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Flappy Pedro

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  1. Root beer man says:

    I got 143

  2. da awsome one says:

    this game is terrible I was waiting 2-3 months for a game and I get a rip off of an already terrible game
    oh and for ds dsi and Wii players who read this if you see this in time spread it around the site Nintendo is cutting Wi-Fi for the above devices and their games may 20th incase you missed the wii mail

  3. MYSELF!!! says:

    My sister is better at this than I am (my score: 249 hers: 318)

  4. gamer54 says:

    this game is EASIER than flappy bird

  5. Mr.Scout says:

    It wood be cool if you could pick you own charicter with a selection of charicters from the funny comics in the magazines.

  6. da awsome dude says:

    72 first try beat that

  7. mask60 says:

    Well, I am glad I beat my high score of flappy birds which is a grand total of 1.

  8. Awesome dude says:

    In this game Pedro is just a head flapping his ears to fly… /:

  9. kitten says:

    nice 145

  10. greninja says:

    419 beat that!

  11. thisismybrothersaccount says:

    AWSOME!!!!!! :-D

  12. Popcorn says:

    the ear flap thing is just plain creepy

  13. awesome says:

    I GOT 9284!!!!


  14. storm18 says:

    this is like replacing Zombotron all over again!

  15. tolkien nerd says:


  16. Captain Weedwacker says:

    I will beat that, boy 34x, 753! :P

  17. pokemon master says:

    it wont load on my computer?

  18. flappy says:

    this is like flappy bird

  19. awetgq3 hubq4ir says:

    on real flappy bird i gots me 81 its better and funnerer

  20. moo cow for life says:

    Great game! Or not.Naaaa.:)

  21. Cheese :) says:

    Wow way easier than Flappy Bird!

    • knothead says:

      I think flappy bird is slightly easier because you don’t have to hold the screen and the bird goes down faster, but this is pretty good.

  22. meeeeee says:

    YAY 218.

  23. P0keF4n says:

    i’ve never played flappy bird before!

  24. the man says:

    pretty good

  25. tolkien nerd says:

    218 yay!

  26. Jones says:

    pretty cool.

  27. flap says:

    176 sec. try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. DEADPOOL says:

    well the flying head is creepy

  29. awesome guy says:

    wont laod for me

  30. jyfht says:

    so close!!!!!!! 512

  31. fjyrtdk, says:

    412. pretty easy.

  32. swathedtomb85 says:

    I’ve been waiting for BL to come out with a new game for a really long time and we get this! LAME!!!

  33. Captain Weedwacker says:

    I’m with Jedi Elf Wizard Dude. I’m kinda disappointed. This game is so dang far-fetched. You’d think they’d be a little more creative!

  34. YOUR MOM says:

    The pedro head is creepy ;(

  35. JET says:

    173…not bad for a scoutmaster, eh?

  36. Captain Weedwacker says:

    488. This is actually harder than flappy bird

  37. Jedi Elf Wizard Dude says:

    I’ve been waiting for BL’s next game, and was all excited until I saw that this is just like flappy bird, which is arguably the worst game ever. “Flappy” isn’t even a word! I’m really disappointed with BL.

  38. moo the cow says:

    great game !!!!!!!@:):_

  39. captainarmstrnga11tv says:

    the easiest version of flappy bird/wings ever!

  40. swathedtomb85 says:

    I got 443

  41. gfhqwru h says:


  42. Anonymous says:


  43. bob the builder says:

    This is basically Flappy Bird.

  44. Thor says:


  45. JJJJJAm says:

    I agree with bobby. they need mor charictures to choose form

  46. BOBBY The Bobber says:

    They really should choose from different characters

  47. boy 34 x says:

    623! beat that ya’ll

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