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Sly Cooper 3

I cannot get past the part where the one guy scuba dives into the ocean to get Sly’s cane. How do I get past this part?

Games Guru: This is a cool game because parts of it are in 3-D. Lots of people get stuck at Level 6. It is not easy. What you have to do is possess the sharks. After being possessed, the Guru (not me) can lead packs of sharks to attack the buoy. Attack it enough and the cane, which is Sly’s main weapon, will be returned to you.

Do you have any tips?

Games Guru: In the 3rd episode, when Sly is the pilot, you can change his plane. Press Start to pause, then hit R1, R1, Right, Down, Down, Right. Start playing: You have a cooler plane!

Complete the whole game and get Dimitri’s Greasy Sweet Remix Music Video. You can do it!

Finish 80 percent of the Sly 3 and 15 city events. The bonus: a making-of Sly 3 movie.

In the episode with pirates, pickpocket the guards to make tons of easy money.

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  1. Zelker says:

    Sly 4 will be released in THE END OF 2012

  2. Zelker says:

    Sly 4 is supposed to be realesed about the end of 2012, I hope it’s good, because I grew up with the sly series,

  3. New Frank says:

    I worship Sly Cooper Collection

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