Comments about “Westy’s Wilderness Putt”

  1. coolguy says:

    this game is sorta ok

  2. craziest pinewood derby car says:


  3. bob says:

    Bad game. Needs work, also glitchy..😐

  4. henry says:

    westy`s wildness putt is really hard

  5. sand says:

    Good, but the ball did not roll after you hit it.

  6. Pedro says:

    OMG so fun

  7. Echo X says:

    I don’t like the game and I am a avid putt putter’ some of the shots are impossible to sink a hole in one and the ball bounces of the walls to much.

  8. happy says:

    1170 FUN!!!!!!! :)

  9. Hhhhh says:

    How do I get

  10. The Dorian BWV538 says:

    Great music mix!

  11. smeargle says:

    Screen too big!

  12. billy says:

    comment attempt #4 they never ever post my comments if your are reading this please post this and this game is kinda dumb……..

  13. MINECRAFT Miner says:

    I think it is fun

  14. y5 says:

    its okay

  15. MinecraftMan5 says:

    With my case and screen it dosn’t work

  16. bill7491 says:

    seems easy

  17. nicknack says:

    thank you BL

  18. Ert says:

    This is the only game that can be played on phones and tablets that boys life didn’t rip off.

  19. samuel says:

    its easy.

  20. cool says:

    yes I so agree

  21. headsupdude says:

    I think Tankz and Tankz 2 might be Boys’ Life versions of Awesome Tanks and Awesome Tanks 2. Just a wild guess.

  22. Marvel185 says:

    I like it!

  23. Cosmic says:


  24. this is boring says:

    it isn`t very fun cuz there are tons of games just like It

  25. cool guy says:

    beat morning hike in like, five minutes, but still,good game!

  26. krazy nutcase says:

    very fun!

  27. Judo Kitty 101 says:

    I dislike this game. It’s too primitive and basic, though I see how some may be attracted to the addictiveness of this game.

  28. Quiz-wizz says:

    I also agree! I like tankz and tankz 2. I would cry to death if they ripped ‘em off.

  29. i iz awesome says:

    i beat the game in 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!! SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Bronzebeeb says:

    Pretty good! But um.. Where is Westy? He’s only at the front cover…page…thing. But its a pretty good game! But you should add more maps. Just saying.

  31. omega says:


  32. flamethrower says:

    I like it

  33. magic snowball says:

    oh, 15 hole in ones! :)

  34. magic snowball says:

    How do u beat water hole 6?

  35. rexh17 says:

    it is a nice game I which there was a opputonity to hit the ball of water that would be cool to watch

  36. magic snowball says:

    I SO agree!!

  37. Cool Guy says:

    Second comment!
    Fun game, but the music and sound effects are driving me CRAZY!!!!!

  38. Oh Yeah! says:

    First comment on the new game!!!!
    Good game, bye the way. I’m glad they stopped ripping off other games (Flappy Pedro, Dredd Speed and the Alien Castle). It is quite generic, though…

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