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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

My friend told me that there is a way to get flaming arrows; however, every time I tried, I couldn’t get them. Is it really true, and if so, how?

Games Guru: He’s wrong. Only the Bulblins have fiery arrows. Watch out: They’ll burn your wooden shield!

I’m always running out of arrows for my bow. Where is the best place to find more arrows?

Games Guru: Officially, there’s no easy way to get more arrows. But actually, there’s one way to get Infinite Bomb Arrows. Watch this:

How do you find the bridge?

Games Guru: Which bridge?  This game has many.

Do you have to hit all the windmills at once to get the big key with the gale boomerang in the forest temple?

Games Guru: Not only do you need to hit all four windmills with one throw, but you need to hit them in the correct order. Have a look at the artwork on the floor for a clue about the order of things in this case.

In the Ordona region, how can you get a slingshot and how can I get past the gate?

Games Guru: Give a fish to the cat and the cat will go home. Once the cat goes home, the shopkeeper will sell you a slingshot.

Where can you get all the heart pieces in Goron Mines?

Games Guru: The first heart piece is two chambers away from the room in which you meet Gor Amoto–the Goron Elder. The next heart piece is easy to get, but getting there is hard to explain. Remember the room in which there was a pool with a fence over much of the water? You cross under the water to get past the fence. Solve that room and head south to find the next heart piece.

I’m stuck on the ice mastion on GameCube. I have to push three blocks around and one has to land on the switch so I can get to the 2nd floor that is locked by the pressure switch. Please help.

Games Guru: There are two blocks along the southern wall. Push the block on the left side right until it hits the block on the right, then push it south to activate the switch.

How can you get rupees fast on the Wii?

Games Guru: How are you at fishing?

Comments about “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”

  1. link says:

    how do you beat the room with the spiders

    • Trascout says:

      Do you mean the Skulltula nests in the Forest Temple? Yuck! I hate spiders! Skulltulas give me the heebie-geebies.

  2. joshua21 says:

    How do I get past the death mountain. I can’t find a way to the boss once I get to the megnatic room where I use my Iron Boots.

  3. christian says:

    how do you get past the first dungeon boss!

    • a loser says:

      shoot the birds carrying bombs they will drop at your feet throw them at the boss when the boss falls down and the eye on its tongue is exposed attack the eye eventually you will win or get mad and not play for awhile…

  4. person says:

    just a question, i’m on the water temple and i’m just wondering what item i’m supposed to get there.

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      clawshot. time to slay some deku toad!!! (no joke, that’s what that ugly thing’s called)

    • wolf link123 says:

      CLAWSHOT!!!!!!!!!! P.s. there is a mini game in castle town that can get you a biggger quiver it is a big tent.

  5. the essence of the triforce says:

    some things i hope for in the next zelda game: stronger enemies, sword beams, ganon(dorf) having a better involvement in the game, higher difficulty, and the abbility to fly.

    • Cheezy says:

      Nintendo should give Zelda different difficulties. Easy, normal, hard, intense, and INSANE, which would be as hard as beating halo 3 ODST on legendary solo with all skulls on.

  6. game maker says:

    this game is easy i did it with no cheats or guide books. i have beat it 20 times and know every secrect

  7. IsaacGoldenSun says:

    okay, this game was too easy for me (mabye it was because I had I guidebook) But With that Guidebook at my side, I will help anyone!

  8. awesomeman says:


  9. Zelda says:

    I’ve beeten it six times!

  10. guy says:

    How do you beat the fossil stalord?

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      oh, heck, that’s easy. all you have to do is take the spinner and spin into his spine 3 times. then spin in the thing in the center. finally, ride up the inside, switching to dodge spike things and energy balls. when he’s next to you, jump out and slash away!!!!

  11. big boy says:

    How do i beat Gananddorgh

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      ok, the easiest way is to cast your fishing rod, it’ll distract him, letting you get a few hits in. also, use the back slice. if chance appears, you have to tap a and shake the wiimote. (why can no one spell GANONDORF?) [i know that’s right]

    • Trascout says:

      Big Boy, the way to beat Ganondorf goes like this:
      Part 1: Possessed Zelda
      You have to deflect the balls of light with the Master Sword and dodge her other attacks.
      Part 2: Beast Ganon
      You have to find out which portal hes going to come out of, get in front of him, and press a certain button when it appears, then tilt the d pad whichever way you want and latch on onto his belly while hes down repeat. 2 B contd….

    • Trascout says:

      Big Boy heres the last 2 steps: Part 3: Horseman Ganon
      Dodge the ghost horses and line uo to where zelda can shoot him w/ a light arrow, quickly ride up & slash him, repeat
      Step 4: Ganondorf uses back slices and when ever a Chance icon appears. TAKE IT start pressing a certain button and then press the finish icon and YOUR DONE!

  12. big boy says:

    How do I get past mirror of twiligt

  13. Natscout says:

    Im talking about the inside of his mouth by the way.

  14. Natscout says:

    Who esle thinks that Gannondorf’s mouth is just badly animated, it’s just two half olvals sttuck together, N64 anime bro! When I told my friend about the mouth, he litterally went out snd bought the game just to see that little thing I told him!

  15. Natscout says:

    To legend of Zelda mastr, what part of the water temple are you stuck in?

  16. Legend of Zelda mastr says:

    How in the world do you get past the dreaded Water Temple??

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      dude, all i can say is, try. if you seriosly get stuck, look online (even though i don’t have a life, at least i didn’t memorize the temples.

      • Legend of Zelda mastr says:

        Who says I memorize them? I am seriously stuck though. I’ll take your advice and look online.

  17. Natscout says:

    Im hear to help with any questions you may have about this game.

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      to make sure you beat the game, what is ganondorf’s boss description (like twilit parasite is diababa’s)?

      • dark link says:

        there are two versions of Ganondorf i have a guide and it says you battle a possessed Zelda(reflect her balls of light back at her w/ your sword) then Ganondorf as a dark beast and finally Ganondorf on horse back (use arrows) and in an enchanted ring(use sword) hope this helps ;)

      • the essence of the triforce says:

        yo, i didn’t need help, i’ve beaten the game 4 times.

    • wolf link123 says:

      how do i get past the gorn mines

  18. the essence of the triforce says:

    to king:

    zelda: bounce back energy balls
    ganon: shoot in head with arrow, slash at stomach until midna says to turn into wolf, then grab his head, throw him, and attack him.
    ganondorf: backslash, cast fishing rod, or chance (tap a while shaking wii remote)
    (this sounds funny because of character limit)

  19. the essence of the triforce says:

    trivia answer!!

    the answer is:


    you can tell because her icon is cracked (and you should know the sage icons if you’ve played ocarina of time).

  20. King says:

    How do you defeat the last three bosses in the gome( Possesd Zelda, Gannondorf [dog], and Gannondorf [human])

  21. the essence of the triforce says:

    to dark link:

    use the gale boomerang to put out the carrage fires. another hit: shoot birds with bombs. hey, does anyone know where twilight wolf is?

  22. the essence of the triforce says:


    what sage did ganondorf kill?

  23. dark link says:

    I keep getting stuck can anyone help me save the carriage from setting on fire?

  24. wolf link says:

    the essence of the triforce you are half correct the twilite princess is… SPOILER ALERT! sorry you’ll have to keep playing to find out.

  25. Link says:

    I beat the sub boss and got the bow

  26. Link says:

    Where are you stuc

  27. Link says:

    I cought it he took it

  28. Link says:

    This game rock so fun but be careful

  29. Link says:

    apply to them both that is

  30. Link says:

    I’ve beat this game umm 2, 3 times. And no it dosen’t.

  31. Alex says:

    how do you beet the goron mines

  32. person says:

    how do i get a fish for the cat? and i found a basket on a big rock . what do i do with it?

    • ghl says:

      to person
      fist fish then once you get one press a to give it to the cat and with the basket give it to coles mom

  33. Pokekid510 says:

    How is this game from a scale of 1-10 :l

  34. the essence of the triforce says:

    to helpsomeone:

    first, to start, you should have the iron boots equiped with your bow. so, after you shoot him in the head he runs around like crazy. quickly, put on the iron boots and grab a chain. pull on it until he falls over. then take off the boots, and slash at his head. repeat until you kill him, get the fused shadow, and another heart container.

  35. helpsomeone says:

    how do u beat fyrus? i shoot him in the head, he runs around, then i die :(

  36. Alex says:


  37. the essence of the triforce says:

    to Alex:
    this is one of the stranger parts of the game since you have to catch a fish twice. the first time you get the fish and drop it. the second time the cat steals it and the story continues.

  38. Alex says:

    how to give the cat a fish

  39. the essence of the triforce says:

    hey, since no one’s posted recently, i’ll just make an observation: the title twilight princess (at the beginning of the game) applies to both midna and zelda.

  40. Twilight Wolf says:

    To Zelda Freak,
    It works, but he looks more confused than spacy.

  41. Twilight Wolf says:

    I doesn’t work Zelda Freak….

  42. the essence of the triforce says:

    to Zelda Freak:
    this is true, but he looks for confused, as in “why the **** deoes this ******* cast his fishing rod at me, ganondorf, the great king of evil?!”

  43. Zelda Freak says:

    I read somewhere (I’m not sure) that in the final battle with ganon, if you take out your fishing rod and cast it, ganon stares into space. When you yank the fishing rod, he stays paralyzed for a few seconds, allowing you to get a few cheap shots.

  44. the essence of the triforce says:

    hey! who called me fat!?

  45. the essence of the cheeseforce says:

    essence of the trifroce is fat haha

  46. minda says:

    jack stuck you don’t have to get them out if you continue the game they’ll get out

    p.s. the goron mines mines might have something to do with it ll

  47. minda says:

    JACKAL i have the guide and i’m stuck where you are so don’t get the guide to figure out how to do that part because it only tells you what to do in what order and how to beat the bosses so do bring your bow and arrows your boomorang bombs and the hawk eye (equip the bombs/hawk eye to the bow)

  48. the essence of the triforce says:

    to Twilight Wolf:
    3 things:
    1. i agree
    2. why did you put the same comment up twice?
    3. YOU DIDN’T ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!!! (i’m talking about the very end of the game when link slammed the master sword through ganondorf’s chest and ganondorf says a very unique quote: “This isn’t over…the tale of light and dark shall be writen in blood!!!” right after that)

  49. Twilight Wolf says:

    To the essence of the triforce, no problem, I completely agree with you about inaccurate info and the Game Guru’s inaccurate info on these games. :D

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