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Boom Blox

Dear Games Guru, I can’t beat Monolith. Please help.

Games Guru: Here’s what you need to do. You’ll find four Blox protruding from the bottom of Monolith. Keep hitting them and they’ll come out. Then, the whole structure will fall like a house of cards. Eight throws for a bronze medal is pretty easy. Getting the gold is more difficult.

Comments about “Boom Blox”

  1. PkmnTrainerWhite says:

    I know a code! When you get to the first or second menu up down left right. Type in tool pool. On create mode you have all the tools to all the tools to use.I hope this is clear.

  2. alex says:

    where do you buy boomblox 2?

  3. txt dude says:

    IS THERE ANYONE WHO GOT GOLD ON MONOLITH?!? I beat it but I want gold. Geev me heents! (give me hints.)

  4. oph says:

    i lov it!!!!(i don’t have it but my grandma has it for wii)

  5. Carbison says:

    Sorry, I made a typo. But is supposed to be put. Sorry Comic Lover! :(

  6. Carbison says:

    Yeah, Comic Lover, they should but on BOOM BLOX Bash Party.

  7. Teh might block buster says:

    I wish this game was on the DS and XBox360!

  8. Comic Lover says:

    does anyone here know how to use blox time?

  9. Bob says:

    Boom blox ROX

  10. easy peasy says:

    this game is to easy.

  11. anonymous says:

    i here for an answer to for the sequel:how do you beat the last heroic lvl?

  12. Comic Lover says:

    Who is monolith?!?!? P.S They should put on BOOM BLOX Bash Party!!

  13. pret man c says:

    so cool

  14. pret man c says:


  15. 1230 says:

    they don`t it is only for Wii to: gamer guy

  16. gamer guy says:

    That sounds fun hope thay have it for ps2

  17. yung vick says:

    boom blox is a fun game

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