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Wario Land: Shake It!

I’d like to know a couple of tips. I enjoy reading your articles and can’t wait to see it every month.

Games Guru: Unlockable: A secret song in the Media Room. Finish 100 percent of the game’s missions. To unlock gold-lined decorations and objects in Wario’s Room, acquire 100 percent of the game’s treasures. Beating all the levels gives you a crown next to your name.

Unlockable: Stage Selection and Maps.
To return to any stage you want (and battle any boss you want), finish 100 percent of the game. You can also unlock secret maps by finishing the game.

Comments about “Wario Land: Shake It!”

  1. Clank says:

    I stopped playing it after I got to the ship.

  2. cheese says:


  3. JT says:

    Dear Game Guru,

    I just discovered how to defeat the Shake King, but thank you for trying and for the other tips for Wario Land Shake It!

  4. luigi eli says:

    how do you beat Blomsday?

    • cheeseman says:

      When he is blowing you have to keep one of those enemies that you can hold. Then when his protective root thing goes down, throw the enemy at Bloomsday. It,s really hard but you may get the hang of it after a while.

  5. luigi eli says:


  6. Wiidsi9087 says:

    It gets boring after a while.

  7. danii says:

    how do beat the last part in the last boss?

  8. souls says:

    i lov it

  9. Giant Piece of Food says:

    If there was a Mario Land Shake it, Wario and Bowser Would Be a boss

  10. r.j. says:

    I love wario land shake it.

  11. gamenerd says:

    recovery potions. do basically the regular way, jumping whale he’s dashing and he does that move where he punches the ground, jump and shakethe remote once you land

  12. ND ZONE says:

    I have the game Wario Land Shake It.

  13. JT says:

    How do you defeat the Shake King, in the Thunder course, in Wario Land Shake It!

    Thank You,

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