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Metroid Prime: Hunters

How do you unlock the planets on the DS?

Games Guru: I believe you have to finish one at a time. When you finish one, another opens up.

How do you beat the Slench on the second level?

Games Guru: Shoot and destroy all of Slench’s tentacles to knock him off the wall. Scan him again, then target and shoot his eyes. You will need to repeat this process a few times.

Comments about “Metroid Prime: Hunters”

  1. RUNDAS 3 says:

    ok, I have an action replay, but I think I overloaded it with codes.It says:”WARNING:MISSING CODES (11 left)”.When I click “ok”,it says “WARNING CODELIST INCOMPLETE”.Does anyone have ANY suggestions for me to fix it?I’ll take even the simplest answers!=)(also, I’ve already tried the other version:Metroid Prime: Hunters(v1.1)

  2. awsome says:

    How do you get to Gorea 2 I am stuck I can only get to Gorea 1 please help

  3. Pkemn mster says:

    This game is Sick :D

  4. Trace says:

    What is the Omega cannon

  5. Someone You Don't Know says:

    Sorry I spelled “those” wrong. Man, I can’t believe all the typos I am making!

  6. Someone You Don't Know says:

    I have this game and it’s so fun! I’m just stuck on the one where you have to exterminate thos creatures (forgot the name) before they exterminate you.

  7. person says:

    what do i do after i get all the octoliths?

    • Blah says:

      Go back to Alinos, there should be a small section that you haven’t explored yet (right next to where you fought Spire for the first time). Go through there until you find a chamber with a glowing circle in the middle, step in said circle.

  8. slylux user says:

    I beat the whole game and beat Gorea 2. you get omega cannon at the bottom platform and destroy him

  9. red fred says:

    is this a good game 4 a 10 year old????????

  10. supernoahboy says:

    got it no ebay for 10

  11. SYLUX says:

    has anybody played metroid fusion

  12. gorea says:

    i am the master of metroid

  13. IcyFlame says:

    i love metroid games and i really want this game looks so awesome before i wasnt so interested in metroid games till i bought metroid prime trilogy then i got HOOKED!!

  14. Halaswisscheese says:

    This dosen’t have any thing to do with this game, but what is the deal with Metroid Dread?

  15. super mario says:

    I can’t beat the last boss. When I kill his arms they just grow back. Please help!

    • gorea says:

      i am going to help you. first run around until you see gorea grey and red dots on his arm then when he changes into electric form shot his arms whith your red gun

  16. pedro says:

    My friends have this game and we play on the bus. They always use trace. i really really want this game

  17. DSfan says:

    I have 100% octoliths but I don’t know how to get 100% complete. Can anyone help me?

    • Blah says:

      To get 100%, you need to scan EVERYTHING (everything that has a log book entry; lores, objects, and creatures). Be warned, there are some scans that you only have one chance to get, otherwise you need to start over at the beginning of the game.

  18. Blah says:

    @ qwertyuiop
    To kill Gorea 2, drop to the bottom of the arena and collect the Omega Cannon (you have to get a message from your ship before the shield drops. Then shoot the sphere with the Omega Cannon.

    @ halaswisscheese
    Ummmmm…. I can’t understand what you are saying… but it seems like your controls are inverted. Try going to options and changing that.

    • halaswisscheese says:

      a few days ago, i was playing around the ds menu and i changed a lot of things, including making it so that when i turn on my system,i dont go to the menu, the game immediately starts. Now, i need to go to the menu and i don’t know how. HELP PLEASE!

      • Shift says:

        Take your DS card out of you DS then turn it on go to the mini DS on the bottom then go to the wrench on the left hand side touch the icon with an arrow pointing into something then thouch manual mode then confirm, that should make it so when you turn it on it will not automaticly start the game.

      • sylux user says:

        I will answer your question halawisscheese. First, take out the game chip out of your ds and click on the icon on the bottom. Tthen click on everything. one of them will do it

  19. halaswisscheese says:

    is it normal on lefty mode that when you move up with the stylus, samus’s arm cannan aims down?

    • Shift says:

      Go to options on the starting screen then push the thing above “controls” and if the the thing that sais look invert “on” touch it with your stylis and it should say “off” and that should solve your problom.

    • Anonymous says:

      no it is not usual

  20. masonaator says:

    Is there any cheats for this game i’m stuck on the first level

  21. wha.... says:

    samus is a she, not a he!

  22. minitower7 says:

    weavel is weird, it has hair coming out of its suit

  23. pikey says:

    weavel is the BEST character because half his body is an auto-turret (alternate form)

  24. minitower7 says:

    i got my game used so it had judicator and battlehammer on it already

  25. minitower7 says:

    my favorite guy used to be spire but now its sylux cus i like the shock coil and he looks cool

  26. minitower7 says:

    i cant get past the alinds!!!!!!!! ITS SOOO HARD BUT MY FAV VIDEO GAME

  27. qwertyuiop says:

    i actually like spire because his alt form. how do you beat gorea phase 2

  28. DARKSAMUS says:

    hey i can’t believe this page is getting comments again lol.
    I reckon the best player to use is samus coz of his missile seeker. worst player is prolly spire coz his alt is kind of slow.
    anyone up for a battle? i’m a 3 star rank hunter almost to 4 star :D

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