Comments about “Dredd Speed’s Cartographic Conflict”

  1. mon says:

    this game is soooooooo awesome.

  2. Pinball Wizard says:

    The infinite coin magnet makes the game way too easy. Gets boring after, like, 5 minutes (plus Dredd Speed is nowhere to be seen in this whole game).

  3. Puppy says:

    Wired to play!!!

  4. King giant says:

    don’t now how to press play!!!!!

  5. ClashingBarbarian says:

    How do I press play?????????

  6. c says:

    the controls don’t work!!!!

  7. mr. bicker backer says:

    ya its not good

  8. Anonymous says:

    okay… Bad things about this game: 1. REALLY hard. 2. Their “shop” is just a place to buy lives and magnets 3. The game has LIVES not a health bar. If it had a health bar instead of lives it would have been MUCH easier. 4. There is no goal! You just fly! Thats it! And finally 5. It’s just ANOTHER copy of ANOTHER game! Just because it’s gonna be a mobile app DOESN’T MEAN you have to copy a game!

  9. roadrunner says:


  10. cub says:

    tankz is so much beater

  11. what theheck says:

    great game . controls don’t really work

  12. batman says:

    This game does not work!

  13. risks are great says:

    rip off of bunch of stuff

  14. boby says:

    should change it.

  15. mr. awsome says:

    i no like it

  16. Cool guy 21 says:


  17. TimDuncan21 Go Spurs Go!! says:

    Fun! why do people say it’s bad?

  18. squid says:

    i dont like this. there is no objective to get to. if you add more upgrades like better weapons like missiles or a shield then it would be better. add bosses in at every10k meeters or something

  19. Redpuffleguy says:

    This is stupid, it won’t let you have more than 4 lives and 3 magnets.

  20. boomboy says:

    copied off notebook wars + so much worse

  21. yo yo says:

    good game

  22. meeeeeester fishy says:

    it stinks!!!!

  23. 212iamasime says:

    wont work the buttns wont work

  24. KK says:

    I don’t see why everyone is saying negative things about this game!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. KK says:

    hard but fun

  26. Anonymous says:

    won’t load

  27. fredfred52 says:

    the older games are WAY better

  28. fakelake says:


  29. the Sharpshooter speaks: says:

    but awesome music

  30. daawsomeone says:

    the games are geting kind lame i liked stuff like mad planet

  31. game critic says:

    horrible maneuverability-extremely hard to move the plane.

  32. treem8 says:

    it will not let you try again. they need to fix this!

  33. jaws2222222222 says:

    a new game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. ahsog says:

    all of the games thet work on ipads are bad

  35. Me says:

    It won’t load.

  36. pikachu 1000 says:

    i got a B+


    awesome played whole seris

  38. Hi says:

    It needs better graphics.

  39. white night says:

    lame copy of notebook wars

  40. yowie83 says:

    me neither

  41. yoyo12 says:

    I don’t like it.

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