Comments about “Mouse Trap”

  1. gffvb says:


  2. JCOmorgan says:

    19450 now!!!

  3. hi says:


  4. JCOmorgan says:

    Over 50 tries (winning but getting a bad score) got 19350!!! :)

  5. Gamer says:

    kinda hard.

  6. Gamer says:

    Kinda hard but I finily won

  7. fail says:

    14450 beat that

  8. Gunguy1011 says:

    I agree with HubbaBubba, it’s addicting!

  9. c-man says:

    I am a bear and i trapped the mouse with 16 moves

  10. The Boss says:

    19100. I beat you again Pedro!

  11. Tinyhorse says:

    Hard and boring.

  12. horse says:

    Hard an boring

  13. MEWTHREE says:

    I CAUGHT THE MOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. puppypower 27 says:

    this game is possible,but very hard

  15. thats right says:

    won at 19800

  16. Hacker says:

    i got 19900 on my first try.(JK!)

  17. this took a while says:

    i finally beat it after 56 times!

  18. hudson says:

    i hate this.

  19. puppypower27 says:

    I beat this at 19,500. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

  20. Eragon625 says:

    I won at 18900! yay!

  21. Notch says:

    Too hard make it easier or play Minecraft

  22. popcorn says:

    18758! Beat That!

  23. Wipeout Guy says:

    Won 18700

  24. coolboy says:

    terrible game! DO NOT PLAY! :]

  25. Anonymous says:

    18600! I’m on a roll! This is getting easy.

  26. Xemerald says:

    18750, sixth time, two wins in a row!

  27. Xemerald says:

    17900, 5th time!

  28. Xemerald says:

    19450! and it’s my fourth time beating it! Although, it took lots of tries.

  29. Equake says:

    19250 winning

  30. hubba says:

    i won

  31. Anonymous says:

    i beat it with a score of 18750

  32. IRON MAN says:

    This game is so annoying. It’s hard to trap it when it gets to the corners.

  33. masonater says:

    first 18500 and second my name is going to change to sonicdude

  34. yoyo says:


  35. me says:

    i won yes

  36. The Boss says:

    This is a terrible game. It seems like Pedro programmed it! :)

  37. moe says:

    Aw some game

  38. Nickname says:

    beat it with a score of 19200

  39. Bob says:

    18950 score

  40. Kyurem King says:

    THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE but kind of fun.

  41. Bob says:

    So hard…
    but uber awesome!

  42. awsome ninja3000 says:

    This game is very hard to win, but very fun. To beat it you must trap the mouse, one block at a time without letting it escape.

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. lala land says:

    hardest game in the world

  45. Ace! says:

    This is WAY too hard

  46. oliver says:

    is this game even possible to beat?!

  47. countrykid says:

    Evil mouse! This game is awesome!

  48. A person of the Human Race says:

    Beat it with a score of 20000.

  49. garfield the cat says:

    i hate doing this even tho iv never traped the mouse.

  50. HubbaBubba says:

    Very strange,maddening, I’d say, but addictive.

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