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Animal Crossing: Wild World

How do you get Nookington?

Games Guru: You don’t have to reach membership status to get Nookington. Just spend 240,000 bells at Nook’s shop. After that, he will post a sign saying he is upgrading. Browse your catalog for expensive items: The moon is pretty pricey. Buy many of them and send them to neighbors. You’ll get Nookington gifts in the mail.

Comments about “Animal Crossing: Wild World”

  1. Anonymous says:

    you can get money out rocks

  2. game guro2 says:

    you can defy gravity in the game.

  3. chuawawa says:

    HEY HURRICANE! how do you get the golden slingshot if there is one

  4. suzukiboy says:

    I only have city folk. I know a trick for it: Buy 2 shovels, then bury one, come back the next day and dig it up and you have a golden shovel!

  5. 54 bergman says:

    I LOVE THAT GAME! you get stuff in the mail,send letters, my sister thinks that “Roesly” likes me because she calls me sparckles,

  6. Ridley XD says:

    This is weird… I typed in the city’s name to be Norfair, and my character was wearing a flame shirt, and there were only oranges. Oh, and if you shoot down a spaceship then retrieve all the parts, talk to the bird and sometimes, he’ll ask you if you’ve ever met who can turn into a ball (Samus) or a fox who flies a fighter. (Fox, of course.)

  7. supermariofan says:

    I always invite my friends over.

  8. madenjah says:

    weird experience with the bug net, I was using the ar to run at warp speed with the bug net out, when I suddenly ran into tom nook’s store! I was so startled, I pressed a and swung the bug net ito the building and caught A FLEA! I was suprised and laghed for about 20 minutes, then I turned the flea in to the museum. turnes out they cost 70 bucks a pop so I emptied out my pockets and swung my net at buildings till I had 99,999,999 without using the money code!

  9. Xplant says:

    INCORRECT, game guru!You get Nookingtons by getting a friend to your town and buying something from nookways!

  10. Xplant says:

    I wonder what Animal Crossing 3DS will be like…

    Maybe there will be a fourth pelican (The third one is pete the mailman), called Penelope! (She’ll probably be orange)

  11. Xplant says:

    Hey ??????????,

    I REALLY don’t believe that!

    Anyway, I’ve heard that Dinkoids sound like Sputnoids. Is that true?

  12. ?????????? says:

    Also I gave that tip for Sonic and the black knight;D

  13. ?????????? says:

    HEY HURRICANE!!!!!!!!! I heard that if you shoot Gulliver’s UFO down a certain amount of times he’ll take you to the moon and there will be a weird tree with a rare fruit. Is this true?

  14. cooldude says:

    cehets for money is only for R4

  15. nothing says:

    I have this game for the D.S.

  16. Rabbid says:

    What is a Rainbow Feather?!

  17. Wheezy says:

    I love Animal Crossing Wild World!

  18. hello says:

    how do i get cheats for money with out acition replay ds

  19. Peeach says:

    wut dus goldin stuf do?

  20. josh says:

    you can get a dog buy planting a sholve and tern for 24 hours thenyou have a dog under your bed

  21. dome3456789 says:

    How do you get rid of weeds fast, without using action replay?

  22. dome3456789 says:

    How do you change the time?! Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. MysteryMan says:

    What are the cheats from action replay for this game?

    • DJ DUDE says:

      you can use the acion replay and make the game M for mature (does not change the game) or press L+R and make all the weeds turn to individual bags of 69,000 bells each.

  24. annoyed says:

    weeds it aint worth it

  25. pokemon123456789 says:

    I shot down the u.f.o!

    • Rabbid says:

      So… how’s the toucan. If you didn’t catch him, he’s somewhere on the beach, and has amnesia. The toucan’s name is Gulliver. You have to find a spaceship part (a gear/cog) and give it to him. he gives you a rare piece of furniture and leaves town after saying goodbye. He may come back and forget who you are. Repeat the process if he does. Bye!

  26. Pokemaster P says:

    To Anonymous,

    To get bigger houses, you need to pay off your house loan(s)
    A lot of other people can answer that question, but in City Folk, sell mushrooms you can randomly.
    I’m guessing “pounds” means bells. See above.
    Use Action Replay to get quick stuff.

  27. ninja says:

    action replay is awesome

  28. ranmainu says:

    Hi I own Animal Crossing Wild World to and to answer your question “Anonymous” there IS no Animal Crossing two that will come out except Animal Crossing City for the Wii.

  29. Anonymous says:

    how to get quick stuff

  30. Anonymous says:

    how to get 240,000 pounds quick

  31. Anonymous says:

    how to get quick cash

  32. Anonymous says:

    when will animal crossing 2 come out

  33. Anonymous says:

    how do you get a bigger house

  34. dude 46553 says:

    seems juvinileish but it is very fun. i like it when a cat moves
    in to town I LOVE CATS A LOT!!!!!!

  35. WIIman2465 says:

    hey hurricane does the cheats in wild world work in city folk?

  36. Hurricane1973 says:

    Hello ask me any questions.Just say HEY HURRICANE!

  37. chudlyman54 says:

    To get a golden shovel, bury a shovel for 24 hours. To get the golden net and rod, you have to catch all bugs/fish.

  38. DSIdude says:

    I love the game, oh yeah, how to get the golden slingshot, there will be a golden slingshot in the sky… SHOOT IT DOWN! :)

  39. jetigig says:

    If you plant a fruit that is not local, like a coconut or something else you got from a friend, wait until it grows into a tree, pick the fruit then plant some and sell some and get lots of bells! P.S I have a coconut orchard.

  40. Caseyfam says:

    Perdo, Bury a regular shovel, and in one day, dig it up. DO NOT DIG IT UP BEFORE A COMPLETE DAY! So make sure you know what time you buried it at.

  41. Pokemaster P says:

    Get fruit different from your local fruit.

    sell it at nooks

  42. FRED5584 says:

    I love it so much. Except my sister won’t share.

  43. game guru says:

    to get fast cash, you can hit rocks with a shovel every day, one random rock per day shoots money out of it, the highest amount of money i got was 8000 bells. hint: keep hitting the rock!

  44. johnmaster10 says:

    i beat it, i got every thing, but it took forever.

  45. perdo says:

    On the Wii I know how to get a gold shovel

    • Rabbid says:

      Yes. Get two shovels. Not your silver from Resetti. Regular shovels. use one shovel to bury the other and wait 5 days from then. Dig it up and you find a golden shovel. Bye!

  46. Rich99 says:

    I love Animal Crossing Wild World if you use Action Replay ( a cheat mecanism ) you can get 999,999,999 bells in the bank. I used most of the to buy a house with 6 rooms Nook said I couldn’t make my house any bigger! ;D

  47. Prsonic says:

    How to get bells fast
    1.Go to the beach pick up all the shells.
    2.Sell them to tom nook.

  48. Jackmann says:

    I love animal crossing

  49. imy says:

    ds dude I don,t get it when you say put some money in the bank how much do you put in? I know ways of geetting quick cash. You need to change the clock to 2000 the put 2 bells in your bank skip to 2099 and get your bells back from your bank. It might not work the first time.

    • K-Man says:

      to get fast cash make sure the year is 2000 before doing this, put 1 bell in the bank and then save and turn off. change the year to 2099 and you will get mail from the bank saying you have 99,999 bells in the bank. u can do it multiple times. it stops working after a while though. the only downside is the weeds

  50. Ds dude says:

    I know how to get bells fast
    1. Put some money in the bank
    2. Skip foferd in time
    the you have a lot of cash

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