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Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

At planet daxx, if you go up the stairs behind the weapons vendor, how do you defeat the bad guys with the gatlin guns up there?

Games Guru: Try using the Shock Blaster, the Shock Cannon or the Spitting Hydra as weapons. The Tempest is good, too. Remember, for the Robots, you have to jump up and shoot at the same time.

How do I get past all the bad guys on level 5? (The level right after Ratchet watches Cortney gears music video.)

Games Guru: I assume you are having problems with the robot at the end of the maze. Side-jump over its saws and back away from the flamethrower, then strike.

Comments about “Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal”

  1. PhysX says:

    To bball pro, Ratchet vs. jak in a batttle ratchet would pown with his alien weapons! :)

  2. PhysX says:

    I love the game too. especially online! And i’m stuck on the boss battle of nefarious! plz help! :( =(

  3. clank84 says:

    i love the game, but mostly the weapons!!

  4. game master says:

    robo cup i’d buy but holostar studios is frustrating.

  5. the best says:

    yo guys i have a questoin when u get to dr nefarious is there any way to get really easy money but i beat all the anihlation nation twice and i still dont have enough money and i beat that quarktastic challenge like 3 times it is so easy with quack o ray v4

  6. R&C says:

    Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

    Omega Alpha Cannon VX

  7. X flame/X cremator says:

    going commando is so muc better this game an deadlocked lets the series down and believe me I have played all of the games including the new one which they have overcomplicated

  8. Rachet says:

    (FOR DEADLOCKED) How to get up to or more than 20,000 bolts in the challenge ENDZONE and u dont even have to be in challange mode! #1.Get Shock Mod. #2. Add to Dual Vipers(or Raptors). #3 Go to challenge. #4. Fight til’ rows of swarmers come. #5.Shoot a somewhat middle swarmer. #6. Repete until u have the bolt amount u want. = )

  9. hiboxx says:

    Infernox armor cheat

    1. find inferno box

    2. break it

    3. go to special (Whatever the bottom one is)

    4. press current armor

    5. press switch to current armor

    6. run out of inferno power

    7. you will be wearing infernox armor

    (It doesn’t work only 4 looks)

    Lots of money (Deadlocked)

    1. enter challenge mode

    2. get lv. 55+ quazar turrets

    3. enter the challenge “endzone”

    4. lay turrets

    5. take out mega weapon if turrets are lv. 99

    Sit back and watch bolts practically fly to you

    6. buy jackpot mods to increase money rate

  10. Clank says:

    Hey, Ratchet it’s not the Quack-o-ray V5!!!! It’s called the Quack-o-blitzer!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. bball pro says:

    JAK IS A LOT BETTER THAN RACHET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Gingy says:

    That Qwack-o-ray is cool. I found the Ratchet trophy on Florana.

  13. PKMDiamondmaster says:

    I have got all the weapons at omega and have completed the game 7 times. and i also have been in the museum in metropolis

  14. Rachet says:

    How to easly upgrade the Ouack-O-Ray: Go to the sewers on Aquatos walk through the sewer and fry all of the ameboids with your Ouack-O-Ray and wa-la the OUACK-O-RAY V5!!!!!!!

  15. roadrunner says:


  16. Bloodrazor says:

    Ratchet &clank up your arsenal is stupid, even the online gaming is dumb, so is the supervillain(is he actually that super) Ratchet dealocked is awesomeness, especially online gaming

  17. charzaird says:

    there should be a one for all the ratchet games.

  18. Alexwald12 says:

    I have Ratchet & Clank… But How do you win the hoverboard races?

  19. hiboxx says:

    i beat the first three games but then 2 and 3 got scratched

  20. jaguar says:

    how to get across the broken bridge in veldin]

  21. jaguar says:


  22. jaguar says:

    how to get evil ratchet mode

  23. Anonymous says:



    codes for everyone out there with this game on PS2(enter at pause menu)

    invincability:L1 L2 R1 R2 UP UP UP DOWN DOWN DOWN

    everything unlocked:UP LEFT R1 L2 DOWN UP UP UP UP UP

    99999999999999999999999999999999999 bolts:UP UP DOWN UP UP LEFT RIGHT


  25. ABC*s says:

    the gms ok,but deadlocked iz betR

  26. ABC*s says:

    if guru is gone, i can help. me&my 6 year-old bro have beat it countless times

  27. Howsaboutislapya says:

    Yo robocup,that game is AWESOME!

  28. big k says:

    jetty boom boom if you get the sheild link from slim cognito and level it up it will protect you greatly also i recomend using the gun turrets also from slim

  29. big k says:

    robo cup it rocks theres minigun turrets theres a lava gun theres a missle gun there are mini bots called agents of doom that when up graded get lasers and mini missles

  30. Spongey Bobby says:

    To robo cup winner: This game is so much fun. Buy it if you can. To goge and Jetty boom boom: To beat Nefarious, save your best weapons for last as you are about to aboard the ship. To beat the rockets in the beginning get good armor. The reason why I say to save your best weapons for last is that when you finish off 1/4th of his life he flies away and you have to battle enemys and get to him. This is when you should start using weapons like Agents of Dread. When you finish Nefarious off. Be prepared to do a ship battle against him with ______________! Sorry. No spoiling the best part of the game! To soraslostisis: You mean Florana? Come back to me on it. A question also to silver glitters. How do you get to Captain Qwark in Ratchet and Clank. I’ve gotten to where th water starts floodin but can’t past that.

  31. robo cup winner says:

    I was thinking of buying this game for my PS2 but i don’t know if i should buy it anyone want to tell me if its wroth my money?

  32. bigguns says:

    ooo ouch

    im sorry but that game is not that hard to beat so long as you got the big guns

    its pretty much just shoot and reload time and time again for every boss

  33. roadrunner says:

    Don’t use all of the ammo like the for the Nitro launcher, Shock Blaster Agents of Doom, and the Mine Glove. After nefarious calls you suckers, more enemies will be out there. Don’t stay too long behind something or the big robot will come.

    (Don’t bother killing everything.)

  34. soraslostsis says:

    i cant beat level 2

  35. silverglitters says:

    THESE GAMES ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only one I haven’t beat is #2 , Going commando!

  36. Jetty boom boom says:

    Oh yeah! Nefarious guy, how do you beat him? Is there any cheats? Help me anybody, expecially you games guru as i said stupidly before… IM DESPERATE!

  37. Jetty boom boom says:

    Oh yeah! Nefaqious guy, how do you beat him? Is there any cheats? Help me anybody, expecially you games guru as i said stupidly before… IM DESPERATE!

  38. Jetty boom boom says:

    Games Guru I’m not talking about the robot at the end of the made… gosh… I’m not talking about Courtney gears who was easy to beat but the man robot with the weird head and has that robot servent and when you have to beat him he asks for his servent fto help him but the servent isn’t avalailable! How do I beat him ? Is there any cheats? …. I”M REALLY DESPARATE? CAN ANYBODY HELP ME?

  39. Jetty boom boom says:

    How do you beat that main bad guy that is a robot and captures clank and switches him with a evil clank in ratchet and clank 3? Is there cheats. Tell me by writing it on the comment thing…. please. And whoever answers this is the best at Rachet and clank in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! PLEASE

  40. goge says:

    how do you beat nefarious?

  41. Anonymous says:

    I’ve collected the whole series

  42. Pat says:

    Doodle bob, What’s up? Where are u stuck?

  43. Pat says:

    Do you guys try to collect all of the trophies?

  44. doodle bob says:

    This game is frusterating

  45. game dude says:

    R and c games rock!!!!!!!!!

  46. hello? says:

    Yeah it’s O.K. I’m not it’s biggest fan!

  47. sypher says:

    i really like this game : )

  48. Pat says:

    do you guys do the next hardness level after you beat it? I do.

  49. Charizard rulz says:

    this game is really easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Hi11111111111111111111111111111 says:

    I beat the game dozens of times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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