

    Um no, but i doupt that you can be suitless samus on mp:h. If anyone else knows anything please respond.

  30. Blah says:

    It’s been over a month now and I didn’t have much time, so did anyone else have any luck?

  31. Blah says:

    I doubt it, but I will try it out and respond later.

  32. Anonymous says:

    is it true about suitless samus?

  33. Blah says:

    Earlier I said which order you need to shoot the circles to fight Gorea 2. For the record, the order that you use the weapons, is the same order they are referred to in the Alimibic Prophecy

  34. O0gÆlŸ B0oGÆLŸ says:

    Does any thing special supposed to happen after u get 100% complete on all ur saved files?(only three) Cause on my three saved files i have a 102% complete a 100% complete and a 101% complete. I read on a web site that after u complete 100% on all three saved files u get suitless samus and i dunno wut that means. OK thanks. Hope yea can help!

  35. I NEED HELP! says:

    Dudes does any one have an Action Replay code that will give me 0 ranking points ….and i also need a code that will……….NVm just help with mah 1st question plz!!!!!!

  36. JB says:

    How do you get the Magmaul and the Shock Coil

  37. Gorea's Dead says:

    Okay, thanks for the help Blah. Very useful!

  38. Blah says:

    Ok Gorea’s Death, here is what you do. During the first Gorea fight you should see colored circles along the wall. Shoot them in this order= Yellow with Volt Driver, Green with Battle Hammer, Orange with Magmaul, Blue with Shock Coil (you may need to jump for this one), Purple with Judicator, and Red with Imperialist. You should recieve a telepathic message if done correctly. Then kill Gorea. You will be teleported and will have to kill Gorea (again) with the Omega Canon.

  39. Blah says:

    The battle hammer is on VDO (Vesper Defense Output) you will have to go through a morphball tunnel. After you get the battle hammer, you can return to Celetial Archives, Data Shrine 2 and defeat the guardians for the Volt Driver. (I suggest doing this after you beat VDO and Arcterra so you have 4 energy tanks).

  40. JB says:

    my brother wants to know where to get the battlehammer and the volt driver,so where do you get them.

  41. Shiloh says:

    I killed Trace but those two leg things killed me!

  42. Binkboy400 says:

    You now those things that are shiny and can teleport ( I can’t figure out their name). They keep on killing me. is there any way to beat them easyer?

  43. JB says:

    how do you bet the 4th boss.

  44. Gorea's Death says:

    Ok, I want to know what I’m supposed to do after I killed the gorea, cause I haven’t got the omega cannon yet and I thought there should be two gorea’s I’m supposed to kill. Thanks!

  45. O0gÆlŸ B0oGÆLŸ says:

    Shiloh it’s easy to beat trace, all u gotta do is like shoot him like ever thing else it doesn’t require any special weaons. P.S. Plz answer my questions under this one!!!

  46. Shiloh says:

    How do you defeat Trace?

  47. O0gÆlŸ B0oGÆLŸ says:

    Ok, plz answer my question underthis one and when you use an A R to give you unlimited health and things like that does it save it and every time you play you automaticly have unlimited health and don’t have to use A R to get it again??I play on my bros metroid and i don’t wanna mess it up. Thanks!

  48. O0gÆlŸ B0oGÆLŸ says:

    Whats the best way to kill the Gamgorea thing with out using an AR?

  49. Blah says:

    The only time the Omega Canon will not kill you is when a wall is blocking the explosion. My advice is to get to the top, fire it at the very bottom and hide where the Canon responds. I don’t know anything about using it on wi-fi.

  50. O0gÆlŸ B0oGÆLŸ says:

    I’ve got two questions 1:How do you use the omega cannon without self destructing? and 2:How do you use the omega cannon on wifi? Plz help! thanks

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