Comments about “Intergalactic Suspects”

  1. 2-0=bl@ke*************** says:

    fun and kind of easy

  2. POKEMASTER says:

    the worlds most boring game

  3. ILIKEPIE says:

    Two words


  4. THUNDER FIST says:

    I’m on level 9. I’ts not so bad.

  5. I'm bored says:


  6. smelly is fun says:

    this game is boring no offence to those who like it

  7. BORED GUY says:

    This will be the worst speed game ever!

  8. A computer says:

    How is this game supposed to be fun?

  9. billybob says:

    100000 booya!!!!

  10. rockinman567 says:

    it’s a ripoff

  11. lo says:

    level 6 5000

  12. guitarmasterx7 says:


  13. Honest Abe says:

    Easy,boring and annoying

  14. computergeek3 says:

    This is easily the most boring Dredd Speed Game ever!!!!!!!!

  15. chicken man says:

    i thought dredd speed games where cool

  16. timmy says:

    the easyiest thing in the world finished all levils but 10 was a little hard

  17. pokedude says:


  18. Unknown says:

    eh, 50-50

  19. gameboy47 says:

    This game is the worst Dredd Speed game EVER!!!

  20. ******* says:

    this game is lame

  21. Anonymous says:

    I won twice in about 20 min. total. 2 easy

  22. Scouting101 says:

    The most boring Dredd Speed game ever!

  23. CCdude says:

    Pretty cool. Needs more levels though.

  24. Picture frame says:

    What grade do they think we’re in, Preschool?!?!?

  25. Picture frame says:

    Okay, who made up this game, a two year old?

  26. moo moo cow says:

    almost had it.

  27. jose says:

    this is easy

  28. Awesomedude1234567890 says:

    10000 All clear!

  29. Billy Bob Joe says:


  30. Mouser1 says:

    Easy :>

  31. awesome scout 3940987 says:

    so easy

  32. Anonymous says:

    10000 ALL CLEAR

  33. gerbil says:

    too easey

  34. intrested person says:

    I DID IT YEA!!!

  35. jack says:

    this game is dumb

  36. smalls says:

    it gets hard about the 5th level

  37. mj says:

    this game is fun level 8 score 7000

  38. da man says:

    i do not have much memory.

  39. chicken-tenderson says:


  40. jose says:


  41. George Washington says:


  42. jonahroman says:

    fast and tricky.

  43. mario says:

    not fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at all!!!

  44. taco spell says:

    Challenging! I got up to 8. Can’t seem to do better.

  45. The Dredded says:

    this game is so dumb.

  46. The great one says:

    Well, the first two games of this series were much better.

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