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  1. super says:

    19150 first time I won!

  2. Wolvo says:


  3. Borgan says:

    Tip: Place the colums 1 space apart so you can fill in the blank spots as the mouse comes towards it.

  4. LegoKing2003 says:

    Dang it so close!

  5. poop says:

    your not gonna believe this…
    but i got 32043 haha chumps im so good!!

  6. hihjijkhi says:


  7. The Yo-Yo Master says:

    I WON 18900!!!

  8. Cat says says:

    I love mice!

  9. miss geoco says:

    I got 19050!

  10. rexh17 says:

    im stuck on leval 1

  11. mouse trap legend says:

    i got 18000

  12. AWESOMNES says:

    lowest possible score 14450 ;D XD I know because I was the one to do am the one who did the expierment

  13. guy says:

    impossible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Mouse trap master says:

    I Got 19700!!

  15. BigD says:

    How come the pillars they give you does NOTHING?!?

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s hard, but 18700!!! :)

  17. cool says:

    its easy i got 217497

    • Myname'snotsteve says:

      The scores are between 20,000 and 14,300, except when you lose which is 0. When you make up a score try that. Remember that 20,000 is impossible unless the mouse starts trapped.

  18. I am ausome says:

    I got 205,167

  19. Dread Spud says:


  20. ckshadow says:


  21. BeatYanextime says:


  22. CatNmouse says:

    I am terrible but I got 18250 (<

  23. green ninja says:

    sometimes the green ninja loses… and it happend

  24. Luigi says:


  25. jj says:

    14450 i got and i covered the whole thing please reply please

  26. laz77 says:

    I beat it

  27. poseidonnodiesoP says:

    19100!!! :P

  28. nobody says:

    this game is impossible!

  29. fishingxprt says:


  30. po says:

    I love it~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. gooky says:

    it rocks!~1

  32. mistic master says:


  33. mistic master says:

    19150 points!

  34. ... says:


  35. ... says:

    i can’t do it :[

  36. MageOfMoltor says:

    19550 call it luck if you will

  37. super happy fun time says:

    18750, Who’s awesome I am.

  38. gamenerd says:

    if u crush thu mouse with the pillar than it will be ugly

  39. bray bray says:

    i dont like how we can never cath the mouse

  40. cemmyy says:

    every time i get around him he gets away!

  41. jd2004tx says:

    awesome! But hard

  42. best V says:

    this game is so,so,so, easy

  43. bobtag123 says:

    I CAN”T BEAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. that weird kid says:


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