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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

My friend told me that there is a way to get flaming arrows; however, every time I tried, I couldn’t get them. Is it really true, and if so, how?

Games Guru: He’s wrong. Only the Bulblins have fiery arrows. Watch out: They’ll burn your wooden shield!

I’m always running out of arrows for my bow. Where is the best place to find more arrows?

Games Guru: Officially, there’s no easy way to get more arrows. But actually, there’s one way to get Infinite Bomb Arrows. Watch this:

How do you find the bridge?

Games Guru: Which bridge?  This game has many.

Do you have to hit all the windmills at once to get the big key with the gale boomerang in the forest temple?

Games Guru: Not only do you need to hit all four windmills with one throw, but you need to hit them in the correct order. Have a look at the artwork on the floor for a clue about the order of things in this case.

In the Ordona region, how can you get a slingshot and how can I get past the gate?

Games Guru: Give a fish to the cat and the cat will go home. Once the cat goes home, the shopkeeper will sell you a slingshot.

Where can you get all the heart pieces in Goron Mines?

Games Guru: The first heart piece is two chambers away from the room in which you meet Gor Amoto–the Goron Elder. The next heart piece is easy to get, but getting there is hard to explain. Remember the room in which there was a pool with a fence over much of the water? You cross under the water to get past the fence. Solve that room and head south to find the next heart piece.

I’m stuck on the ice mastion on GameCube. I have to push three blocks around and one has to land on the switch so I can get to the 2nd floor that is locked by the pressure switch. Please help.

Games Guru: There are two blocks along the southern wall. Push the block on the left side right until it hits the block on the right, then push it south to activate the switch.

How can you get rupees fast on the Wii?

Games Guru: How are you at fishing?

Comments about “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”

  1. kkljlj says:

    this is the best zelda

  2. link says:

    this is the best zelda ever and i’ve completed it twice

  3. Link says:

    i’ve finished the game and it was very fun

  4. link man says:

    so I’m in the village in the west and i don’t know how to get all the tears of light if you can help me with this it will be greatly appreciated. :)

  5. sycopath says:

    yeah this is like the best game on wii yet .stiil on it

  6. GameKing says:

    I need to know where the light bugs at the second temple are.

  7. link 2 says:

    i’m at the lake bed temple. how do you get the piece of heart?

  8. kiari says:

    I already finish it and I don’t get why it’s rated T. It’s so easy!!!!

  9. Minecraft lover says:

    love the game a lot!!!

  10. bud says:

    I beat the game

  11. Link says:

    I’m pretty sure you can’t get them in this zelda game

  12. not so master gamer says:

    I can not get past this place that has a bunch of spinning bridges. I only have three of four monkeys also. Could I have some help?

  13. MDofficial says:

    This is definitely my favorite Zelda game. The graphics are amazing, and has a really great ending.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is my favorte Wii game and I’ve already beat it soo fun

  15. tenderfoot says:

    im on the twilight palace and so far my favorite boss was stallord

  16. tenderfoot says:

    im in my first year and on twilight palace

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