Comments about “Intergalactic Suspects”

  1. Rexington91 says:

    Kinda boring.

  2. Cdawg says:

    it is kinda easy and boring i beat it first try

  3. sonic says:

    very boring needs lots of improving.. and music!

  4. ert says:

    I once beat the game, and it was hard!

  5. says says:

    hissssssssssssss I hate it!!!!!!!

  6. Loser#1 says:

    Dredd what were you thinking!!!

  7. g money says:


  8. boooooooooooooooo says:

    not fun

  9. Captain Orange Hero says:

    OMG this is the worst, the worst, the worst, the worst, the worst, and, oh yeah the worst game ever!!! Dredd speed must be ashamed of you hamumu!!!

  10. worstdreddgame says:

    hanmmu,worst game ever!

  11. itallean stllian says:

    Fun but hard.

  12. dave123qy says:


  13. pooka says:

    I only got to lvl 3!!!

  14. Tiger says:

    I Got to level 9!

  15. joseff says:


  16. Hammer says:

    9000!!! Anyone who can beat me tell me I DOMINATE!!!

  17. awesome 12034 says:

    i made it ti leval 7 my score was 6000. but i agree this game is quite boring and no fun. but my little Brother likes it but he’s only 5 so i suppose it’s not the best game ever.

  18. blackraven says:

    super boring!

  19. BSA 584 says:

    I think it is BORING i only went to level 8 before i went to sleep. BORING!!!!!!

  20. the destroyer says:


  21. jediguy says:

    7000… BORING

  22. Bboy says:

    Extremely boring.

  23. Razer says:

    It’s the lamest game ever. Here’s what i think of it: BORING!!!!!

  24. tater hater says:

    lame game..

  25. :D says:

    fun, but sorta easy 8-D 8-) =-) :3 81

  26. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff says:

    i like it

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