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Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

At planet daxx, if you go up the stairs behind the weapons vendor, how do you defeat the bad guys with the gatlin guns up there?

Games Guru: Try using the Shock Blaster, the Shock Cannon or the Spitting Hydra as weapons. The Tempest is good, too. Remember, for the Robots, you have to jump up and shoot at the same time.

How do I get past all the bad guys on level 5? (The level right after Ratchet watches Cortney gears music video.)

Games Guru: I assume you are having problems with the robot at the end of the maze. Side-jump over its saws and back away from the flamethrower, then strike.

Comments about “Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal”

  1. michaelangelo says:

    what game system is this for

  2. bobtag123 says:

    Rachet and clank are awsome!!!I bought a 3 game combination which are Rachet and Clank, Rachet and clank going commando and Rachet and clank up your arsenal. I gotta say, i love the gun upgrading system in going commando and hope they have it in up your arsenal!!!!

  3. donne frugbai says:

    i love ratchet and clank.

  4. oh yeah says:

    i love r&c!!!! im on the terranoid place. my shock blaster is on lv.6or5

  5. astronut says:

    i love ratchet and clank i have the first tree for ps2 and i want to get all 4 one

    • rob says:

      my friends and i are playing all for 1. we’re on about level 20. be carful of the wigwump! Once you’ve climbed up the lighthouse,
      shoot the monsters
      with your COMBUSTER!!!!!

  6. avatar boss says:

    i have rachet and clank1,2,3,4,and size dosent matter

  7. kamikaz says:

    how can you earn badges .i am in the first planet and i can t pass to the second .plz help

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    i have ratchet 1,2,3,5 and i lost 4.

  10. pokedude says:

    I beat the game over 10 TIMES :p

  11. Giggiter14 says:

    Use the V5 RY3NO and you’ll win every time

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think this guy was playing on challenge mode, so he can’t get the Ry3no. Besides I doubt even if he could get it, he could afford it. 3 million bolts is alot you know.

  12. rc says:

    how do u get past body gurds

  13. Agent47 says:

    I also have the first ratchet and clank.

  14. Agent47 says:

    I have ratchet and clank up your arsenal,going commando,and ratchet and clank future. The first two games I said are better than ratchet and clank future.

  15. big jack says:

    I love all ratchet and clank games

  16. Caseyheat says:

    I have beaten this game 7 times and have got all the skill points and collected all the trophies [including the special one] if anyone needs help ask me.

  17. Alec$ says:

    Hello everybody! Hey, does anybody play ‘Rachet and Clank, going command?’

  18. ratchetandclankmaster says:

    To kdog10,
    Use the Annihilator (or Decimator) near the beginning on him. Also use the disc gun. His life should lower to about 75% when he runs off. I use Agents of Doom at this point and the RY3NO to get rid of the enimies blocking your path. Watch out for Nerfarious’s “laser beam”, it does some damage. When you finally reach the platfor versus Nerfarious, use lock on weapons (or any weapon if you’re a good shot). When he jumps into the air, unleash your mini turret guns. Hope this helps!

  19. i rul says:

    beat the game and you get a challenge game,enimies r tufer

  20. ratchetandclankmaster says:

    dear bob2018, i personally thought up your arsenal was the best in the series.

  21. bob2018 says:

    Buy Ratchet deadlocked, it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  22. ratchet and clank master says:

    dear kdog10, i need to know which time you are talking about. There are two times you fight Nefarious. During the qwark vid-comic, and on the last level.

  23. DA MAN says:

    I have the most awesome cheat. Press Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square to get unlimited ammo for all your guns. You can use the ahnillilator the whole time!

  24. Kdog10 says:

    Could you help me ratchet and clank master?

  25. Kdog10 says:

    I need help! I can’t beet dr. nefarius!

  26. Dockaboo811 says:

    i beat this game 3 times! its easy except it gets MUCH harder! I have a collection of these games! one more to go!

  27. ????????? says:

    What’s Ratchet and Clank?

  28. Gingy says:

    I thought the game was awesome! Except for the Crash Site. I LOVED the Annihalation Nation was a cool setup for the arena. That would be funny if a Morph-o-Ray did go off in someone’s pants, wouldn’t it? XD Also, how do you get the “Strive for arcade perfection’ and “Stay squeaky clean” skill points?

  29. ratchet and clank master says:

    dear lolz, i am a big fan of the V8 decimator, but the RHINO3 is probably the best weapon on the game.

  30. ratchet & Clank master says:

    I can tell anyone whatever they need to know about this game, i’ve beaten it a thousand times with 100%

  31. lolz says:

    what are the best weapons to use?

  32. pieman says:

    for mastersword456 yes i have got the ninja sword (it is actuly called the doublr sided laser sword) and im not sure if i remember but i think the code is Circle,Circle, square square, if not say and i will look it up.

  33. Goldcloud899 says:

    Dude, I am the R&C: U.Y.P. master! I beat the game 7 times and have 189,058,674,374,645 bolts!

  34. flamedudeman55 says:

    hey the best, try nerves of titanium. if you can’t beat it, try the plasma whip.

  35. flamedudeman55 says:

    yo, JAM, big whop, i had that prob too, but, use a disc claner/fixer. it works!

  36. flamedudeman55 says:

    r&c 2 is so easy that i beat it over 5 times in less than 2 hours

  37. JAM says:

    I used to have this game but my dad scratched it up.

  38. Reg says:

    for mr mr don’t do the crash site without good armor, and upgraded guns, use the lava gun, ahhnihilatior, plasma coil, disc blade gun and bouncer in Ahhnihilation nation until there on final upgrade.

    ps save Ahhnihilator for gatling gun dudes

    pss you spelt crash site wrong

    psss plasma coil and bouncer are not avalible yet

  39. Reg says:

    for Jetty Boom Boom to beat doctor nefarious, use the Ahhnihilator, disc blade Gun, Splitter Rifle (flux rifle upgrade), and the plasma coil (get it from slim cognito)

  40. Reg says:

    In the boss fight Dr.Nefarious don’t use the RY3NO, use the ahhnihiliator ( I hope I spelled that right)

  41. ninja says:

    oh i forgot to tell you.look up ratchet and clank cheats.(it could be any ratchet and clank.)

  42. ninja says:

    ratchet and clank 1 is SUPER easy. once i freaked out because i beat the game in 2 miniouts. ITS A NEW RECORD!:-)

  43. Mastersword456 says:

    Hey everybody dont play this game until you beat going commando because you get free weapons from slim codinto if you have them in going commando

  44. Mastersword456 says:

    blackdiamond i never had a problem with the whole game becaus iy beat like 20 times(after the first time i kept beating it in challenge mode for the bolt mulitplier and the RYNO)Also do u have the ninja sword

  45. Mastersword456 says:

    Physx that fight would be good but the problem is which jak?Jak3 ,Jak2, or Jak1

  46. blackdiamond says:

    Quote: “GET MEE PAST THAT CRASH SIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    All you have to do is use long jump with your agents of death following behind. Do not stop to kill any enemies just keep deploying agents of death every once and a while. When you run out of agents of death use turrets. (I recommend that those 2 weapons be lvl 5 or higher)

  47. says:


  48. wohoo says:

    i bet u all there will be 6 one

  49. PhysX says:

    I love these games the best in video game besides halo!

  50. PhysX says:

    I’ve beat every game but up your arsenal there all easy but this one vs. nefarious! only vs. nefaroius its hard. :)

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