Comments about “Intergalactic Suspects”

  1. I.J.B. says:


  2. human ghost says:

    Whats so fun about this?

  3. mariobros75 says:

    2 words…easy……………BORING!!!!!

  4. Zekrom says:

    Stinks. Beat it in 3 tries… So lame……

  5. fridayguy1 says:

    so easy got to level 10

  6. boo1213 says:

    so easy i could just find all of them and put them in space prison

  7. A girl says:

    I just completed yhe game. Even after reading my comments about this game, my little bro’s BFF actually played this game! >:) still havn’t goten my brother to play this game thogh. I don’t think this game is the best. If you really want a good game, you shoud play Dredd Speed’s Defenders of Earth. Now that is a good game! :)

  8. AwesomeMan says:

    Ugh! When I put in the right answer it says it’s wrong! :(

  9. Higuy19 says:

    Completed the game. HATE IT. >:(

  10. A girl says:

    I’m going to trick my cub scout bro into playing this lame game!:)
    mu ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! That’s probably the only thing fun about this game though…. :(

  11. A girl says:

    I purposefully messed up so that I didn’t have to play it.

  12. A girl says:

    Extreamly LAME AND BORRING!!!!!!!! I thout it was going to be a fun mystery game. :( oh well…

  13. legoman says:

    this stinks not a dredd speed game

  14. Weird-o Man says:


  15. NellieBoy56 says:

    SOOOOO lame! :(

  16. roxter says:

    boring and very easy

  17. Sweet Gamer says:

    I got to level 9!

  18. destroyer says:

    i liked it lv7 max

  19. lamegame says:

    level 7

  20. justin time says:

    no fun but easy BORING i slept lvl 7

  21. sonic says:

    very very very very very easy.

  22. dude101 says:

    i was at lev 8

  23. guy who found perdo says:

    i keep findin him

  24. guy who found perdo says:

    i find him in all games

  25. (dumdum) says:

    lvl 10-to bad i lost

  26. poe says:

    not that fun, but easy

  27. racer67.3 says:

    i got to level 7. not that fun

  28. Speedy says:

    to hard.

  29. THE GAME MASTER says:

    WAY TOO EASY!!!!!!!!

  30. eagle scout says:

    i got 7

  31. FireBall Speedster2 says:

    1 of the best& I beat it very fun & intertaining.

  32. cool game says:


  33. DINOMANIAdude2001 says:

    LEVEL 9!!!!! SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. monkey bob says:

    1 word, BOREING !!!

  35. sonicman says:

    level 10 was too easy beat that

  36. WOW says:

    I GOT TO LVL 10!!!!!!!!

  37. jim79 says:


  38. gorrila says:

    LV 9 beat that!!!

  39. batjon says:


  40. maddog37 says:

    not fun not fun not fun

  41. Tan-Lego says:

    I think I slept on level 3.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I think I slept on level 3.

  43. 3.14159289 = pi says says:

    level 8

  44. funnykenny7 says:

    lv 10! to bad i lost

  45. nicodog says:


  46. redpringle1 says:

    this is not fun

  47. fammy says:

    The farthest i ever got was level 6. 50/50.

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