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Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

At planet daxx, if you go up the stairs behind the weapons vendor, how do you defeat the bad guys with the gatlin guns up there?

Games Guru: Try using the Shock Blaster, the Shock Cannon or the Spitting Hydra as weapons. The Tempest is good, too. Remember, for the Robots, you have to jump up and shoot at the same time.

How do I get past all the bad guys on level 5? (The level right after Ratchet watches Cortney gears music video.)

Games Guru: I assume you are having problems with the robot at the end of the maze. Side-jump over its saws and back away from the flamethrower, then strike.

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  2. how to get evil ratchet mode


  4. A BOY YOU WILL NEVA KNOW // July 22, 2007 at 1:00 pm // Reply

    codes for everyone out there with this game on PS2(enter at pause menu)

    invincability:L1 L2 R1 R2 UP UP UP DOWN DOWN DOWN

    everything unlocked:UP LEFT R1 L2 DOWN UP UP UP UP UP

    99999999999999999999999999999999999 bolts:UP UP DOWN UP UP LEFT RIGHT


  5. the gms ok,but deadlocked iz betR

  6. if guru is gone, i can help. me&my 6 year-old bro have beat it countless times

  7. Howsaboutislapya // July 1, 2007 at 10:12 pm // Reply

    Yo robocup,that game is AWESOME!

  8. jetty boom boom if you get the sheild link from slim cognito and level it up it will protect you greatly also i recomend using the gun turrets also from slim

  9. robo cup it rocks theres minigun turrets theres a lava gun theres a missle gun there are mini bots called agents of doom that when up graded get lasers and mini missles

  10. Spongey Bobby // June 29, 2007 at 4:59 pm // Reply

    To robo cup winner: This game is so much fun. Buy it if you can. To goge and Jetty boom boom: To beat Nefarious, save your best weapons for last as you are about to aboard the ship. To beat the rockets in the beginning get good armor. The reason why I say to save your best weapons for last is that when you finish off 1/4th of his life he flies away and you have to battle enemys and get to him. This is when you should start using weapons like Agents of Dread. When you finish Nefarious off. Be prepared to do a ship battle against him with ______________! Sorry. No spoiling the best part of the game! To soraslostisis: You mean Florana? Come back to me on it. A question also to silver glitters. How do you get to Captain Qwark in Ratchet and Clank. I’ve gotten to where th water starts floodin but can’t past that.

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