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Flappy Pedro

Jump on the bandwagon and help the flying mailburro navigate the mountains to deliver the mail.
(Editor’s Note: We couldn’t resist, and we apologize in advance!)

Jump on the bandwagon and help the flying mailburro navigate the mountains to deliver the mail.
(Editor’s Note: We couldn’t resist, and we apologize in advance!)

Comments about “Flappy Pedro”

  1. StormShadow says:

    Woah this looks totally epic!


  2. white night says:

    1, can’t get any lower than that 😰

  3. bill7491 says:

    just as hard as the original

  4. doodman says:

    this game is soo lame

  5. LogicMan says:

    Gee, I didn’t know that mountain came down from the sky….

  6. rosie&georgeCA says:

    exactly 200

  7. SSXfan says:


  8. 123rosie_rocks says:

    ok that is very very creepy and the graphics scare me but it is easier then flappy bird and also i like how you can hold it down instead of clicking really fast! but over all good game but one more time: CREEPY first try 91 bummer

  9. WHYME? says:

    i like it i can finally play a flappy game on the coumputer! high score: 653

  10. YawaHUH? says:

    I got 99….. yay me?

  11. awesomeminecraft says:


  12. yeah says:

    325 first time

  13. flappy king says:

    Its fun

  14. splurge says:

    i scored 1! LAB

  15. splurge says:


  16. neifbuf says:


  17. king awesome says:

    103 first try

  18. dude says:

    way 2 hard

  19. Rango says:

    2050 beat that

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Shanene says:

    191 second try

  22. SQUID22 says:

    its to hard to flap his ears and he has no body

  23. The Wurm says:

    More fun and easier than “Flappy Bird” .

  24. pokemon says:

    181 for my first try

  25. Voxman says:

    1,947 BOOM BOOM BAM!

  26. Baby-Pantz says:


  27. Nachocheeseguy says:

    I got a 436!WORD!!

  28. mr.sir says:

    not bad

  29. The Batman says:

    I’ve seen a lot of Flappy Bird rip-off’s.Like Flappy Fish,Flappy Wings,even Harry Style and Justin Bieber.But this is the worst I have ever seen!This is nothing like Flappy Bird at all!

  30. what dose the fox say? says:

    this is a fun game but the pedro head.FREAKY! Also I got 100.

  31. 6793876687h4g says:

    my best 986

  32. king dedede says:

    Personally, I don’t think this is a very good game. For one thing, the scoring system isn’t even the same as Flappy Bird. You get FIVE points for every mountain you pass, and there are also other things you can knock down that also give you points. By the time you reach ten mountains, you could potentially have 200 points. One good thing is that it’s relatively easier. But seriously, it’s just a burro head with ears that allow it to fly. That’s kinda creepy.

  33. ChickenCrossing says:


  34. Michael says:

    rip off of flappy bird

  35. bsa rules says:

    863 =)

  36. gamer says:

    bad graphics and it is kind of creepy controling a flying pedro head

  37. MasterChief117 says:

    Why Boys Life Whyy???

  38. Bronzebeeb says:

    So! First played this game expecting a fun game. After that i had nightmares for two weeks.

  39. iron says:

    in 10 times 81 was my high score

  40. @w3$0me73 says:

    hard, but easier than flappy bird

  41. ace143 says:

    I never played flappy bird so I thought it wouldn’t be that hard. I was very wrong.

  42. siguy says:

    score: 1 best score :100

  43. nothing003 says:

    different controls than flappy bird

  44. Golfinshark says:

    Got 529 first tryo

  45. larry says:

    anyone else have a long load time

  46. YOLOKID says:


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